Captain Marvel Still Looks Meh (Second Trailer)

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I wanted to be excited for the movie since the character has some cool stuff about her, but both trailers look kinda lame. The CG at the end looks bad but that will probably be better before it comes out, none the jokes landed for me, and her origin being a mystery mixed with amnesia sounds uninspired. I'm not saying the movie will be bad, but the trailers haven't been good. I'm not the type who will go see any or every superhero if something looks lame (Thor 2, Justice League, Venom, etc) I won't watch it until its streaming on Netflix or somewhere else. I think Marvel was hitting its stride with Civil War, Doctor Strange, Thor 3, Black Panther, and Avengers 3 - this looks like a step down from them and more like a phase 1 movie.

I'm curious what others are thinking so far.

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i've officially hit diminishing returns with the straight-on marvel movies. i'm at the point where i need stylistic risks to be taken (ragnarok, logan, etc) in order to be engaged.

this looks like 'another one of those.' which doesn't mean it won't be good- but i'm not getting any indication of what makes this film special or unique.

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They should have just really went full hog with the whole set in the 90's gimmick to differentiate it from the other Marvel movies. It's a Marvel Studios movie so at worst it will still be watchable but I would have liked to have seen more from their first movie with a female lead. Granted I am only basing this on two trailers so who knows what the actual movie will be like.

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You mean Captain Mehvel?

With the Marvel Fatigue setting in, most those movies seem to be cookie cutter nowadays. Probably still entertaining, but loses some of its charm due to the over saturation.

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I'd be lying if I said I wasn't preoccupied thinking about Rogue and the Fantastic Four every time I try to watch one of these trailers.

The Fox property integration can't come soon enough.

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The trailer was on because we were watching football. My biggest takeaway was “stop mixing fluffy popcorn films with politics.”

I glanced up and saw “With Her.” My mind immediately went to Hilary Clinton, who I’ve always found to be incredibly off-putting, rolled my eyes, and now the movie is tied to a bad taste in my mouth.

I’m not here to debate politics, they could tagline a Captain America film with “Make America Great Again” and I’d find it equally off-putting. I just don’t really want entry level politics in my popcorn films. There isn’t the time to flesh out and justify ideas, so it comes across as poorly thought out and haphazard.

EDIT: I guess I’m thinking more tying yourself to a campaign than general political thought. And to be fair, marketing often has fuck-all to do with an actual movie...the marketing of that trailer made me think Hilary Clinton which made me think “nope.”

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@deathstriker: I thought the first trailer looked good but that trailer is an absolute nothing of a trailer. I can't remember one memorable thing from it and it's made the movie look empty and void of anything interesting.

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I only watch the Marvel movies because I'm too deep in now, I'm getting real tired of the formula / writing on the whole. I'll probably watch it eventually but I'm not excited to see anything they put out any more, unless Waititi directs another, Ragnarok was bloody good fun.

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Yah I wanted to like it but it really does look very “meh” overall. Nothing about it stands out and some of the dialog just seems like this is a Marvel movie from back when those weren’t very good. That whole “I’m not here to fight your war I’m here to end it” line was just embarrassing.

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@nutter: What are your thoughts on Captain America: Winter Soldier? That movie is overtly political while also being a big blockbuster action movie.

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Everything about it looks more like a bland high budget TV Show than an actual blockbuster movie and overall it just feels like another one with the generic Marvel formula. When they announced that this movie would take place in the 90s, I was expecting it to take some interesting stylistic approaches, not make it as bad as comic book movies back then. We already had tons of Marvel movies that felt extremely similar, now they need to do something different and take risks to still be interesting like they did with Ragnarok.

Also, I don't think Civil War, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther were Marvel hitting it's stride, those movies had a ton of flaws. Civil War to me was one of the worst Marvel movies, almost as bad as the first two Avengers.

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TLDR: Politics are fine, I personally find hitching your wagon to a politician gross.

On to the rambling!

Like I mentioned in my edit, it’s more tying yourself to a candidate than being political.

I was writing that at 6:00am or so, so I wanted to clarify as I initially misrepresented my thoughts (groggy and all).

Politics are fine. I can agree or disagree and it’s totally cool. I LOVE Captain Fantastic, but I strongly disagree with about half of what the protagonist says, politically. No issues with that at all, on my end.

Using a campaign slogan seems icky to me. I don’t want “MAGA,” I’m with Her,” etc. in my popcorn fun. Again, it’s just me. Also from my edit, I recognize that trailers are ads and not always super indicative of the film itself.

As for Winter Soldier and Civil War, which are both political, in broad strokes, I dig them quite a bit.

I especially like that Civil War grants legitimate pros and cons to both Iron Man’s “big government” stance and Captain America’s “don’t tread on me” stance. It’s not deep, but it’s nice to see two diametric opinions be granted legitimacy. It’s certainly more interesting than “good vs. evil.”

I especially like that that rift isn’t resolved yet in that series. I hope they do it justice in the end...but maybe they’ll save the world and avoid UN intervention and they’ll all get a beer or some shawarma...

