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It appears Dan Ryckert's epic troll on Guns n Roses fans may have had some truth to it.


How does Dan constantly do this? Why does he have these abilities? When did he find the source of his powers? I have so many questions.

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What was Dan’s troll exactly?

The only one I’m familiar is the GnR Rockband troll.

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That's exactly the one I'm talking about. The biggest controversy was fact that the person he was interviewing said that Chinese Democracy would be multiple albums that would be released simultaneously and the GNR community lost their damn minds.

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It seems odd to see a story on this now. I remember multiple rock stations reporting this during the years leading up to the release.

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I recall hearing that there were several albums worth of music, but hearing that there might be three albums released day and date is news to me...I think...

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The timing of this is very strange. I'm fairly new to GB and only heard about this prank around a month ago. Imagine my shock as I'm scrolling through Facebook and find out that Dan was almost right about this especially when he was just playing off of the fan base? How much was the idea of this talked about before Dan opened the floodgates? Why is Axl just now talking about this? Has he finally gotten over his master plan being outed by a nerd from Kansas?

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I don't think that's true.

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You’ll soon realize that it’s because Dan rolled average to below average stats on every attribute but luck, which is maxed.

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@shorap: you made me laugh, very much

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@themaxdaddy: to be fair, it’s not my joke. It’s been the giantbomb community consensus for years now regarding Dan.