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I had just recently fell deep in love with Netrunner a couple months ago...then it gets cancelled. So rough. I panicked and tracked down all the deluxe boxes since I have at least one person to play with in person, but most of my experience has been online. Anyone here play on Jinteki?

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Vinny! Our resident tabletop afficionado

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Off-Off-Topic but is anyone going to SHUX'18 this year? I'm debating it but $180 CAD is a bit much and I haven't gone to any previous ones so I don't know if it would be worthwhile. It is however about a 10-minute walk from my apartment so it feels like a wasted opportunity.

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Stratego Hands-On best game ever made

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Anybody try out Betrayal Legacy yet? I'm still a fan of playing Betrayal at House on the Hill, despite the unevenness of some of the scenarios, so I'm curious if anybody has any impressions of the Legacy version of it. Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy were still fundamentally fairly similar to the original counterparts, but I'm curious how you make Betrayal a Legacy game since you have to remove the part where it's random as hell and has random scenarios.

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@bisonhero: I think Betrayal Legacy comes with rules to play it like the older version (i.e. outside the campaign version) after you beat the story?

There is a play-through of it on..I think geek and sundry? Game the Game did, at least, the Prologue and the First chapter. The prologue isn't too long, spoils a bit but not much (like 30 minute experience at most). If you want a good idea of how the game plays out and the general flow of things (minus their rules mistakes) thats worth looking up on youtube.

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Haven't tried Betrayal Legacy yet since Arkham Horror 3rd edition came out just before it, but I am really enjoying the new take on Arkham. It's a bit of a hybrid between the 2nd edition, the card game, and their Eldritch Horror board game.

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I play Board games for about 2 years, this is my hobby and favorite thing. I work at work and think about my hobby - playing chess

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Please reccomend a board/card game my fiance and I can play with our children. Two girls aged 6 and 4... nothing too complex. Been looking at Gamewright and Ravensburger products. About the 15 quid range.

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@frodobaggins: Definitely try out Sushi Go! (exclamation point is part of the game's title) It's small, easy to learn, lots of fun, and costs about 8 dollars (I think that's like 5 quid?). Forbidden Desert is also really good if you want a cooperative experience, rather than a competitive one. This one might is more expensive; you can probably get it on Amazon for 15-20 quid, though. I think Vinny talked about Forbidden Desert a little bit on a recent Beastcast; he plays the game with his son.