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Posted by Donkeycow (568 posts) 3 years, 10 months ago

Poll: Cowboy Boots in the City (65 votes)

Yay 38%
Nay 62%

Recently i've had the urge to pick up a pair of cowboy boots, can't really say why but i think they're cool. The issue however is i am no rancher, i'm a well off Toronto born city boy and was concerned it may come off a bit odd to wear them in daily life. So my question is this, are cowboy boots acceptable wear in a non western city, yay or nay?

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Asking a video game forum for fashion advice?

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Only if you're Don Cheadle and you're in Boogie Nights.

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Sure why not. You probably have to get just the right shirt and blazer to go with it. Maybe like a dark sand red-brown or something, and I don't know about the pants. But yea dude go for it!

It says Off-Topic for a fucking reason!

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Asking a video game forum for fashion advice?

Your point?

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I think you have to be from an area where people wear cowboy boots to pull them off. I don't have a sense of fashion though, so who knows.

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I feel like that would be as difficult as a fedora to pull off without looking like a douche.

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Cowboy boots and hats are pretty silly. Most of the people around here aren't even cowboys, and if you ask them about it, you'll get some answer about how they respect the job and the culture and think it looks cool. A wise man once compared this phenomenon with like, fireman hats or something- wearing one of those around town would be just as silly as wearing the cowboy shit, but isn't exactly socially acceptable.

Then again, do whatever the fuck you want and don't care.

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Where whatever the fuck you want to, whenever the fuck you want to, with confidence, and you'll look great.

- the dude from P-Funk that always wears a diaper

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Just do it. I also think they look kind of cool on the right body type. I'm way too short for any kind of pointy footwear, it just looks goofy on me. I also think you need to consider what clothes you're mixing them with, I don't think they go with just anything.

But who knows. I'm just a videogamesman.

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Strong Look.

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Do you, homie.

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I've been wearing cowboy boots for over 25 years. I love them & don't give a shit what anybody says about them. I'm on the east coast too.

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The neighborhood where I work in Chicago has a pretty large Mexican-American community with several Western-style clothing stores, so its not unusual to see guys in cowboy boots and hats.

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I live in Nebraska and you can assume a lot of things about a person when you see them with cowboy boots on. They aren't usually good things.

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I wouldn't wear a pair but you can do whatever the fuck you wanna do.

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If you are a cowboy, then yes. If you are not a cowboy, then no.

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Asking a video game forum for fashion advice?

You know, if you think about, some gamers spend more time on fashion then some people literally into fashion, think about the countless hours spent customizing characters, faces, make up, small details, clothing, sometimes you spend hours just getting a character down to the last perfect little detail. I would get excited when I found a new clothing shop in Saints Row. Gamers are as good a source at f-f-f-f-f-fashion then anyone really.

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Of course yay! To hell with people.

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just ask yourself, "Do I want to wear cowboy boots?" if the answer is yes then wear cowboy boots. If the answer is no then don't wear cowboy boots.

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Yeah I see lots of lawn dogs in cowboots. Rock the right flannel with it and you're good.

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I doubt anyone would notice if you tucked them under your pants legs.

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As someone who lived in Toronto from 2007-2013, I can say with some authority that you're going to stand out a lot wearing cowboy boots. If you can really own it and can put together a coherent, unique style to match it, go for it, but unless you're really sure about that, I'd say don't.

With all due respect to people who wear fedoras or trench coats, if you don't do it right, it could look like an awkward nerd affectation in the same way those often do.

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I dunno dogg; wear what you want, but I don't think that's a good look.

Also this:

@grantheaslip said:

With all due respect to people who wear fedoras or trench coats, if you don't do it right, it could look like an awkward nerd affectation in the same way those often do.