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Hey all.

I'm working on a little extra credits project for school. It involves editing a finished project into a trailer, such as a video game, and choose music to accompany it. Preferably you make a few trailers from different projects each to a different song by the same band. I've chosen the band, and am now listening to their songs a few times over while seeing which video games pop up in my mind. Here are a few of their songs, pretty characteristic of the rest, but I of course recommend listening to the rest of their material. Any suggestions for which games might suit which song?


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And thus my question was answered not with a cry, not with a whimper, but with an echo.

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You chose a seemingly good band that doesn't sound like video games. But okay.

Yellow Nights- Spec Ops: The Line. It's a stretch, but the quiet section might reflect that game well.

Song 2- Persona 3/4. This one was solved almost immediately, thankfully. If you hate that idea, Animal Crossing.

City Lights- Sonic Adventure 2. If you stick to the intro/outro, LIVE AND LEEEEEAAAAARN!

Tempo- Probably also Persona. But otherwise, I think you're stuck with Guitar Hero 5/6.

Paused- Persona 4 Arena based on opening riff! TRAPPING YOU IN THIS WORLD OF SHOJI MEGURO. Alternatively, I can imagine a good retro platformer or RPG trailer using parts of this song.

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@Little_Socrates: Woah, good response. I was honestly pretty sure that any suggestions would eventually involve something overtly Japanese, since I myself can't but imagine some of the AMV crap I've seen on YouTube. Generally, I don't buy into it, but Persona is of a quality I can go with. Of course, the music is a bit dramatic, so I still keep coming up with either memorable Metal Gear Solid scenes or Devil May Cry, with their panning action shots and all that.

Again, great suggestions, thanks.

Edit: I just realized, although I haven't played Spec Ops: The Line, I understand there's a dramatic twist halfway through the game, shifting the tone. Yellow Nights might actually be perfect for it, even though the fit might not be obvious, since at the exact half point of the song the notes and melody reverse and a mirrored version of the song plays until the end. Nice catch.

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Silent Hill almost always works.

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@Wrighteous86 said:

Silent Hill almost always works.

Tell that to the owners of the 360 version of the HD remake. Heyooo!

But yeah, Silent Hill has always had the character of something easily put to music to me. Maybe not these songs in particular, but that band actually has a few more somber songs. Might check that out. Thx.

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@Penzilneck: I know exactly what you mean, which is why I struggled so much with the fourth song; it's the most obviously "AMV-ish." Avoid that tone of "ooh cool" and go for actual content-matching. Or go crazy with it. Here's a completely different kind of AMV for inspiration:

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