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Who is going to celebrate? And How?

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New Year’s Eve is a scrub holiday. I get drunk and make regrettable decisions all-day everyday.


Alright, Christmas: visit some family ahead of the holiday. Make the rounds, see some folks. Christmas day, the kids will open their presents and we’ll chill out.

Maybe we’ll go hiking at some point between Christmas and New Year’s.

New Year’s...whatever. Zero care. As a kid, friends seemed to be forcing parties. I always liked when they just happened. Having a 9-5 and kids, I get needing to find a day where people agree to cut loose, but I usually head out to check out a concert, or just chill at home with the wife as some EOY vacation wraps-up.

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Christmas is our family and my best mate’s family all squeezed in a tiny house for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. 4 kids, 8 adults and a dog in a three bed terrace, but it’s always fun and there’s so much food.

NYE will be a take away and struggling to stay awake past midnight then bed at 00:10 after watching the fireworks on the BBC.

I’m dreading January to be honest. There’s one week where I’ve got three meetings in the evenings and four days when I’m teaching outside in the cold all day. And it’s my birthday (not that I’ll have time to celebrate it!)

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Christmas Eve: Dinner at my Godparents house and then off to my cousin's house for the rest of the night.

Christmas Day: Dinner at my uncle's house with the family, usually home by 6:00 and the rest of the night I'm free.

New Year's Eve: Dinner and watching the ball drop at my cousins house with the family.

New Year's Day: Recovery day spent watching football and hockey.

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Have Christmas dinner at my folks', drink a whole lot either side of (and during) it. Wrap things up and deal with the fallout when the new year kicks in.

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Celebrating with my friends in their native town - so having a little trip this holidays)

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I'm going to write a Christmas song and play it on the guitar.

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My extended family is now full of adults with jobs and teen who want to see their friends rather than travel, so we typically move Christmas celebrating around. So we often blend both the Holidays together. My father, mother and I are introverts, so while we might spend Christmas Eve and Day together is always low-key. We do celebrate together...just in separate rooms with headphones on.

Most of my friends have families with kids, and they live very far away. I cannot just hop in the car to see them without driving into the ocean. Truthfully, the fact that is is difficult to visit is a little sad. One of these years I will just go on vacation for the holidays. Maybe, I can drink too much, skinny dip in the Pacific ocean, and you will hear later that some guy with a "China Don't Care" tee-shirt was eaten by a shark or swept away in a tsunami. Please raise a glass if you hear that.