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Whether it was literally leaving the theater or refusing to finish a home copy solely because it was so bad.

Jeff and Dan have been using this new app/website called Letterbox, trying to do the library thing that people are always making for your game collections (before going out of business) but without the bloat that something like IMDB would come with.

Thing is, it doesn’t yet have a hall of fame or shame for the things you’d call your all time favorites or hates. It doesn’t go below half a star. I’ve seen plenty of half star movies in my day, from Mario Bros. to Attack of the Clones to Shutter Island, but special notoriety must be laid upon those so simply dull that I couldn’t even bother.

* denotes actual movie theater.

Sky Captain World of Tomorrow

Raging Bull

The Royal Tennenbaums

*Van Helsing

*Bourne Supremacy (?)



The Italian Job 2003

The Usual Suspects

Honorable mention: Hail Caesar, I only gave it a chance because the Coens. Regret not walking out. And the Simpson’s movie, which I regret not buying a ticket, wearing a shirt that says 8 Seasons and a Movie with the movie crossed out, and walking out loudly during the studio logos.

Tennenbaums remains the only one I tried again later on to know the ending, in case tastes changed and since I later discovered things like Moonrise Kingdom which was so good. T.R.T. timelessly bad.

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#2 Posted by BeachThunder (15113 posts) -

I tend to stick movies out. I saw both Battlefield Earth and Master of Disguise in a theatre, I stayed until the credits in both of them - and it's hard to imagine anything worse than those movies...

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I usually end up finishing them, even when they are bad. Actually, I’d prefer if they were bad to them being boring. There are at least some interesting things happening in really bad movies. I also go to the movie theatre about twice a year and know what I’m in for. I have also about 10 movies that I’ve bought, but not watched yet, including Baby Driver, Arrival and Logan. I have a few Netflix movies I pause and never return to, but if I thoroughly dislike a movie, I’ll probably still finish it, so I can argue about it.

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Borat was pretty huge when it came out, it was probably one of the funniest movies i have seen as a kid.

The follow up - Bruno was had a kind of an ugly style of humor i don't think i was expecting so it really rubbed me the wrong way.

Still the only movie i have ever walked out on.

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It’s not uncommon for me to hate a film and get won over by the end or a strong third act. I like to be able to discuss something’s failings and it’s hard to do that without the full picture. That said, Kick Ass 2 came the closest. One of the worst films i’ve ever seen.

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#6 Posted by fisk0 (6839 posts) -

In retrospect, I should have stopped watching Garfield 2004 to save me from years of suffering, but the only movie I've actually stopped watching because it was too bad was Mutant Chronicles. Didn't see it in theatres though.

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#7 Posted by deactivated-5b85a38d6c493 (1990 posts) -

Think the only movie I've walked out on was Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace but not because I thought it was bad. I was around 9 or so when it came out and I had already seen it 3 times in the cinema and on the 4th time I was just so tired and restless I couldn't stand sitting down any longer and so me and my older sister who was taking me walked out halfway through the movie. I think I had exhausted myself on that movie by that point. I don't even know why I liked it as a kid to begin with.

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The only film I’ve ever walked out of was District 9. I had no idea what the film was about other than “South Africa” when I agreed to see it.

I hate body horror to the point where it makes me physically sick, so I had to walk out of the theatre.

Luckily I got to the seating outside to find another girl had been misled about the film, so we just chatted until our friends came out.

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@fisk0: Is that the one with zombie mutants in a hole in the ground? One of my friends put it on, and I left his apartment in protest shortly after.

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Only one I can think of is Apollo 18. Terrible movie that made my friend and I feel sick with its horrible camerawork. Normally I’m okay with found footage type movies but this one for whatever reason was really irritating.

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#12 Posted by fisk0 (6839 posts) -

@fisk0: Is that the one with zombie mutants in a hole in the ground? One of my friends put it on, and I left his apartment in protest shortly after.

I don't think I could stand to watch it long enough to actually figure out what it was about.

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#13 Posted by sjaak (35 posts) -

Everest. I was completely bored from beginning till halfway of the movie and I walked out. Its the only movie i have ever walked out off, normally Im pretty tolerable of seeing things out till the end. I understand you need to have respect for nature and big dangerous mountains, but tjeez it was too much for me.

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I've never walked out of a movie. Unless you count the time a friend and I snuck into The Rock. It was already in progress, we just stood in the back of the theatre for a few minutes and left.

Isn't the whole point of a star based rating system to not get so obsessive with scores? What's important is what you have to say about the film.

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#17 Edited by pompouspizza (1552 posts) -

I have never walked out of a film but the closest I ever came was Sausage Party.

I would have walked out of Only God Forgives, had I seen it in the cinema.

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#18 Posted by UlquioKani (1417 posts) -

Never walked out of a theater and I tend to finish movies even if I'm not enjoying them. The only time I've stopped was when I was with someone else who wasn't enjoying the movie. I've had a few like this but the one that sticks out is Paprika which I was watching with my brother. I was not enjoying it but I probably could have watched to the end but my brother was having none of it (He was the one who suggested we watch it). The other major one was Greenberg (also suggested by my brother) which played out the exact same way.

