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Well I just picked up the Dark Knight Trilogy and it came with 2 codes for the digital copy. So I thought I would give one away here. It uses Ultraviolet, but hey its free. Just go to Flixster.com/getUV

Enter the code: F 2 B 3 M 7 4 Q F 4 X 7


P.S if you got the code please post below

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Nabbed it, thanks dude

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Didn't nab it in time, but just wanted to let you know it's been used up by somebody else! Thanks for this!

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Its Ultraviolet, not Ultraviolent. 
Ultraviolent would be a better name though

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@SomeDeliCook said:

Its Ultraviolet, not Ultraviolent. Ultraviolent would be a better name though

Agreed. Every time I see "Ultraviolet", I wonder for a second why they packed a terrible Milla Jovovich film with whatever I'm buying.