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Theres some things i wait all year for either because i cant cook them or they would kill me if i ate them all the time. Anyone else have a guilty pleasure around the holidays? Mine is green olives fresh from the deli and pepperoni together. I love the hell out of it but i think if i ate it all the time i would need a increase in my blood pressure medication from all the sodium.

Also, wedding soup, my mom makes it every year and i eat a ton of it.

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My brother started a new tradition of oyster stew for Christmas Eve.

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Stew It
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Ham, good ham.

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A tie between cocaine and dextromethorphan.

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It's called laufabrauð or leafbread. It's just some very thin bread-stuff that's fried. I eat way too much of this shit around christmas.

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For whatever reason, I always have to have a little bit of eggnog. Not really a food, but I make sure to have some every year, no matter what.

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Fried Okra! I love living in the south.

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Toffee Bars and Chex Party Mix. 

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My brother started a new tradition of oyster stew for Christmas Eve.
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Stew It
This looks like your family enjoys the fine holiday treat of vagina!

Also, the best holiday food is easily PUMPKIN PIE.
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Bacon. I eat it only once in a blue moon, because I never usually eat breakfast.

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Pasteles. They are made from plantains and pumpkin and some other stuff. Filled with pork.

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Prime rib. My grandma makes it for Christmas dinner every year and it's amazing.

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Ræst Kjøt (semi-dried mutton). Eat it almost exclusively at christmas, and it is so delicious that I actively try to avoid eating it at other times in order to not dilute the experience. But sometimes the temptation is too great.

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Turkey Knoephla

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Crème au caramel.

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Turkey crisp sandwiches.

Only because this is the only time of year shops actually have turkey crisps