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I thought it had a really solid script and good acting.


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It's was a good movie that I enjoyed.

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Pretty enjoyable

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I didn't really like it =P

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Hahahaha... no. That movie was, in my opinion, garbage. I probably laughed twice.

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It was weird for a comedy. The first half was funny, but the second half was actually pretty depressing. It was like the writer was bipolar.

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I was watchable, not sure if I would call it good though.

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It has such a strange twist in tone towards the end, but I wouldn't call it bad. It was ok, and it has Christopher Walken (which instantly makes any movie better).

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It was ok, not bad, but not great.

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Not really I dont like adam sandler.

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It was alright, had some moments, but overall was an okay movie.

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It was alright, I guess

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I think Click is a good movie all around.  At some point, it seemed to drop the comedy for sheer drama.  I loved it.

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#14 Posted by deactivated-5b3f096aee80a (4198 posts) -

I agree, watched a week or so ago again. Really good I think, not only was it a great comedy, but it taught a life lesson very very well, oh and was quite touching (my friend cried on my shoulder on a few parts), so yeah ts a good movie all around, gonna buy it from the PS Store probably, eventually.

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never seen it

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was really fun and "touching"

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I try to avoid anything with Adam Sandler in it. 90% of the time I feel cheated out of time after I watch a film with him in it.

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It was good, not something I would watch again though.

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An average movie in my opinion. i believe little nicky is much funnier.

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i didnt like it, once again Sandler proves that him+emotion= total failure, I love how all his films, no matter how dumb, like Chuck and Larry, he still tries to add some emotional theme or something, his films would be better if he just went back to his old days of Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison.

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I cried at the end...

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It was good even though I actually had a tear fall out of my eye - accidentally ;-) - during the scene in the rain at the end. That killed me with the note. At least I admit it!

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i nearly cried too in the end. i tottaly forgot it was a comedy when near the ending. it was so sad.

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I think it's meh.  It tries to be something more, but it becomes a little bit too derivative for me and falls flat.

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It was decent.

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Fr0Br0 said:
"It was weird for a comedy. The first half was funny, but the second half was actually pretty depressing. It was like the writer was bipolar.
Agreed. It was funny but at a point it got overwhelmingly depressing.
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I thought it was kind of the average Adam Sandler flick when you stand it up against the others he's made/been in recently. Nothing special, not especially great, but not terrible either.

Seeing as how I've sat through Turkish Star Wars and Bio-Dome in their entirety, I think I know what a bad movie is like.

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I really enjoyed it.

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whackmypinata said:
"Fr0Br0 said:
"It was weird for a comedy. The first half was funny, but the second half was actually pretty depressing. It was like the writer was bipolar.
Agreed. It was funny but at a point it got overwhelmingly depressing.

i feel the same way.  good movie nevertheless, IMO.
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#30 Posted by Darth_Tyrev (226 posts) -

For the love of God, no!

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It was awful.

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#32 Posted by Clean (2432 posts) -

I thought it was okay

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#33 Posted by sculsoldi3r (1355 posts) -

It was medicore at best. Some funny stuff

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I'd say it was more of a Comra or a Drady...

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It was depressing.

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#36 Posted by TanKLoveR (337 posts) -

It wasnt terrible, i guess u could waste ur time watching it.

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It did seem like it was written by two different people who never shared their half of the plot with the other.  You start with this average joe sci-fi comedy schtick and it ends up attempting to be a poignant drama about how people miss the good parts of their lives by trying to avoid the bad parts.  I went into it looking for a laugh when I needed one, judging by how they marketed it, and when the movie ended I felt both depressed and ripped off.

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i liked it =)
but the depressing part in the end destroyed my mood :/

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The fart jokes in it, bring it down in my opinion.