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#1 Posted by dagas (3483 posts) -

Ever since I lived in Canada for a year almost a decade ago I have missed good American donuts. I just had Safeway donuts and Tim Horton's (I love Canada but Tim Horton's is not very good sorry). I loved the Safeway donuts and I am wondering how good Dunkin Donuts are in comparison?

The only problem is I am sure they will not be 50cent like they were in Canada (No idea what the price is these days). Here it is over a dollar for a donut at the supermarket that is smaller and less tasty than the ones in Canada. But that might be a good thing since living in Canada was not good for my health (donuts for breakfast was not so smart even if they were good and I felt so American for doing it!)

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#2 Edited by development (3009 posts) -

They're fine for your basic "American" donuts, I guess. Nothing super artisanal or fancy in my experience. Cheap coffee is the reason I go there, though.

edit: Why would you want to feel "American?" Does that mean feeling sweaty and sloppy? I'm an American; no one freak out.

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#3 Posted by EXTomar (5047 posts) -

Define "good American donuts" because I'm not entirely sure a thing exists.

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#4 Posted by mosespippy (4751 posts) -

I'm not sure anyone in Canada thinks highly of Timmy Ho's; it's just the minimum quality required for a good enough and available everywhere type of coffee and doughnuts. Anything of lesser quality won't survive in the market and anything better isn't as widely available. It's just the average that everything else is measured against. I've heard that Dunkin Donuts is on par with Tim Hortons.

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#5 Posted by bgdiner (312 posts) -

Haven't had a donut there in a long time, but I love the coffee during the cold seasons. There's nothing as tasty and satisfying to drink in the cold as a large hot coffee with milk and sugar from Dunkin'. Cheaper and better than Starbucks in my opinion.

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#6 Edited by Fredchuckdave (10212 posts) -

They're pretty good.

I like Tim Horton's breakfast sandwiches; haven't really tried enough of their donuts to tell how good they are.

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#7 Posted by Kidavenger (4168 posts) -

Tim Hortons is better than Dunkin Donuts; but they are in the same ballpark.

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#8 Edited by Veektarius (6102 posts) -

Things that are good from Dunkin Donuts: Iced Coffee, Lemon-filled donuts, sausage sandwiches

Things that are acceptable from Dunkin Donuts: Other donuts, coffee

Things I wouldn't get from Dunkin Donuts: Non-donut baked goods

I think that DD donuts are better than Horton's. I like their coffee less. It's very acidic. Actually, my go-to for fast food coffee would be the Golden Arches

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#9 Posted by PimblyCharles (1844 posts) -

Nothing at Dunkin is worth the cost.

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#10 Posted by Zelyre (1741 posts) -

They're all right. Nothing special. They're the Pizza Hut/Dominos of donuts.

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#11 Posted by Pezen (2142 posts) -

Just read a press release of this. Something that caught my eye was "menu items tailored to local tastes" -- the whole appeal of things like this is to get the stuff that isn't available here at other places. And I've found more often than not it implies they rework the menu and suddenly you get half as much stuff and most of the fun stuff is nowhere to be seen.

That being said, looking forward to trying it out.

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#12 Edited by IamTerics (724 posts) -

I think they're fine, nothing to swoon over. But the Dunkaccino is the best drink with the dumbest name. Seriously, its the best thing they offer.

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#13 Posted by Spoonman671 (5767 posts) -

Here's the thing, foreign branches of American franchise restaurants are typically quite different from the American versions, or just generally from country to country. I consider their donuts to be good, but that doesn't mean that the Swedish version of Dunkin' Donuts won't be garbage, or even some Demolition Man Taco Bell fine cuisine situation.

I'm also not that great a person to ask because Dunkin' Donuts is pretty much the only dedicated donut shop in my region, so I lack perspective. I do enjoy them though.

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#14 Posted by Dalai (7868 posts) -

It's no Krispy Kreme, but they're okay for what they are.

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#15 Edited by fisk0 (6357 posts) -

@pezen: @spoonman671: The donuts will probably be produced in Sweden using local equivalents of the ingredients (and I assume they are delivered frozen to the shop and defrosted there). High fructose corn syrup that Americans use as sweetener in pretty much everything is nonexistent here, where we use beet sugar instead, and there are differences between what FDA and EFSA/SLV put as recommended doses of various food additives and stuff, something like that is likely to change the taste a bit.

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#16 Edited by rickyyo (279 posts) -

Dunkin' Donuts. I go in there to get the Boston crème and a coffee. I think the Boston Crème is the only good donut they make. All of the other ones are subpar or average.

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#17 Posted by Rmack (1113 posts) -

I live in Boston, which means there's one, maybe two, on every corner. I remember it being pretty good at first until they expanded everywhere. The coffee is weak as hell and kinda gross, but the pumpkin muffins they put out in the Fall are pretty good. That's...the best I can say about it.

