Cant remember name of total war game

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i think it is sort of total war game, u have brits franch empire, prussian, aus hun empire and i think u have russian too. unique thing is that u have research points that u get form schools in regions u control. and u have research tree. at end of era u chose democrasy or autocratic empire. later u chose presidency or dictatorship. one turn is 1 month in game. it starts in late 1780s. on world map ther is only europe and north africa. i think it is form 2005-2010, also i think it is just 1.5 gb

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That sounds like Empire: Total War, or Napoleon.

I really wish that we could get an Empire 2. Empire features the Americas and India, though.

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You're referring to Napoleon: Total War. Empire TW had the Americas and India on the campaign map.

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That's Napoleon: Total War.

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nope. none of those. i doesnt have classic total war map taht is like geographical. it has map that is differnt color for different countries. prussia is purple, aus-hun is yelow. france is blue. britain is red. it doesnt have any colonies . i think that it is only total war game that has those research points. u get them only in main regions. and those regions act like seperete countries before u win them by diplomacy or force

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found it!!!! its "imperial glory"