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Constructive criticism more than welcome! Let me know what you guys think

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opening montage was waaay too long. i would trim that up, some people would probably just turn the video off before it finished. i would also look into getting better sound, maybe some handheld mics or something. i definitely chuckled a few times, you guys pointed out a thing or two i didnt notice/remember that was pretty funny. i would also look into doing some more obscure movies, if only because the things that are funny about commando (and most of the Arnie/Stallone catalog) are pretty well covered by now.

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Thanks so much! agreed the audio is really unacceptable unfortunately the camera i use doesn't have a port for an external mic but a friend of mine was telling me i could use his, haven't checked it out yet but I hear it is good and he has a good mic to go along with it. The intro is DEFINITELY too long which is fine because that was the most time consuming part haha. I am also going to call some local movie theaters to see if i can film from some empty seats during off hours. Thank you for the input I really appreciate it

and if anyone has any movie recommendations let me know

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Not too bad, I would def watch more if you and when you guys invest in some headsets. I think the more you do this kind of stuff, the more comfortable you'll be on camera. That's the major issue I have, and it will be fixed the more you do it. I really like the idea