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I've never walked out of a movie, but TMNT: Out of The Shadows came very close. I had time to kill before another movie, so I thought, why not. I can stomach a mindless, cgi filled summer movie.

I really wish I would've just sat on the theater lounge floor for two hours instead, but I paid for that ticket, so I had to suffer through.

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If i paid money i ain't walking out on nothing lol. Van helsing is probably the most disappointed i was in a movie i paid to go see at the show, but i even sat through snakes on a plane lol.

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#21 Posted by Deathstriker (1100 posts) -

I never have, but I seriously thought about it with Blade Runner 2049.

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#22 Posted by Shaunage (933 posts) -

I walked out of the Total Recall remake. Was just bored out of my mind.

Movies turned off at home: Nutty Professor 2, Three Extremes, Hannibal.

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Gangs of New york, 3:10 (or 2:10 or whatever) to Yuma (or where-ever, western movie), Sucker Punch.

The first two, walked out right before the big action set piece because me and those I went to see it with were extremely bored for the time we did spend there. We gave up on the movie cause the build-up wasn't worth whatever pay-off it was going to have (or so we decided).

The last one because the projector went dark and the whole audience had to get escorted out. We got a refund, and could have waited to see the movie. But that would have meant sitting through the first 30 minutes of that movie again which are some of the most depressing and emotionally (for me specifically) painful things I've let myself watch on screen (not bad compared to many other movies..but I avoid those movies). No amount of Lollipops and chainsaws and hot girls doing action stuff was worth that too me. And then, I learned how the movie ends. So even the idea of showing up 30 minutes late to the movie and picking up where we had to stop was a full stop 'nope, nope nope' for me. (again personal).

Sat through some real bad films, but those are the only ones I've ever left. (edit-Not that any of those are 'bad films'. I'm never gonna be able to give a neutral opinion on any of them is all. The issues that made me walk out (or not go back) are too stark. )

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#25 Posted by FlappyHands (3044 posts) -

@owack6 said:

Borat was pretty huge when it came out, it was probably one of the funniest movies i have seen as a kid.

The follow up - Bruno was had a kind of an ugly style of humor i don't think i was expecting so it really rubbed me the wrong way.

Still the only movie i have ever walked out on.

I stayed until the end but yeah, that movie was absolutely awful. I think on its own it would have just been a mediocre shock comedy flick but Borat was such a good film and an even better character, when you drop from that to Bruno I think that made the disappointment significantly worse.

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#26 Posted by BaneFireLord (3555 posts) -

I've never walked out of a theater, but I've walked out of the room when other people were watching Mama Mia, Napoleon Dynamite and Something's Gotta Give. I've gotten bored and turned off too many mediocre movies on Netflix to count at this point.

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#27 Posted by TheHT (15794 posts) -

None, and I'm not proud of that. If I'm goin to the theatre I'm gonna make sure it's something I likely won't feel like walking out on, so I'm good there.

Watching stuff at home though, I'll just leave it on in the background if I really lose interest while doing something else.There have been times I really wanted to just stop (recent examples: The Dark Tower, The Outsider, more that I've thankfully expunged from my memory) but I just had to know how this bullshit ends.

I'm better with letting go when it comes to games, but it took a while for me to get to that point. Red Faction Armageddon comes to mind as one of the first times I was like "nah, I'm good." That the one where you're underground right? i.e. the one that got away from everything fun about the previous one.

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I never have, and probably would never walk out of a theater when watching a movie. As for movies I didn't like that I just stopped watching at home, there have been plenty. I can't really think of any significant ones to name though.

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#29 Posted by sfw44 (273 posts) -

I have walked out of a movie called '2012', it's probably in the top five worst movies I have ever seen.

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#30 Posted by CreepingDeath0 (416 posts) -

I've actually never walked out on a movie. I guess after investing time and money I hope a bad film can turn around by the end to justify it.

Came really damn close to walking out several times during The Desolation of Smaug though.

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The only movie that I've ever actually walked out of is The Hitcher (the remake with Sean Bean). I didn't really want to see it, but I was convinced to give it a shot. I'm not a big fan of horror movies to begin with, but The Hitcher is a particularly bad horror movie.

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#32 Posted by DarkShaper (1382 posts) -

I was a jumpy ball of sentient anxiety when I was a kid and left the first Pirates movie because I was scared (i was 9 ok?) And body mutilation still gets me so I walked out during the finger scene in looper. I have never walked out over quality .

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#33 Posted by James_ex_machina (1067 posts) -

Austin Powers 3

Poetic Justice. My gf wanted to see this stinker so I gave in. I took 3 long bathroom breaks to go play video games. Finally I left and waited for her in the arcade.

