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Posted by Rorie (5756 posts) -

It's that time again!

If any of you were around for the old days at Screened, you'll recall that we used to run a contest called Box Office Winners League when we got the feeling to do so. It's a simple premise: guess how much money a movie is going to make in a given weekend, and if you're the closest guess, you win! There's a bit of skill in it, since box office is roughly predictable, and there are tracking companies that are paid quite a bit to do so, but there's also a lot of luck, since almost no one is able to consistently guess a box office weekend with any degree of accuracy or precision. Who cares! It's fun to guess.

Next up: F8 Of The Furious!

re-using an old picture because i'm lazy
re-using an old picture because i'm lazy

The rules are pretty simple.

vroom vroom
vroom vroom

1. Guess how much money Fate of the Furious will make in its opening weekend in the U.S. We'll count all the money it makes through the Sunday after it comes out, which includes the Thursday night previews. Just throw it in as a reply to this post, e.g.: $56.79 million (be as specific as you like). The last movie in the series, Furious 7, made $147,187,040 in its opening weekend, for the record.

2. Make your guesses as a reply to this thread, and make sure that they're in by Thursday 4/13 (today!) at 9 PM PST/Midnight EST/whatever crazy clock time you have in your crazy timezone. I won't count anything after that. IMPORTANT NOTE: Any post that is labelled as "edited" will be disqualified. If you want to change your vote, delete your original post and make a new one, up until the time limit. Just don't make a million posts trying to read the tea leaves; keep it to two or three at most.

3. The winners will be determined the Monday or Tuesday after the weekend ends, when actual box office figures are released at boxofficemojo.com, or whenever I get around to it. Weekend estimates are often released on Sunday afternoon, but we'll wait for the real numbers to determine a winner. I'll compare that number to see who's closest; over or under doesn't matter. In case of any ties, I'll decide between the entries with either a coin flip or some other randomized method.

4. There'll be two winners. The closest Premium member will win a four-month extension of their Premium sub. The closest non-Premium member will get two months of Premium access.

That's pretty much it! Go forth and prosper, or something. I'll reserve the right to change any of these rules as I see fit before the deadline, but I doubt that'll be necessary. (Don't be a dick and make it necessary, in other words.)

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#1 Posted by billmcneal (1220 posts) -

121 million dollars

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#2 Posted by meteora3255 (678 posts) -

$107.5 million. Let's do this.

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#3 Edited by Fredchuckdave (10824 posts) -

Two winners PogChamp, thanks @rorie

$170 Million

A more fun thing to do is guess the total gross in China or the % Foreign box office (76.7% for the last film, comparable to Pirates 4's 76.9% and less than Return of Xander Cage's 87.0% and Warcraft's 89.1%)

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#4 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8864 posts) -

I'll say 58.5 million.

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#5 Edited by nadavis1 (2 posts) -

148.3 million

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#6 Posted by Havondor (1 posts) -

145.2 million

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#7 Posted by idiottoyman (20 posts) -

105 million.

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#8 Posted by shifty13 (22 posts) -

$ 101.1 million

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#9 Posted by Darth_Cuddles (38 posts) -

$163 Million

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#10 Posted by void (282 posts) -

$127 million

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#11 Posted by angryhead (12 posts) -

133 millions

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#12 Posted by Trace17 (74 posts) -

$102.17 million. Ride or die.

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#13 Posted by joseiscrushd (9 posts) -

128.6 million

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#14 Posted by Wrighteous86 (4020 posts) -

117.2 mil

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#15 Posted by ozone (152 posts) -

$103.2 million

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#16 Posted by Mento (4247 posts) -

Seven made $147mil in its opening weekend, so I imagine it'll be close to that. Let's go with $150.1 million.

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#17 Edited by XaiaX (99 posts) -

At least 12.

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#18 Posted by Jovanny23 (96 posts) -

163.49 million

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#20 Posted by coribald (317 posts) -

168.84 million

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#21 Posted by csl316 (14959 posts) -

$93.49 million!

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#22 Edited by Thouddin (5 posts) -

140 million

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#23 Posted by Terranova (676 posts) -

$152 million

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#24 Posted by wumbo3000 (1300 posts) -

$151.2 million.

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#25 Posted by ILikePopCans (961 posts) -

168.11 million

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#26 Posted by Optix12 (695 posts) -

152.7 million dollars

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#27 Posted by MaikuKnight (21 posts) -

210 million

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#28 Edited by TheMightyQuin (1 posts) -

165 million

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#29 Edited by Stilettohundaro (2 posts) -

176.8 million

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#30 Posted by redwing42 (516 posts) -

With it being Easter weekend, I'm going higher. $178.4 Million.

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#31 Posted by seattleoriginal (20 posts) -

131.45 million

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#32 Posted by BoOzak (2573 posts) -

$200 million.

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#33 Posted by jtgamble (11 posts) -

$157.3 million

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#34 Posted by neon_tigers (4 posts) -

$120.5 million

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#35 Posted by elite49 (592 posts) -

175.6 million

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#36 Posted by Machineguntiger (1 posts) -

161 million

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#37 Posted by srk_mcrae (33 posts) -

Let's go with... $125 million

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#38 Posted by xkkzz (54 posts) -

173.2 million

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#39 Posted by ZookZoltn (76 posts) -

$172.63 Million

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#40 Posted by dudeness (4 posts) -

$176.81 million

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#41 Posted by blackblade500 (701 posts) -

157.3 million dollars

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#42 Posted by The_Dude_Abides (285 posts) -

$139.5 m

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#43 Posted by alwaysbebombing (2702 posts) -

$180 million!

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#44 Posted by wootootee (20 posts) -

132.6 million.

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#45 Posted by GiantLennonx_x (388 posts) -

$130 million :D

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#46 Posted by Marcsman (3823 posts) -

$138.7 million

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#47 Posted by Pardalis (7 posts) -

$153.8 million

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#48 Posted by ksmarshall1088 (17 posts) -


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#49 Posted by ObiKwiet (255 posts) -

$208 milliion

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#50 Posted by spaghettisunday (11 posts) -

$182 million