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#2201 Posted by SA_Drone (33 posts) -

Darmstadt, Germany

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#2203 Posted by thegame983 (53 posts) -

Dublin, Ireland

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#2206 Posted by Broddity (131 posts) -

Proud to be what looks like the first pin for Dubai, United Arab Emirates!

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#2208 Posted by saytay (28 posts) -

Kowloon City, Hong Kong

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#2211 Posted by tfuhrman (24 posts) -

Madison, WI, USA

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Bromley, UK

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Porto, Portugal.

@fobwashed: I zoomed in on Portugal and it seems you confused Coimbra with Colchester. Im guessing @johnymyko lives in England and not Portugal

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Darwen, United Kingdom

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@saijobob said:

Bromley, UK

Hey! I'm in Bromley too!

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Bentonville, Arkansas, USA

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#2221 Posted by wattsiey (46 posts) -

Peoria IL

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Knightdale, NC, USA

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Bentonville, Arkansas, USA

Cool; someone that's from this cesspool of a state, too!

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I never got added, fwiw

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Someone was helping me update this map ages ago but I think they also fell off updating it. Every now and again someone posts on this and it pops back up but nobody is adding anyone anymore >,<

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#2227 Posted by Patchcoat (354 posts) -
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Laramie, Wyoming, USA

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hello i am a good iphone

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#2235 Edited by TheRealSeaman (133 posts) -

Tokyo, Japan

Just moved from Hiroshima and formerly Iceland

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#2236 Posted by extintor (1075 posts) -

moved from London, UK to Houston, TX, USA (specifically League City)

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Hinesville Ga

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Scranton, PA

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Map link doesn't seem to work anymore. Something about an upgrade being needed.