Duder Geolocation Project

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Where are we?

Hey duders, I found a website that lets you put markers on a map so why not get a general idea of where we are? Here's the map link.


The map at 1020 mapped =D
The map at 1020 mapped =D

How Do I Get On It?

Just leave your location in the comments below and I'll add you. Nothing specific please, just City, State and Country... or whatever the equivalent is for your area =]

I am copy/pasting your given location. If you add hyphens and shit, it may place you in some crazy ass location. If you give me some kind of sentence that contains your location, I am copy/pasting the entire sentence. I will not fix shit because it takes too much time. You have been warned =D

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Community Duders or Developers!

If you're someone who is super active in the community here whether it be via mad posting (10k+), large wiki contributor (100k+) or just straight up creating cool content like videos, podcasts, artrwork or whatever! DM me and send me some links and I'll highlight you on the map =] I can't keep tabs on everything so you'll need to fill me in! If you're a developer, lemme know and give me a link to your site/game/whaver and I'll update you as well!

Currently Updated To

Caught up to post LuttonHatter post 1923

1770 Listed~

And counting! If you posted prior to whoever it says I'm caught up to and you're not on the map, you may need to repost your location. Also, If you posted AFTER the name listed above and aren't on the map yet, I just haven't updated yet. I'm doing these manually so they may take up to a day. I'll try to stay prompt so that they don't build up too much but life happens =]

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Jinan, Shandong, China

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Edit: Charlotte, NC

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Done & Done. Cork, Ireland (didn't qualify for the Eurovision).

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

We'll see how many are here ^^!

Love the idea by the way!

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Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway

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Radlett, Hertfordshire, England, UK

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Reporting in. Belgrade, Serbia.

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Mariehamn, Aland Islands, Finland

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Perth, Australia.

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No Lunar locations? Discriminatory.

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Vällingby, Stockholm, Sweden.

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Dublin, Ireland.

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Saarijärvi, Central Finland, Finland

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Glenview, Illinois, US

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Detroit, Michigan, USA

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Awesome idea! I'm:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

No Lunar locations? Discriminatory.

Well, there's already a King of the Cosmos, and he has a pretty fragile ego, so it's probably best if you limit your reign to this planet.

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Dayton, Ohio, USA

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Oulu, Finland.

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Vienna, Austria

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Kenai, Alaska

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Dover, NH, USA

Thanks duder

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@joshwent said:

it's probably best if you limit your reign to this planet.

But I'm not from Earth. I don't even visit that often. Plus the Moon isn't a planet.

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Lake St Louis, Missouri

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Dundee, Scotland, UK

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St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

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Norman, Oklahoma. USA.

Middle of everything, middle of nowhere, baby!

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Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Cool idea, I know there are at least a couple of duders around here, one particularly known to the site (Wafflestomp) and some other random guy I ran into at a Walmart once when I was wearing a GB hoodie. It would be interesting to see how many more there are in the area.

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

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Guatemala City, Guatemala

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Caught up to Aronleon

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Warsaw, Poland

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Boise, Idaho, United States

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Madison, Wisconsin, United States

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Crossville, Tennessee, United States.

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St-Jerome, Quebec, Canada

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Leawood, KS United States

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This is cool :-D

Linz, Austria

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Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK

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Lakewood, Ohio, USA

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Houston, TX, USA

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Austin, TX, USA

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Jacksonville, FL, USA.

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Arvada, CO USA

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Plymouth, MA, USA