If it were as nakedly “rah rah” as campaign slogans, various news outlets openly cheering for their candidate on election night, and all the other sports-fandom style bullshit that becomes us during political season (I’m looking at you, social media), I’d take issue. The cult of personality around that is gross and spreads far and wide.

Long-winded, but I hope that helps!

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@nutter: Especially in a year where the comics industry faced massive consumer backlash due to exactly this kind of politicization. All it does is throw this movie out in front of that angry bus that's been building up momentum all year.

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@nutter: As someone whose politics lean a certain way and also despises the cult of personality that we see in politics, I absolutely get where you're coming from.

For me, a fun popcorn action movie with awful politics is 300, in which a hereditary monarch unironically utters the phrase "freedom isn't free." Talk about cringe!

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I think the trailer looks fine, pretty standard fair. But man her voice just isn't meshing with me. In my brain she's supposed to sound I dunno...tougher? Something closer to fem Shep?

Edit: Okay I'm dumb. This is probably canonized in my head because Jennifer Hale DID voice Ms. Marvel in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

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@bladeofcreation: I made it through Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, W. Bush, and Obama just fine. All of them, all their opponents, whatever.

The three headed-beast of Bernie, Hilary, and Trump fandom broke me in 2016.

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This may be my first post ever in the Forums after being a Premium Member for 8 or 9 years (or something) and I have this to say:

The original take is wrong.

And then, after reading that this somehow took a political turn - I work in national-level politics; if you want to see things change, then come take a dip cuz the water's real warm!

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The formula is old and tired. I think resentment towards superhero movies in general is what's making this one feel so mediocre and nothing.

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I've ended up enjoying pretty much every Marvel movie I've seen (Never seen Ant-man; didn't like Doctor Strange) but I always feel done with Marvel when the next one appears. I think a big part of that is the final act in all the Marvel movies is the same and has become the most boring part of the movies for me. So my final feelings with the films are boredom and that carries onto the next one. So idk, I'm bored of Marvel movies but this could do something that makes me interested in it until the final act when it becomes a final battle snooze fest.

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@johnymyko: You're entitled to your opinion, but I think most people would disagree with you about Civil War, Strange, and BP. Civil War might be my top MCU movie, at worst it's top 3. I always see it very high on lists. It was the first time there was real drama and conflict in the MCU - it felt like a MCU made completely for adults.

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Man, after Infinity War, and just watching this trailer, I think I might be done with origin stories. All I'm excited for here is seeing young ("young") Nick Fury, Agent Coulson, Ronan, and Korath (Djimon Hounsou's character), and seeing Captain Marvel at the end of the movie when we're done with the past life plot and are just gettin to see her blow some shit up. Oh and also seeing Jude Law as Mar-vell. Don't really care about the Secret Invasion stuff or whatever, and sure as hell don't care for an amnesia flashback story.

Ant-Man 2 was a fine interlude, but I almost wanna skip this and just see Carol show up in Infinity War Part 2, then revisit this as a kind of side thing once that's all over and done.

Infinity War was so fucking good y'all.

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The protag's acting seems subpar. Is that an intended character trait?

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I'm a bit surprised with all the apathy for Marvel movies in this thread. After Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, Infinity War, etc. I'll follow Marvel wherever they want to go. Antman and the Wasp wasn't stellar, but it was still a lot of fun.

Several of their films have had meh trailers and then the film turns out to be a blast. I have a feeling the 90's aesthetic and the really interesting stuff isn't being shown in the trailer. That cat is an alien that has a toy wearing handcuffs being released. I think things are going to get a bit weird. I like when Marvel gets weird.

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looks like a marvel movie. should be fun. i very rarely don't enjoy a marvel movie.

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Is it bad that I just don't really have any interest at this point? There's a sort of fatigue I've hit, where I haven't watched many of the recent movies. There's something about the whole "ensemble" cast that sort of just doesn't interest me. Maybe it's cause I'm more of a DC guy to begin with?

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed Winter Soldier and Homecoming, but have yet to see Infinity War.

That being said..I'm excited for Aquaman. What the hell is wrong with me!?

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@musclerider: Yikes to this. Fuck off with this Ethan Van Sciver bullshit.

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@musclerider: After decades and decades of super hero comics featuring "this kind of politicization", it's pretty ridiculous to say that it's what's the problem in cape comics. Maybe people should just find a different genre of comics, a kind of genre that isn't intrinsically political?

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@barrock said:

I'm a bit surprised with all the apathy for Marvel movies in this thread. After Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, Infinity War, etc. I'll follow Marvel wherever they want to go. Antman and the Wasp wasn't stellar, but it was still a lot of fun.

Several of their films have had meh trailers and then the film turns out to be a blast. I have a feeling the 90's aesthetic and the really interesting stuff isn't being shown in the trailer. That cat is an alien that has a toy wearing handcuffs being released. I think things are going to get a bit weird. I like when Marvel gets weird.

Black Panther is the only MCU movie I can think of where the trailer didn't do anything for me but I loved the movie. It's usually the other way around, the trailer makes a movie look better than what it is. Avengers 2, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, and others had very good trailers to me, but those movies were pretty "meh". It's not MCU, but I loved the trailer for X-Men DOFP, but the movie did nothing for me.