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@jasonr86: I mostly just looked at Hizangs thread titles and sighed audibly. Then when I finally broke and opened them to read the about his newest complaint I groaned even more audibly.

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I wear pretty cheap boxers that are comfortable.

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Haven't bought underwear in forever, but if I bought underwear now, I would only buy highest quality. Just like it's only the best and softest TP for me, just short of wiping my ass with silk. Just like it's only high threadcount quality cloth bedding. And so forth. Go all out on the basics. Fuck excessive items of luxury, like branded fashion and some such.

Gaming is frivolous spending enough for me.

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@wrighteous86 said:

I don't get why people say they miss Hizang. It's not hard to come up with random, unimportant, stupid questions and just toss them on the boards. You can do that yourself. (Please don't do that yourself.)

Haters gonna hate



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I don't really notice a difference between nice underwear and cheap underwear. Then again, a three pack of CK underwear where I live is $35 for a 3-pack (in comparison to the wal-mart special that charges $20 for a 3-pack), and I classify nice underwear as $50 a pair. I think that silk underwear feels odd, and I have yet to find expensive boxer-briefs that are made from anything but silk.

Now when it comes to winter clothing, I invested somewhere up to $300 CDN for a set of Icebreaker base layer (top and bottom). The feeling of coziness wearing this base layer keeps me warm when the temperatures hit -40 degrees celsius, while being breathable enough to wear inside.

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#110 Posted by ZombiePie (7017 posts) -

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