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Okay Ive been working retail for almost two years before that I worked in a bakery. And from time to time I will find really good deals. Such as black friday deals at my store or some random clearance thing that has been sitting on a shelf for ever and is now ludicrously cheap.

I have bought two messenger/laptop bags though I don't really even need one. They were both in the 100 dollar range and I bought them on clearance for around $20 each. Now to further explain myself the last time I got any kind of bag was the backpack I got as a freshmen in highschool and thats the bag I have had for about ten years so I really really liked the idea of having a nice bag even though I don't really need one and my old ass backpack still works(damn good craftsmanship on that thing) Also I'm probably gonna gift one of the bags to someone, I don't intend on keeping both of them I just gotta decide which one I like more.

I also got a printer for $50 that was originally $300. It prints some damn good photos btw.

and I have bought some smaller things like a pair of earbuds that were on clearance for 75 cents just cause I thought I might need some earbuds someday...

So have any of you ever bought things mostly because it was a good deal and not that you actually wanted/needed to have it right then?

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I've bought countless Steam games just because they were in bundles or 75% off and I'll never play them or already played them on a console.

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I am a human being. So, at some point, yes.

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All the time baby, all the time....

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I bought a 4gb 360 with Gears of war judgement for 150.00 brand new. I like mistake deals.

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Yeah dude, there's no specific reason why I have all these 108 rolls of toilet paper in my garage.

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My Steam library says YES!

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I've been pretty good about self-control, but some of those Humble Bundles (paying over the average) just can't be passed up.

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I have lots of Steam games I will probably never play.

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I just bought Tomb Raider yesterday because it was the weekend deal on steam, so yes.

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I try to buy only terrible deals, just to encourage bad business and ruin everything for everybody. It's my fifty year plan. The Asshole Offensive, I call it.

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In terms of games, yes. Last month, I bought the game of the year edition for Red Dead Redemption, for $30 dollars, at this new Game store that opened next to my movie theater called "GameStar." It came with the full game, plus the Undead Nightmare Expansion pack.

I still occasionally play the game, and I haven't tried to beat it, yet

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Bicycle components. I recently started on hobby of learning to build bicycles. My one bike sort of turned into three bikes in the span of a few months. And then I start thinking, well i have this and this and this so to make a fourth bike I would only need... then I go online and sometimes I see something for 50% off and seriously consider buying it even though 50% off of $1000 is still $500 and I absolutely do not need more bikes in my apartment. :D

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I bought a $350 pea coat for $25 at a clothing store.

It was June.

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When you see $800 shoes for $200, YOU TAKE THEM.

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Sort of. For game deals, I have to consider if I will dedicate time to it.

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unfortunately yes. I bought Sin and punishment wii for 4.99% new at ebgames and I know I have 0 interest in it.

Same thing happened with 32gb flash drive and various snack foods.

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My Steam library says YES!

Exactly what I was gonna say.

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Not so much in retail stores, but I find it really hard to pass on a good Steam deal if it's a game I've heard good things about.

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Yea, I bought Half-Life 2 for Mac during the latest Steam summer sale only to learn a 2008 iMac is still too primitive to run that game well. Hashtag Apple life.

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Tuna. Fucking tuna. The price of tuna in Korea varies so wildly, if I ever spot it for around or under 1000 won a can, I buy that shit up. I had like 12 cans of tuna sitting around a couple weeks ago because there was a great deal on the stuff (980 won a can!) But since then no deals in sight, so I'm sitting on a sparse three cans that cost nearly 1300 won each because I can't go without my tuna.

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As I look at my Steam list all I can say is, yes, I do.

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@vanick said:

I've bought countless Steam games just because they were in bundles or 75% off and I'll never play them or already played them on a console.

Yep. Also I got some games when Hollywood Video / Game Crazy went down and had discounts.

Also the Humble Bundle really knows how to get me with some of the damn soundtracks they have.

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Yes. Yes I have.

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Like 80 percent of my steam games... I stoped when i realized i wont ever play most of that. outside in the real world I bought one of the colorful iMacs arooound 98 i think, to a friend at half the price, thou never really used it, if you think mac gaming sucks now... Imagine in 98

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I was mildly interested in Splinter Cell:Blacklist but was going to put it off then instead I bought it with GTA V last night at the midnight launch just because you got it at like 2/3 price if bought with GTA.

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Two words.



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Yes. I became a master at hoarding games from clearance shelves because of Cheepassgamer. I have over 70 xbox360 games, most never even open. It's insane. My gaming time turned into scavenger hunt time for clearance games. I got to certain point that when I did want to play games I couldn't make a decision on a game to play.

Thanks to Target learning not to over order, I haven't been collecting anymore. Instead I have been actually gaming!

I do tend to buy things on really good deals. My only hoarding is games, music, and hot sauces.

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Yes. Otherwise it's like I'm losing money if I don't get those hot deals!

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If I'm even remotely interested in it I will, most of the time though I don't because I like to conserve my money.

Like, several hours ago I bought ME3 and MOH:F on Origin because it was on sale, truth be told I'll probably never even play ME3 but since I have the first two I thought I might as well complete the collection.

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All. The. Time.

So many steam games I've never played. Ah well. As long as it's ok with my/your budget, no real harm.

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I try not to. Because really, 1-2$ is a hard price to refuse for a video game, and there are too many decent games at that price on Steam. I just try and keep myself from buying games at all when I can help it.

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I use buy Steam stuff all the time. I've learned to cut back.Other than that, no.

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If I need the item is on sale I will purchase it, I do not buy things just to buy things.

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Yes, especially when it comes to games. I buy cheap stuff way too often in fact just because well, it's cheap. Cheap game on Steam? Bought! Cheap bundle? Bought! Bargain bin game at Gamestop? Bought!

As if my backlog wasn't bad enough as is, it's certainly something I'm trying to stop myself from doing as often. I've been trying to limit myself to just stuff I need now or have a very high interest in, and just skipping the stuff I'm partially interested in or that I know I won't play for a long time. I haven't done particularly well at this, but I like to think I'm trying at le-... Ooh, another cheap game!

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I bought two bags of Doritos a week ago on sale. No Mountain Dew, however, I'm not bro enough for that shit.

And Steam games, although they're not really a deal if you don't actually play them.

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Sadly, I do it far too often. More so with games than anything else. I don't usually do it when it comes to food though. I try to eat before I go grocery shopping so end up buying shit that I actually need and that's not completely horrible for me. I may pick up like a small bag/box of cookies or some shit, but even that's rare if I go on a full stomach. If I go when I'm hungry, however, I just buy all the worst shit because bad food always has good sales. It's like "300 jumbo-size donuts for a buck? I'm losing money by not buying those then!"

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I bought a Move Navigation controller for $15, before I ever owned the camera and the Move controller.

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I will basically buy any game whatsoever under 8 dollars. Why that specific amount? I don't know either.

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All the time.

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Everybody who uses Steam does.

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Just bought this fuckin' baller ass jacket on sale!!! I live in Florida, so I ain't never gonna wear it - but still. Still.