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Ok I know this is a thread already, I searched for it but either it's locked, I'm an idiot, or the search is still as busted as it used to be (I'm leaning towards the second answer) but yeah. Could not find it. So I thought I would make another one and the mods can either throw it into the existing thread or whatever but hopefully this doesn't get locked. I know advertising isn't cool but we've never had an issue supporting existing community members like the the super great hamst3r (and I've been here a little while) so hopefully this is cool.

ANYWAY yeah, I've started a youtube channel. It's not Lets Plays, it's just me talking about fun stuff. I know I'd probably get way more hits if it were Lets Plays but that's not really what I wanted to do with it. Anyway, it's pretty bad for the most part but hey, if you're bored, give it a look. I'll be your best friend. Also anyone else with a channel can link to it here so we have a place to find users content (also Dave if you could make search work with thread titles, that would be super great) Also maybe keeping it to a link and one video maybe so it doesn't get crazy? I guess?


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@thesoutherndandy: It was former Whiskey Media engineer (or whatever) @ethan who posted that thread, I think, but he's no longer on staff. It used to be stickied either in General Discussion or Off Topic. If you're willing to dredge through his forum posts you should find the original


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@dudeglove: Hmm briefly looked but after a few pages gave up. Would be cool to have it or this one stickied again so community stuff is easy to find.

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@thesoutherndandy: Awwh, I'll be your best friend too. There, I made a like and a comment.

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