China don't care

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Does anyone have a rarely worn or new China don't care shirt they are willing to part with? I've wanted one for a while. L or XL.

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Those things are pretty much shiny's now.

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Teespring or RedBubble have some knockoffs...which is kinda fitting considering the concept behind them. I've also seen a Donut Create Push on there. Pretty sure it was redbubble where I saw them

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I'm sure you could make on with a plain t-shirt, some stencils and a can of spray paint. Not sure how good it would come out.

Me and a friend made some Foos t-shirts for a festival when we were teenagers and they looked pretty decent, but I wore mine once and never washed it. I'm almost certain the paint would run straight out.

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I have one but I think that it is a medium

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I still have my "Fuck Ryan Davis" counterpart.

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Always take on a size larger

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I lost mine at a rave which now seems like the logical end point for owning one of those

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Those things are pretty much shiny's now.

Yup no doubt.

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Nobody here will be surprised...but it turns out Ryan was right! CHINA DON'T CARE

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Did they ever made a "China don't mind" shirt i remember Norm saying that as his reaction to China don't care.