Do you think we will achieve world peace in this kind of time era?

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The more I think about it, it seems the events going on in other countries and continents are getting worse as terrorism, violent active shootings, hate crimes, fear of rape, unrestful political arguing within the government is increasing at the moment.

Do you think we will live in peace 10 or 20 years from now? I doubt it because of so many problems that stem in the face of human nature. Will there ever be hope amongst us?

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I don’t think it’s gotten worse, just a lot more visible now that we’re constantly connected online. I would argue that society is improving. Don’t get me wrong, we have and always will always have those holding society back and there will always be infractions and hostility between groups, factions and countries but there’s a whole bunch kind, compassionate people out there, doing good work, good things to improve our society one aspect at a time. There’s no need to be so pessimistic.

I doubt we ever see world peace. Some battles we fight today might be a thing of a past in 10-20 years’ time but there always be another thing to fight. It never stops.

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Hell no, for more reasons than it would really even be possible to summarize in a single forum post.

Even just within the United States, the increasing disparity in wealth and a newly emboldened racist nationalist movement is going to take more than 20 years to clean up.

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The world overall is probably getting a lot better but America and parts of Europe aren't really helping. World Peace? Probably never. A better world for our grand children? Yes.

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Not until extraterrestrials from another planet invade Earth and we as humans are forced to set aside our differences and unite against the alien invaders. ...Then it'll just be back to the same shit after 50 years from that unless space racism takes over human racism.

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@jaalmo: Yeah, it's sad we have to suffer this way. All we can do is live.

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I mean, the world is always marching forward (general trajectory), but world peace, IF it happens, will take generations.

I sincerely doubt any of us will live to see it. There will always be folks to stir the pot a little too far and others to react.


War...war never changes...

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No. There will always be conflict. Incompatible viewpoints. There will always be some sort of visible or invisible suffering. A battle for resources. Especially those that deplete. We might be able to raise the bar over time though. But it will never get to an utopic state.

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Not as long as people think going to war is some noble cause.

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In however the fuck long humans have inhabited this planet, we haven't found it yet so my answer is... NO.

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Yes, once I become Supreme Emperor of Earth.

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Hahahahahahaha ... no.

There is a reason the definition of utopia always refers to an imaginary place. The idea of a world without conflict is insane, but as globalization becomes stronger we may never see a future WW3 in the next century, which is a positive.

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No. There will never be true world peace.

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As long as the human brain is capable of generating the types of emotions that lead to the desire to conquer, no. Never. As long as...

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@enomotoshards said:

Do you think we will live in peace 10 or 20 years from now?

no. and that's using any interpretation of the word 'peace.' armed political conflicts will continue to happen, and income disparity will be worse than it is now.

don't mean to be doom and gloom- but i think it will take something on the scale of ww2 to disrupt the patterns we're currently adhering to. that conflict brought a great deal of change- optimistic structures like the united nations, etc. it'll take something cataclysmic.

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I mean...does it count if there's no one left? In that case...

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@hellbrendy: you think America and Europe are the biggest detractors to world peace right now?

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Nope, unfortunately we as human beings will destroy ourselves and this planet eventually.

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No. And Climate change further down the road will seal how it will go for mankind.

I do think humanity, well in the future, will pass through the eye of the needle. But it's going to be with an unmeasurable amount of pain and anguish and loss. And over a long period of time.

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I almost feel like the era of "great wars" is almost certainly over. Which is good for the mass majority of people in the long run because they do not have to suffer the effects of occupation on a global/continental scale, a generation worth of people dying, and the shock of it all. There are other factors that could put us over the edge, like climate change for example and depletion of resources. Nuclear Armageddon is always a possibility, but you could argue that because of the chance of nuclear bombs being used is also the reason why we will never see another global scale war in the first place.

As far as absolute no conflict type of peace. No way, not with the way our societies are setup. Maybe in the far, far future it would be possible, but the amount of social and culture change for that to take place would probably be unrecognizable and even unwanted from our perspective.

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Nah don't worry, China, Russia and the Middle East will continue fucking it up for everyone else.

British people will march and sign petitions against Donald Trump but won't kick up a stink when their country sends more weapons to Saudi Arabia for use in warcrimes. Gimme a fuckin' break.

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There wont be world peace without communism because capitalism requires imperialism to exist. It's predatory by nature, and naturally creates strife between those who own and those who do the work.

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Peace is something humans are not great at. We're tribal deep down, we always want to be better than another society, culture or even race.

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war is far too profitable.

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Even once world peace is achieved, people will become complacent over time, and greed will find it's way to the top again. This cycle will continue and has been happening in small isolated areas for long time, which is probably why it will never happen on a global scale.

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Hell no. I think we'll be extinct before any such revelation occurs. The planet is already irreversibly ruined, and is getting wrecked worse and worse literally every second. Seafood will be extinct in 30-40 years, many parts of the world will become inhospitable burning nightmares thanks to climate change, pollution will become so rampant that it'll be like living on an alien planet with a toxic atmosphere. Few world leaders are doing their part to try to fix it, and even if we were all on the same page when it comes to the climate it's still pretty much too late. We're fucked, my friend.

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No, while I think crime may continue to recede, we could be heading an era of violent oppression enforced by technology. Not to mention we already seeing the beginnings of conflict caused by global warming as ecological and energy resources start to vanish.

And with that comes the ever increasing possibility somebody makes a Nuclear mistake.

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Everything swings back and forth....anything is possible.

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I was also going to mention Steven Pinker. His books and talks are great. Note that North America is finally free of war with peace in Colombia. However, with so many political upheavals in the US and Europe it's hard for me to be quite as optimistic as Pinker.

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No. Humans will always fight over something. Sega vs Nintendo. Android vs Apple. Ford vs Chevy. All of those small meaningless arguments over nonsense. Now think of how we take religion and politics so seriously. Humans are obsessed with dominating each other. Sad.

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No. They say that cumulatively there has only been 300 years of human existence that has been absent of war. I imagine those 300 years weren't absent of human suffering or great upheaval. Whether or not the various powers will admit it eveyone is planning their own "Lebensraum".

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As long as this is true, world peace is impossible. But we keep moving forward and getting better as a society. Even the worst of us can only put a temporary hold on that process.

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There will never be world peace. The closer we get to peace, the more that extremist groups will disagree with how that peace is achieved, then those groups start blowing people up because they're pathetic angst means they can't live without being heard.

Also, true peace means vulnerability. Everyone is scared to be vulnerable.

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'World peace' belongs in the same bucket as things like 'perpetual motion': lovely pipe dreams that don't exist in the real world.

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I think you need to define world peace. If you mean fighting between countries (not including civil wars), it's actually incredible now how little war there is. Outside of that, I feel very pessimistic that it would ever happen. There's always going to be bad people, or those who want control over others.

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World peace requires people to look outside themselves towards the greater good. Yet, we can't even agree on obvious shit like "hey, maybe racism is bad?"

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I think as humans, we may become tolerable to others to an extent that the majority of the world will be peaceful, but there are people with different views on things, and people passionate about their views that may want to harm others that don't feel the same way about the world. Not only that, but humans progress, and with progress comes change. Some people don't like change. I think world peace is a bit of an overestimation of what we can really achieve, but maybe not far off. Maybe we can get to a point that feels like world peace, even if in reality it doesn't quite fit the definition. There will definitely not be world peace in ten to twenty years, that seems like an obvious one. That's a very small amount of time. Maybe in 100 or 200 years... Maybe. There's world peace in the sense that there is no war, but as long as money is a thing, there will always be people unhappy or greedy which will make it hard.