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The casting is fantastic and I like Jon Favreau as a director. And I am curious about Warner Bros Jungle Book movie directed by Andy Serkis which is going to be dark like Rudyard Kipling's book

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Is it only me or does that trailer music not fit this at all ?

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Looks better than I thought a live-action Jungle Book would be.

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I like how that trailer didn't spoil the stoy, BUT, I think that calling this a live action film is a bit of a stretch. This looks like the Star Wars prequels where there is more CG than real life, and unlike Star Wars, there is a single live-action character. I think I am done with special effects movies now.

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Is it only me or does that trailer music not fit this at all ?

It has the Inception boom as well!

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That tiger was really good in Life of Pi. I'm glad he got another role.

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Is it only me or does that trailer music not fit this at all ?

It might be temporary or filler music. Or it may be just bad music in the film.

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Holy shit. The cast sounds like it'll be fucking incredible. A bit too much CG for my tastes (can't blame 'em), but I'll give it a shot.

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Oh Disney, I wonder if I'll ever like a film of yours ever again.

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I'm gonna see it because I fucking love The Jungle Book (book, movies, all of it). However, I'm still far more curious as to what Andy Serkis' version of The Jungle Book is going to be, whether he'll follow the book more.

I just...I need Bagheera slaughtering the village for exiling Mowgli! I need the book put on the screen.