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#18 Posted by Cogzwell (352 posts) -

I have a feeling the doughnuts they sell out of a Swedish Dunkin' Donuts may be a little different from the ones out of our stores, please send them to me so I can verify authenticity.

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#19 Edited by Stonyman65 (3615 posts) -

It depends. If you are talking about one that actually makes the donuts there like the one I lived (literally) across the street from in New Jersey, they are amazing. If it is one of the stores that gets frozen donuts shipped in (probably most), it's mediocre at best and horribly bad at worst. So it's hit or miss really.

For the record, I never really liked Krispy Kreme. Their jelly filled donuts are okay, as are the vanilla creme filled ones, but that's about it. Nothing special, at least not from any of the shops I've tried.

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#20 Edited by RonGalaxy (4688 posts) -

They're one of the best fast food places around, IMO. Compared to the bagels I could get in the bakery at my local stop and shop, I'd say theirs are better. Also, the way dunkin donuts around here works is most of the stuff (bagels, donuts, muffins, baked stuff) isn't actually made in the restauraunt. There's a small factory in the general area where everything is made and shipped in the morning (it services a ton of DK's in the area). This means everything is fresh when you go there in the morning, and everything at the end of the day gets replaced (they probably keep the day old stuff to sell, but almost everything is gone by the end of the day anyway)

Not sure if that's how it would work there, so the quality might be worse.

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#21 Posted by Counterclockwork87 (1162 posts) -

@zelyre said:

They're all right. Nothing special. They're the Pizza Hut/Dominos of donuts.

Pretty much this. In New York City Doughnut Plant is the respected doughnut place but Dunkin Donuts is just basically fast food, not really great quality.

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#22 Edited by Nephrahim (1219 posts) -

Dunkin Doughnuts are pretty much the most boring doughnuts I know. They're not terrible or anything, but I would prefer just about any other doughnut place (Around NYC at least.)

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#23 Edited by ll_Exile_ll (2695 posts) -

Their donuts are pretty good when fresh, but at most times of the day you're going to get one that had been sitting around for a while. I quite like a lot their breakfast sandwiches though, those are really good. Their coffee, however, is very weak.

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#24 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

I actually think Tims donuts are so good. Honey Cruellers, Apple Fritters, Boston Cremes....

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#25 Posted by Hunter5024 (6702 posts) -

The quality of their donuts varies based on how fresh they are and which kind you get. I like their breakfast sandwiches. They're supposed to serve them all day but the dude always says "I don't have any of those" when I order it, and then I have to get stupid donuts.

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#26 Edited by Getz (3764 posts) -

It's unlikely your Dunkin Donuts experience will be the same as it is here in the States

But their strawberry frosted donuts are a classic.

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#27 Posted by Spoonman671 (5767 posts) -

Also, Dunkin Donuts seems to vary wildly in quality from one shop to the next. I refuse to go back to the one on Route #1, but the one on the corner of Easton Ave and Cedar Grove Lane is awesome. I've never experienced this sort of disparity in quality within a franchise from one location to another. I assume it is due to the individual shop owners. Freshness is key, and not all business owners are willing to make the fresh stuff as often as they should.

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#28 Posted by RubberBabyBuggyBumpers (949 posts) -

They're not bad at all. They're waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Krispy Kreme.

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#29 Posted by Everyones_A_Critic (6500 posts) -

I'm from Bawstin which is tha mathafahkin Dunkin capital of the world, khedd.

The "Pizza Hut of donuts" comparison is pretty much dead-on. They're not awful or anything but they definitely feel like mass produced fast food. The muffins kinda suck and you're much better off going to a bakery/grocery store for those. The breakfast sandwiches are probably the best items on the menu. I tried one of their chicken bacon ranch lunchtime sandwiches a few weeks ago and it actually wasn't bad.

They put crack in the iced coffee apparently because everyone I know fiends for those things non-stop in the summer time.

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#30 Posted by notnert427 (1480 posts) -

Dunkin Donuts makes good coffee, but that's about it.

Shipley's, however, is the food of the gods.

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#31 Edited by falserelic (5770 posts) -

Go get yourself a taste man...just a taste. Be like that bear that got cheated out of victory by a monkey.

Loading Video...

Monkey must have gotten tired at the wrong time, fucked up that bear's whole concentration and pissed him off. The way he attacked that Monkey is the way to approach the donuts.

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#32 Posted by dagas (3483 posts) -

thanks. I will try it and see how it is when they open here. I loved it when Subway opened here because that was my favorite place to eat in Canada. However I liked Subway even more in Brazil when I was there because they had cream cheese with the chicken teriyaki and we don't have cream cheese at Subway here.

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#33 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (5568 posts) -

The donuts are nothing special, but their coffee was something else.

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#34 Posted by Lost_Remnant (383 posts) -


This has been my experience with Dunkin as well, the one I go to that is at least forty five minutes away from me is amazing. I'm unsure of the distance of the other one closest to me but its generally terrible and I avoid it like the plague.

