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@zombiepenguin9: I'm still conflicted about Cosmic Encounter, even though I'm the biggest proponent for it in my group of board game people. I definitely see why it's a classic, when you consider that it originated back in the 70s, when board games were in a much poorer state. But today there are so many games that are actually competently designed instead of just Monopoly. Cosmic Encounter somewhat competes with those games, but a lot of times it's a clown fiesta of wildly unbalanced alien powers. Also, I can't help but feel like a lot of games come down to a lot of the players at the table being at 4 colonies out of 5, and whoever wins is just the guy who gets to take his turn after everybody else has finally exhausted all of their fuck you cards such as artifacts, flares, and reinforcements. Maybe that's the wrong way to look at it, I don't know.

So I like Cosmic Encounter, but I'm not sure what I should really explain it to people as. It's this weird combination of A) each player has a unique alien power, B) that alien power only matters a little because each player has a hand of cards with various effects, and C) sometimes none of that matters if you're a good enough negotiator and can get enough allies on your side. It's interesting in that it's not purely mechanics driven, but also not purely a negotation/diplomacy game, but it's got a little of both. I personally also love the goofiness of the alien races and how clever some of their themes are. But also I feel like a lot of games are swung wildly by who draws some of the more powerful artifact/flare cards and gets good mileage out of them, and also who draws the Attack 30/Attack 40 cards, and my players occasionally get salty about that.

Also for the life of me, I don't know how to explain the game to new players in such a way that they don't just always commit 4 ships on every encounter, and also they invite way too many people to help them attack which is basically just giving away free points. I don't like just telling people "that's wrong" as they do it because I don't want to play the game for them, so I don't say anything, but I still haven't found a good way to try to explain some best practices to new players before their first game.

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Never posted in this thread, but these days I have a crew of people that would play board games every weekend night if they wanted to. I can usually go about 3 to 6 hours in a weekend, depending on the games, but after that I am done. And they just keep on playing for double that. "Three games in five hours? Ok, now let's play two games of Ticket To Ride! And do the same thing tomorrow!!" So I just go home.

I'm curious how often and how long you guys tend to have your board game nights. What's a reasonable length, in your opinion? I don't know what the board game scene is like out there.

(And on a side note, Bloodborne, Smash Up, and Pandemic are the dopest board games.)

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@csl316: I wish I had that kind of group. There are a ton of games, Mostly of the co-op character building variety that my friends are just not into that I absolutely adore. We also only get together every, oh, 2 months?

Part of the problem of course is because those once every 2 month engagements are also "See old friends" time, so its not always lack of willingness, but "So that would be fun..but we've got 7 people so..." Meaning the number of games we can actually play is heavily reduced.

I've been meaning to find time to try and get a group together who care to play, hell every day what the heck I've got lots of free time, online over something like Vassel, but eh..a lot of work! That said, 3 is games of between 30 to 90 minutes is my cut-off. With some allowance for very short games (I'd consider the Jack Box collections to be a single game even though you might play 5 rounds spread over 2-4 games in it before we quit).

It might well be that you, like me, are introverted, and find yourself drained by social experiences, not energized by them. Not that introverts don't enjoy being around people but where the majority of people (who are extroverts) Gain energy from being around others, we lose it. If you find yourself needing time alone to decompress after gaming for 5+ hours, and all your friends are confused by your lack of drive to go for 8+ hours a day, yet it seems like the most natural thing in the world to you. Well, your not alone, your just in the minority like me! (all be it a minority of 900 million people or more).

Or..who knows. Lots of reasons why.

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@csl316: man, I've been eyeing that Smash Up game for a while now! It looks like a ton of fun.

I just picked up the new Sherlock Holmes game: Consulting Detective with the Jack the Ripper DLC. Can't wait to try it out with the girlfriend and her friend.

Played a bit of Forbidden Dessert and liked it. It's a nice game to teach to others that aren't experienced in complex games.

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@csl316: Good question. I don't really have a Board Game group which is a shame, though I have had a few plays with some that could become a bit more regular if I can get away for it. The groups I've gone to either play for most of a day (Midday to Late) or just in the evening (6:30 til late). I've only ever gone for parts of these types of events, mainly because I need to get back home. I feel I could keep playing, though I like to try a variety of games.

Usually my game nights at home with my wife and another couple go for maybe 3 hours in terms of the gaming. Any more is too much of a drain on everyone it seems.

I usually go by the type of games. We might play 1 light and 1 heavy. Or maybe 2 mid weight games and a light game.

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@bladededge: Not so much the introversion, it's specifically board games that knock me out. Maybe it's because I work with numbers all day, but board games require brainpower that I just don't have by the weekend.

@captain_insano: Good to know that 3 hours is a normal time. That's a nice sweet spot for me.

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Board Game group for school got formally approved!

I ordered:

Incan Gold

No Thanks

King of Tokyo

Ice Cool

Adventure Time Love Letter

Exploding Kittens (I know, I know. I've never played it, but I figure it will be a draw card to get kids in to gaming and they'll have fun with it. A bajillion people on Kickstarter can't be wrong – can they?)

If the group goes well enough I'll hopefully make it a permanent thing and get an ongoing budget to add games to the collection.

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@captain_insano: Have you ever looked at Codenames? It'd be a great game for playing with kids. It's very simple to play and explain and really get's your mind going trying to link words together to win. Very cheap and there's so much variation to it that it can be played for a super long time without feeling dull.

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@captain_insano: Have you ever looked at Codenames? It'd be a great game for playing with kids. It's very simple to play and explain and really get's your mind going trying to link words together to win. Very cheap and there's so much variation to it that it can be played for a super long time without feeling dull.

Yep Codenames is definitely on my long list of games to eventually get. I have a personal copy and it doesn't really require handling of cards (so I'm not really worried about damage) so I will take it in and give it a try with them at some point. I have a list about 30 games long of games I'd eventually like to get.