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Posted by Seppli (11232 posts) 4 years, 5 months ago

Poll: Breakfast Preference - Fruity or *Other Motherlover* Spread? (23 votes)

Fruity (strawberry jam, grape jelly etc.) 43%
*Other Motherfucker* (honey, syrup, chocolate, fluff, dulce de leche etc.) 57%

What type of sweet spread do you prefer on your breakfast bagel or whatever bread or bread-adjacent substance you are eating at breakfast?

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I recently discovered dulce de leche. At first, I found it to be nothing but sweetend condensed milk, and was quite disappointed. To be honest it's really just that, a bit sweeter and creamier, with a hint of caramel flavour to it. Supposedly, there are some variants rich with cinnamon and vanilla flavours, which is what I first expected to get.

After disliking it at first, it grew on me. to the point of being my favorite breakfast spread. Thinking about it some more, I realized that all my favored spreads are non-fruity types, like chestnut jam and honey. I can imagine I'd love me some Fluff too. Been pondering to import me a vat of it.

What about you guys? Are your fuity or *Other Mutherfucker* breakfast spread lovers?

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#2 Posted by Chibithor (587 posts) -

I don't spread anything on my breakfast bread. Is that weird?

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#3 Edited by Scroll (629 posts) -

I have wheatabix or porridge every morning because I'm not allowed solid food for six to eight weeks. Enjoy your Bagel.

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#4 Posted by pr1mus (4158 posts) -

It varies. Right now i'm in a Fruity phase.

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#5 Posted by Osaladin (2699 posts) -

I don't really have breakfast bread, but honey is what I would spread on anything. It's natural, it's delicious, and oh yeah, it's fucking delicious.

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#6 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Picked up from lingonberry jam from Ikea. Been nom-ing that lately.

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#7 Posted by Justin258 (14634 posts) -

I just eat Fruity Pebbles for breakfast every morning.

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#8 Posted by Kerned (1185 posts) -

I generally have a fruit smoothie. I don't put anything on the smoothie.

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#9 Posted by JYoung (198 posts) -

Motherfucking brie on some whole grain.

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@chibithor said:

I don't spread anything on my breakfast bread. Is that weird?

Unless you getting fresh bread from the bakery around the corner every morning, I think it's pretty wierd. Nothing against fresh croissants though, they can be heavenly just on their own. Then again, you don't even use a bit of butter?

Are you living by some religious code of poverty or something?

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#11 Posted by OldGuy (1673 posts) -

Gonna have to go with Other Mutha as I'm a big fan of cream cheese (Suzy Creamcheese, honey, what's got into ya?) on bagels and just straight up butter on my toast.

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#12 Posted by Dunchad (713 posts) -

Cheese all the way.

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#13 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

I don't eat breakfast.

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#14 Posted by TooWalrus (13396 posts) -

I'm not usually eatin' that stuff for breakfast, but a giant jalapeno & cheddar bagel with scallion cream cheese is just about the best think you could put into your body.

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#15 Posted by nate6858 (211 posts) -

Both, I like a nice bagel with some cream cheese and strawberry jam.