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Posted by AcidBrandon18 (1380 posts) 1 year, 1 month ago

Poll: Butter on Steak? (381 votes)

Butter on Steak is Delicious! 65%
Butter on Steak is Disgusting! 15%
I just want the results 20%

I just noticed that some people prefer to have their steak buttered and was thoroughly grossed out. Butter doesn't belong on steak, right? What do my fellow Duders think?

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#51 Edited by notnert427 (2238 posts) -

There's a place near me that does buttered steaks pretty well, but it's still not my preference.

A properly marbled ribeye needs next to nothing beyond a little seasoning, a few dashes of worcestershire, and some proper grilling.

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#52 Posted by JPPT1974 (124 posts) -

I love Garlic Butter on Steak at Calhoun's Restaurant!

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#54 Posted by HarbinLights (194 posts) -

I mean, it seems to be what makes Longhorn steakhouse chain brand steaks so delicious.

It has no judgement from me.

Isn't the whole reason steak is tasty to begin with the fact it has all the protein, fat, and salt in it to begin with? Generally a great steak already tastes great and doesn't need anything at all, and only serves to dull the flavor. But butter can certainly help a lesser piece of steak be more tender and tastier. And good steak is becoming more and more expensive as beef in general has skyrocketed in price.

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#55 Posted by bawbalewie1314 (71 posts) -

No weirder than ketchup on pancakes

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#56 Posted by DT9k (281 posts) -

Butter belongs on thicker cuts or well-done steaks. Otherwise no need.

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#57 Posted by Naoiko (1676 posts) -

I like it cooked with a bit of butter but i don't need any extra added once its done.

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#58 Posted by FacelessVixen (2611 posts) -

Sounds like death. Delicious, delicious death.

I'm good, though. Having hot wing sauce on my steak works just fine.

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#59 Posted by Sargon (106 posts) -

Only when reheating.

I never put butter on a freshly-cooked steak, but if I throw a leftover piece of steak in the microwave I will top it off with a little butter to compensate for the dryness after reheating.

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#60 Posted by Darknorth (242 posts) -

Only with fresh chopped garlic