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#51 Posted by Philedius (227 posts) -

@KatyGaGa said:


This. It conveys the true holiday spirit.

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#52 Posted by Maajin (1172 posts) -

Requiem for a Dream.

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#53 Posted by returnofjake (268 posts) -

Die Hard!

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#54 Edited by Aegon (7250 posts) -

Man, if only there were some Hanukkah movies out there. Maccabees kicking some butt.

If Jews control Hollywood, where are the Hanukkah films at?

Oh yeah, to answer the question, if enough people at work are Rugrats fans then you can turn on the Hanukkah themed episode.

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#55 Posted by hidys (1062 posts) -

@Phatmac said:

Die Hard.

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