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Posted by liquiddragon (1699 posts) 21 days, 14 hours ago

Poll: Do you recommend the Harry Potter movies? (243 votes)

Yeah, watch 'em all 70%
Watch these, skip these (comment below) 7%
Na, skip 'em 23%

Maybe cause I never read the books but the Harry Potter series never managed to cast it's spell on me and it's phenomenon has puzzled me most of my life.

I went to the library today and saw the 8 disc blu ray set on top of one of the movie shelves and I took it out on a whim but it actually is a decent amount of time investment.

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#51 Edited by ClairvoyantVibrations (1572 posts) -

The Harry Potter films are a prime example of "the books were better"

I still think they're fun enough movies and you should watch them... but yo read those books.

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#52 Posted by ArbitraryWater (14683 posts) -

I actually re-watched all of the Harry Potter films like a year ago, so I have a pretty decent grip on this question. The Chris Columbus directed ones are pretty unbearable, but all the movies after those first two range from "competent" to "good." The one I think stands the best as a movie is definitely Prisoner of Azkaban, but the last one isn't half-bad either. Just be warned that there's some serious adaption decay happening in the later movies, as they become less able to cram the contents of a 500 page book into a 2 hour movie and become a little more incoherent as a result.

Honestly? I'd suggest just reading the books. I've soured a bit on Harry Potter after a few too many years of being surrounded by people obsessed with it, but most of them are fun and far better than most of the YA fare that came out in their wake.

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#53 Posted by Captain_Insano (2702 posts) -

1 is okay for introducing the world

2 is terrible

3 is great, best film

4 I wasn't fussed on

5 has its moments

6 & 7 - they're okay as a conclusion. The epilogue is terrible (as I hear the book epilogue was), but yeah

They're okay

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#54 Edited by Briony88 (10 posts) -

Absolutely! But read the books first

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#55 Posted by Uhtaree (762 posts) -

After about three I remember thinking, uh-oh, the guy with no nose is in all these now, it's turning into a soap opera. Never seen 6-8. I was worried it had turned into Twilight by that point.

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#56 Posted by Nick (873 posts) -

Full disclosure, I love Harry Potter and have either read the books or listened to the audiobooks (Jim Dale version) 6 or 7 times now, and I think the movies are not great. The first 2 are terrible and get a little better with 3 and onwards, but if you have never read the books (or only read them once) I'm sure the movies are fine.

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#57 Posted by SamanthaK (154 posts) -

Yea i love them, the first few are a little bit childish but they get darker with every movie after that.

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#58 Posted by Shadow (5291 posts) -

The audiobooks read by Jim Dale are by far the best way to consume Harry Potter. He does individual voices for each character, and a lot of them are better-realized than the actors they got to play those parts in the movies

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#59 Posted by Rahf (337 posts) -

Jim Dale or Stephen Fry? Well?

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#60 Posted by vocalcannibal (383 posts) -

The idea of skipping any of these is nutso to me.

All of them set up at least one vital character or concept so that if you skipped, say, 2 or 6, I think you'd be confused later on. I know culture has pretty much made the idea of Harry Potter spoilers laughable, but who knows! I don't think peripheral knowledge of the series would do a good enough job tying things together.

Also, they're all less than 3 hours long. The worst that can happen is you finish one and go 'huh that could have been better' then watch the next one.

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#61 Posted by Phoenix654 (421 posts) -

The movies start out as enjoyable romps in the wizarding world and get progressively darker. They all have issues, but are largely well made and watchable. Fair warning, I am coming from thoroughly enjoying the books (which I recommend more than the movies). I say watch the first three (the first two are very bright and colorful, but the leads are also very young and it shows. By movie 3, Prisoner of Azkaban, they've grown up some..), see if the world has you interested, then decide whether you want to go further down this rabbit hole.

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#62 Posted by theuprightman (115 posts) -

Can I suggest the audiobooks, there are two versions, I like the English narrator (Stephen Fry). But they are extremely expensive but are available elsewhere... and you can listen to them as you play

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#63 Edited by Shadow (5291 posts) -
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@rahf: Jim Dale for sure as far as I'm concerned. But they both do a great job as far as audiobook performances go. Judge for yourself. Someone put this together, comparing them both reading the same scenes in book 2

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#64 Posted by BisonHero (10496 posts) -

I'll admit I'm curious to hear what OP decided to do.

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#65 Posted by mattimus_prime (199 posts) -

It's hard to say. I grew up with the books and movies so I have a lot of nostalgia for it. The books are great and I like the movies. But I'm not sure that the movies are actually good.

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#66 Edited by Whitestripes09 (766 posts) -

3 and 4 are personally my favorite. For me they're basically just part of my childhood so I almost feel like I have too much bias to give a real critical look on the whole series. The books are pretty fantastic so maybe reading those first would be best.

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#67 Posted by Ravelle (2533 posts) -

I loved them although the last couple movies were not as great.

It starts out about kids learning spells and tells how how magic works, and at the end it throws all those ideas out the window and decide wands are just guns that can shoot blasts without saying the magic words and it becomes a John Wick movie.

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#68 Posted by jszyarto (32 posts) -

I think they are all great movies. I did it in backwards order and had never read the books so I watched the movies all first before reading any of the books.