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I just started trying to make commentary videos on you tube. My first 2 tries are up the shorter one below.

Just looking for suggestions on ...well everything. I am using Gregion to capture the video, Audacity to do the commentary and Windows Movie Maker for the editing. That is not working to well, so was suggested to use MoviePlus starter so my next one will be with that editor. Hoping the resolution will come out better with it.

The video below came to about 2gigs. And its not in HD...I want it to be. So tips on getting it uploaded in HD would be a great help. Maybe MoviePlus will help with that. Cause from what i can tell. Windows Movie Maker just sucks.

And lastly how is the presentation. Do i repeat my self to much? I tried to not say Uh and Um, but a few got out. I think thats something that will come with practice. Should i just quite while im a head?Not like I've spent money on this or anything....just in between jobs, and this would give me something to work on.

Really hoping for some useful tips. Thanks!

Hope this does not full under youtube spam! Not looking for views or followers, just suggestions. (not that id say no to them...:)

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The commentary audio sounds kind of reminds me of people who keep their mouth really close to the transmitter; it makes me want to stop watching the video. Also, most of your commentary isn't really interesting at all. You don't have much of a personality in the video, it just sounds like you're droning on.

Edit: If you're doing this just to pass the time in between jobs, more power to you. You can fix the commentary audio, but you need to learn how to be interesting and remain that way. Give the audience a reason to watch your videos.

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Try not to distort the mic noise first off. Also, I'm not sure what the point of the series is, is it supposed to just teach you about certain games?

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Keep your mouth a little further for the mic/test levels before recording. Record game and spoken audio independently so you can control their levels. Get a more sophisticated audio recording setup, superior recording quality will put you way ahead of most YouTube game commentary.

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They are recorded independently, think the mic input was to high. That distortion comes after I edit the voice into the video. I am going to try to just have the mic volume way down, and make it louder after the fact when putting it in the video.

There is no point to anything really yet. That was all just me screwing around and testing it out. Was thinking of making a series of videos on FTP games that i have enjoyed. So for now that's a goal i guess. Will have to make that clearer for sure.

Will try to be more interesting as I talk, have better notes for one thing. Something I will try to work on.

Thanks for tips. Hope I can get a little better over the next week. :D

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I just started to do live streaming on Twitch.tv and I was in the same position as you. My advice for you is to not be discouraged if you think it's not working out. The longer you keep this up the better you can become. From what I can gather from chat rooms in twitch and personal friends, I'm "boring as fuck" if I plan out what I want to say. Try not to make such detailed notes and don't ramble on the same topic for too long.

As for everything technical you might want to maybe get (if you have $$):

- FRAPS for recording the video. The FRAPS file may be huge but after compressing them in 720p in Windows Movie Maker it will drop to under a Gig (or less) for a 15min video: http://www.fraps.com/

- For audio I would recommend the Blue Snowball ICE. It's one of the most inexpensive and great sounding Mics available: http://amzn.to/Pc6cRT

I just also followed you on Youtube and look forward for your next videos. I find them more interesting than all those RayWilliamjohnson ripoffs.

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@IrrelevantJohn:Thanks for the info and the follow. Will give FRAPS a other look. May be worth spending a tad bit of cash on it. The free one works great. And does have a lot of options as to what it records the video as. But it does seem to run a bit heavy, and lags games down a far bit more then FRAPS does.

Think one thing I am learning as I watch other videos, we dont watch the commentary videos so much for the games, but for the people doing the comments. So i should focus less on talking about a check list of what the game is, and more about what the game is about and how it feels playing, and just showing what it is. Would let me talk a bit more freely. And maybe not sound like im just droning on :D

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I did post a other video on champions online, maybe you guys could give it a look and see if I improved. :D Thanks!

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