Can't remember game titles!

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Ok so I've been updating my collection to include all the games I can remember and there's four in my head that for the life of me cannot remember the titles.

1. ok it was a western side scroller for the genisis, I also remember it being in some arcades. It features a blue cowboy with dual six shooters, it also features another cowboy who wears a purple pancho and carries a shotgun. I always died on the moving train level.

2. Also for the genesis, it was a army game, and it invovled moving your squads to differnt covers on the battlefield and then shooting the enemy, I only rented it, which shouldnt make it viable to be part of my collection, but its still in my head (I played it like 10 years ago!) and I enjoyed it so I'm flexing the rules for this game to include it.

3. An xbox game, were you would move monsters and different types of units accross the board and when they meet up with enemy units it would go into a side by side fighting game. I remember their being japanese style dragons and aurmoured rhinos.

4. Another for the genesis, it was a looney toons game where the first or second level was the wiley kyote having to travers lines across the canyon only using a (and this may just me being crazy) a helmet with a wheel on it upside down ? I think .... ? Again this may just be me creating stuff in my head.

Ok so if anyone out there knows these games please post. Thank you.