In regards to the OP, I only get a few things from Dunkin. The chocolate munchkins and the chocolate kreme filled donuts are really, really good, I always make a point to get those when I'm in the area. So I'd say give those a shot, the chocolate kreme filled might end up killing you from pure sugar rush but damn are they delicious.

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#35 Posted by xanadu (1175 posts) -

They also have some blueberry munchkins that are pretty awesome.

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#36 Posted by CornBREDX (7198 posts) -

I don't know. I haven't been to Dunkin Donuts in like, 20 years.

I try not to eat donuts a lot because they're terrible for you, but I prefer Krispy Kreme donuts myself.

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#37 Posted by geirr (3309 posts) -

They charge about 3-4usd for a single, proper Donut where I live in Norway so they're too expensive to kill myself on.

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#38 Posted by Shortbreadtom (1009 posts) -

They are perfectly fine donuts. I mean, they're no Krispy Kreme, but you get what you pay for

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#39 Posted by Humanity (16217 posts) -

@counterclockwork87: I'm from NYC and I've never heard or seen this Doighnut Plant. There's a Dunkin Donuts around like every corner though and they make decent stuff on the go. You just need to go to a larger one cause the small ones like right next to union square are terrible and always have old donuts and burnt coffee.

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#40 Posted by Corevi (6795 posts) -

@mosespippy: It's also a much better cost/quality value than Starbucks which is super expensive here.

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#41 Posted by mosespippy (4751 posts) -

@corruptedevil: Starbucks would fall under the not widely available option here. There are four Starbucks in Newfoundland. There are four Tim Horton's within 1km of my house.

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#42 Edited by megalowho (1128 posts) -

@humanity said:

@counterclockwork87: I'm from NYC and I've never heard or seen this Doighnut Plant. There's a Dunkin Donuts around like every corner though and they make decent stuff on the go. You just need to go to a larger one cause the small ones like right next to union square are terrible and always have old donuts and burnt coffee.

You should try Doughnut Plant, they're really good for fancy handmade doughnuts with ice cream sounding flavors. There's one in Chelsea and LES. It's a little tacky and I don't make a habit of it, but worth having at some point.

Dunkin won't ever be mistaken for fine dining but it's fast and dependable for breakfast on the go, and yes they're everywhere in NYC. Not surprised they're expanding to other countries, interested to hear what the regional menu is like over there.

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#43 Posted by sqrabbit (169 posts) -

DD in Canada always had bad/semi-stale donuts around the Ontario area, which explains why most of them closed up. The coffee that I got in Canada was pretty much the same as the U.S. The DDs in the U.S. were better, but still not awesome donuts. Try the coffee, but avoid the donuts.

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#44 Edited by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

@mosespippy: It's funny how that is; on one street in Halifax there are TWO Starbucks, and another right around the corner. (Spring Garden and Barrington, if you've been to Halifax before). And Spring Garden isn't a terribly long street either. I can't even count how many Starbucks we have in total, but I'd be willing to guess more than 10. I guess the Starbucks craze just hasn't hit NFLD yet.

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#45 Posted by Jazz_Lafayette (3897 posts) -

I tend to avoid chain donuts, think I've had Dunkin' approximately twice in my life. That said, they're perfectly edible, so if what you're looking for is just to feel unhealthy they'll work just fine.

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#46 Posted by TooWalrus (13391 posts) -

I dunno, they're chain doughnuts man, they're whatever.

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#47 Edited by pr1mus (4158 posts) -

I used to get Dunkin Donuts often enough before they all closed here when Tim Horton rolled over. Can't really tell a difference between them honestly. Which always puzzled me as to why all of a sudden everyone abandoned Dunkin Donuts in favor of Tim Horton...

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#48 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (6225 posts) -

Their donuts are doughnuts. If you ask me the classics like Glazed, are very good indeed. If you are lucky you might get some Crunkins...Croissant Donuts!!!!

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#49 Edited by mosespippy (4751 posts) -

@xyzygy: I suspect the Starbucks craze is coming. I think three of the four are new within the past two years. Another is only four or five years old and the oldest (inside a Chapters bookstore) opened in 2000. Meanwhile, since last summer I can think of 7 new Robins Donuts, which has resulted in 3 new Tim Horton's as well (mostly all along the Trans Canada) . I also know of another Tim Horton's that was so popular that it built a new one next door to one that was ten feet further from the road because the drive through line was pretty deep into main street. Realistically that town could use more Tim Horton's. It has 2 for a population of 25000. I was in a town in Ontario that has 22000 people and it had 6 Tim Horton's.

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#50 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (7008 posts) -
@development said:

Why would you want to feel "American?" Does that mean feeling sweaty and sloppy? I'm an American; no one freak out.

Hey, I'm an american and I feel sweaty and sloppy most of the time. No offense taken here.

As far as the doughnut shop, I think it's okay. Nothing amazing. I bought some of their coffee in the store once awhile back and kind liked it.