Did RoboCop scar you as a child?

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Posted by liquiddragon (3468 posts) 2 years, 4 months ago

Poll: Did RoboCop scar you as a child? (287 votes)

Yes 30%
No 70%

I totally saw the beginning when Peter Weller gets shot up when I was a child and it haunted me for years. The funny thing is, I've heard from other people that this exact thing happened to them including Brad. It's probably only a minority in the grand scheme of things but I'd still like to know the numbers!

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#51 Posted by Zleunamme (1044 posts) -

I watched Robocop until I was older. The guy in the toxic waste really got to me more than all the gross violent stuff like the neck stabbing. What freaked me out the most was a guy getting his chest cut opened in Robocop 2.

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#52 Posted by Veektarius (6410 posts) -

When I first saw the thread I was like, hell nah, Robocop is awesome! Then I remembered that the scene where they take off his mask with a crowbar really stuck with me the first time I saw it.

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#53 Posted by shirogane (3647 posts) -

I got my parents to buy me a Robocop figure. One that said his lines if you pressed a button on his chest.

So i guess the answer is no.

Oh i also got another figure of him with his car. Nope definitely didn't scar me.

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#54 Posted by Max_Cherry (1598 posts) -


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#55 Posted by Stonyman65 (3810 posts) -

I watched action movies way too young as a kid but I remember the toxic waste scene scaring me a bit when I first say it but that was it. Keep in mind that I was watching uncut R-rated action movies since I was 6 or so. Lethal Weapon 3 and Demolition Man were practically on constant repeat in my house when I was a kid because that's what I wanted to watch. Yeah, my parents raised me right goddammit! I still love those movies, along with most other action movies to this day.

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#56 Posted by superslidetail (451 posts) -

Yea both the scenes of him getting gunned down and the guy getting turned into a toxic waster/getting run over scared the shit out of me. Good thing it wasn't just me. lol

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#57 Edited by glots (4367 posts) -

Murphy's death didn't scar me on the level of causing me nightmares, but I did remember it vividly afterwards. The part in Robocop 2 where he's torn to pieces and twitching on the ground was more scary to me back then for some reason.

I'd watch a Film&40s of Robocop 1 and 2...and maybe 3, though they'd have to get really drunk to tolerate that.

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#58 Posted by ShaggE (9284 posts) -

Totally, mainly because I had only seen the gunning-down scene, completely out of context. It wouldn't have been nearly as bad if I had seen the whole movie (although I can't imagine I would have understood the satire, so maybe it would have fucked me up worse, haha). It never gave me nightmares or anything, but I remember being vaguely nauseated by it all, and the image stuck with me pretty hard.

Looking back, it was only a scant few years later that I had gone full horror nerd and lived for OTT gory kills in my movies. How quickly we change!

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#59 Posted by Y2Ken (2967 posts) -

I still haven't seen RoboCop and it seems wild to me not that most people have seen it but that you all apparently saw it as children. But who am I to judge?

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#60 Posted by Darkaileron (201 posts) -

As a 5-6 year old, Robocop was the perfect piece of media for me -- I thought it was rad front to back. Watching the shoot out scene and the "I just completely melted unto your car" scene today actually make me queasy. 6 year old version of me was way more legit than I am.

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#61 Posted by someoneproud (607 posts) -

Nah didn't even register, thought it was a kids film until I hit high school and my nightmares were always much worse than anything in RoboCop.

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#62 Posted by TheHT (15870 posts) -

No, but I always thought RoboCop without his helmet looked creepy as fuck.

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#63 Posted by TheRealSeaman (133 posts) -

Child's Play did that

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#64 Edited by ShaggE (9284 posts) -

@y2ken said:

I still haven't seen RoboCop and it seems wild to me not that most people have seen it but that you all apparently saw it as children. But who am I to judge?

It's crazy in hindsight, for sure. Marketing was bizarre at the time... it seemed like the more violent the film, the more toys and kids' merch came out for it. I can't even tell you how many Terminator 2 and Aliens toys I had back then. Admittedly, T2 was fairly tame by comparison, but still.

Hell, RoboCop 3 literally was a kids' movie, which was even weirder. Also might be why so many of us saw RoboCop 1 and/or 2. I wonder how many kids saw Toxic Crusaders and were then horribly traumatized (Troma-tized?) by Toxic Avenger? Haha.

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#65 Posted by shorap (431 posts) -

@dave_tacitus: fuck dude, that and The Last Unicorn...Actually, pretty much every non-Disney, 80s cartoon movie had parts that could scar a kid. Rock and Rule, Wizards, The Devil and Daniel Mouse, etc.

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#66 Edited by HerrHeimlich (93 posts) -

Maybe? I spent a summer as kid at my aunt's house oversea and the only english vhs tape they had was Robocop and Robocop 3. To say at least I watched it so much I was memorizing lines from the movies. I always thought ED-209 was cool and it's the reason I got into Battletech and cyborgs in general. Robocop's drug cartel assault was in my opinion one of the best shoot out scenes as a kid above Predator's cartel assault. He was basically a walking tank. Also the music was so awesome in Robocop. I liked evened both the live action show and cartoon show, which I watched every morning at 6 am before school. I turned out alright? Right? I'm going to watch Robocop now.

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#67 Posted by geirr (3774 posts) -

I made my own cut of the movie as a child where I removed Murphy's death scene (and anything up to it)
so the movie basically became one were Robocop was always Robocop and he fought bad people!

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#68 Posted by development (3176 posts) -