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#34 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2929 posts) -

Only movie I remember walking out on was Green Zone with Matt Damon. Just.....boring.

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#35 Edited by devise22 (719 posts) -

Never liked walking out of movies, also man OP some of the movies you walked out on are some of my favs. Royal Tenebaums for example is a classic. But different strokes.

Anyway the only movie I've ever walked out on at all was when I was younger I was taken to see the first Pokemon Movie. I would of been a pre-teen at this point, and I was all in on Pokemon, cards etc. When all the Pokemon cried to resurrect Ash I got up, walked out of the theater and pretty much stopped caring about Pokemon from that point on. I was an asshole kid to be fair, and the idea that these monsters that fight each other save someone from being a statue by crying was the lamest thing, plus it was a total dues ex machinae.

Other than that there were a few movies I was dragged too that I wish I could of walked out of. Namely the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland remake, and Avatar. I feel like bad movise nowadays are just route not worthy of being walked out on. Like Suicide Squad was a very dull fucking movie, that was just another version of the same shit we've seen a million times with that genre. But I guess my tolerance is just high, something has to do something astronomically fucking dumb or be so uninteresting that I wouldn't want to see it (so I wouldn't anyways) for me to walk out on it. Most of that level of trash releases straight to Netflix these days, (See: Bright, one of the worst movies ever) and half the time makes for an enjoyable drunken viewing of dumb shit.

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#36 Posted by Pezen (2366 posts) -

Never walked out on a movie, but then I mostly go to the theatre when it's a film I really want to see.

On the other hand, I have stopped watching a gazillion films at home. There's no need to waste time if it's bad enough, but that also means that list is so long I don't think I have it in me to remember any specific one. Well, I did fall asleep trying to watch my ex-wife's favorite movie Gone With The Wind once, if that counts. Never did try to watch it again after that. Curious if I have ever given up on a film I had hoped would be good, can't think of any off the top of my head but that has probably happened.

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#37 Posted by Hamst3r (5479 posts) -

You can make a list on Letterboxd for things you'd give 0 stars. A hall of shame is at your fingertips.

As for movies I've walked out on: None.

As for movies I've stopped watching partway through:

  • Meet the Feebles
  • Fire Walk With Me
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#38 Posted by Undeadpool (6911 posts) -

The only two I've ever walked out of the theater for were "Kung Pow: Enter the First" and "Master of Disguise."

The context for both of those makes it even more damning as I worked at a theater and was with friends between theater hopping. So none of us paid to get in, we had the whole day to ourselves and, in both cases, decided our time would be better served sitting in the hallway staring at the wall.

The only one I can remember stopping at home is "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome" and that was more because it just wasn't what I was looking for moreso than it was actively awful.

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#39 Posted by StressedOutCat (288 posts) -

Billy Eliot

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#40 Posted by DoubleSpy (169 posts) -

I can only remember walking out of one movie. I cannot remember the name of that movie.

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#41 Posted by WasabiCurry (528 posts) -

The Last Airbender. I deeply enjoyed the Avatar series and was pretty excited to see this. After slogging through 45 minutes into the film, I just got up and left with such disappointment.

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The only movie I've walked out on was Chicago. Close calls were Van Helsing, Congo, Batman and Robin, and Jurassic Park 2.

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#43 Posted by personandstuff (635 posts) -

None. I'm not a bad person.

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#44 Posted by Luchalma (537 posts) -

I can't imagine I would ever actually walk out of a movie I paid for. I was in actual physical pain during the Death Proof segment of Grindhouse in addition to absolutely hating the film and I still sat and watched.

I'm sure there has been plenty of movies I've stopped watching partway through, especially as streaming services have made sampling movies a totally no stakes affair. But the movies I remember being so boring I fell asleep watching are Van Helsing and Batman Begins.

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#45 Posted by wjb (2157 posts) -

Kull the Conqueror starring Kevin Sorbo

Corky Romano -- most of my friends and me fell asleep 20 minutes in and left halfway through the film when we woke up.

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#46 Posted by The_Greg (535 posts) -

Only one. The Mothman Prophecies. I was 11 and it was boring.

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#47 Posted by mems1224 (2494 posts) -

I have never walked out of a movie but I have fallen asleep through the hulk(the one before Edward Norton), public enemies and made of honor.

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#48 Posted by tatsuyarr (244 posts) -

I've never done that but I remember sleeping through half Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. Even now I still don't know if the movie was boring or if I was really tired but I would think the former.

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#49 Posted by uhtaree (944 posts) -

Never out of the theater I don't think, though anything I go see is something I'm in for regardless. On video though it happens a few times a year. Last thing I remember shutting off out of total boredom/disappointment was Bunraku, a martial arts/action/noir thingy where everything looks like it's made of paper. Found it cheaply somewhere and was like look at this cast and this style but it just felt like it was going nowhere except me falling asleep.

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#50 Posted by ralfy (3 posts) -

Didn't walk out but fell asleep for many recent Hollywood movies.