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Please don't make threads that urge me to punch someone in the ear.

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Bloc Party is losing it.

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James Murphy is losing his edge.

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That sucked compared to their older stuff...

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Urge to kill...rising.

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Erm... That's not my kind of thing.

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Sorry Man, not that good of a song...

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i can't understand what bloc party is thinking now. i mean flux and now this. the only good thing is that they said something about not being sure whether Mercury will be on the new album or not.

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That... was disgusting.

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Monkey scientists trying to take over the world is pure awesomeness.

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That was awful.

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Oriental_Jams said:
"That was awful.
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Oriental_Jams said:
"That was awful.
You are correct sir!
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Bloc Party is done...their 15 minutes is up

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That wasnt too great.. not my type of music.

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Meh. I don't like it.

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Oriental_Jams said:
"That was awful.
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I'll pass. Thanks for the heads-up though.