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Personally ive recently restarted the original dragon ball due to not seeing it in awhile and really enjoy. I did watch Z awhile back when i was younger and vaguely remember it. And Gt i remember watching the first episode and saying to myself "this is shit". ANyways i was just wondering what your guys and gals favorite was. Even though i know it will probrably be Z.

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Dragon Ball has better pacing than Z, not like that's particularly hard to do.

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Bulma shows her tits in Dragonball so thats enough reason to vote for it.

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Someone has already voted for GT? That show was terrible.

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Motherfuckin' Super Saiyans. All day. Everyday. In space. On Earth. In the afterlife.

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Excellent forum choice, Mr. Cat.

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What about Dragon Ball Z Kai? (I don't know anything about Dragon Ball. I'm the type of person who thinks the difference between Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z is the Z.)

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Dragonball had so much creepy innuendo, but was structured like a kids show, it kinda weirded me out (especially the uncut versions). That episode where Goku lies on Bulmas crotch and notices she has no balls, so takes off her underwear to have a look while shes sleeping was so weird. Only in Japan I guess.

But Dragonball z will always be imprinted in my mind from growing up with it as the best cartoon ever.

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Who the hell voted for GT? *becomes violent*

@Video_Game_King: Dragonball Z Kai is basically just Dragonball Z but touched up by some modern tech and some of the crap edited out.

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Dragon Ball Z hands down, Vegeta is the fucking man.

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@Video_Game_King: and dragon ball is gokus adventures as a child meeting several characters that are in z including bulma, yamcha, and krillin among others. But is, in my opinion so completely different form z.

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Dragon Ball Z for me. First show that got me into anime.

I remember they used to air a full hour of episodes like super early on Sundays on...what channel was that, the WB I think? one of them anyway

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Frieza and Cell sagas are awesome.

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All of them are dumb, but Dragonball didn't go on to ruin the entire fucking lore of the series, so that wins.

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@Demoskinos said:

Bulma shows her tits in Dragonball so thats enough reason to vote for it.


No, really. When?

On topic, Yu Yu Hakusho.



All right, all right! DBZ Abridged. The original Z was awesome when I was a kid but now, I don't really want to watch it again. Power up, make some fighting noises, power up some more, etc. DBZ Kai might be interesting to see if the pacing is better.

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@believer258: In the Japanese version. I'm not going to link it because of forum rules but search google for videos long enough and you'll find it.

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DBZ is so much better than Dragon Ball. I know the pacing in DBZ is shit but when Dragon Ball first aired I didn't know it was a prequel, so I remember thinking holy crap ssj kid goku! What I got were slowed down fights, average humor, and an annoying goku. I did enjoy the final tournament though.

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@Demoskinos said:

@believer258: In the Japanese version. I'm not going to link it because of forum rules but search google for videos long enough and you'll find it.

I just searched for Dragonball censorship. Holy shit.

EDIT: I guess I should mention that's the Dragonball Wiki.

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DBZ All day, erry day.

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Dragonball was the best. Z had too much filler, GT was pathetic.

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Dragonball Z is like... the textbook definition of everything that is wrong with Shonen anime. Dragonball GT is DBZ done poorly. Thus, by process of elimination the original Dragonball has to be the winner.

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Definitely Dragon Ball Z. Both versions (JPN and US) were fun, especially the Cell Saga.

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MAAANNNN, i love DB and DBZ. I will say that because DBZ came first for me, its definitely the one that i am more found of. I will say tho, objectively speaking, DB is better considering people were still somewhat human and only did that constant teleport thing near the end. What i am saying is, there is more martial arts in this show about martial arts, also it was funny and the red ribbon thing was pretty awesome.

Even with all that tho, i still think about Kaioken Goku fighting Vegeta during that Kamehameha vs Galek gun thing, sooo much adrenaline.

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@believer258: No kidding. Lol. That show was dirty for what was really targeted at kids in the United states.

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I watched Dragon Ball Z when I was a kid and I also watched the movies in Japanese too.  I dont even know how I never got confused with the English and Japanese voices....

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I feel like I make this post on Giant Bomb every time the series gets mentioned. ;)

I'm a massive, massive fan of the Dragon Ball franchise. I know it has some serious faults (an abundance of filler in the anime adaptations; some arguably shallow development of characters despite them being very easy to like in a lot of cases), but I really respect the influence it has had on shonen manga. I've tried other shonen works (and I really enjoy more seinin-oriented material like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and Death Note), but I always come back to the strange mix of humour, out-right silliness and end-of-the-world action it has here.

I should clarify, however, that when I refer to Dragon Ball, I refer to the whole run of the manga, which covers both the anime "Dragon Ball" (first 16 volumes) and "Dragon Ball Z". I really feel that the Z section of the story and a lot of its character moments and sub-plots (hell, even some of its anime filler, a little of which was at least consulted on by Toriyama) are a lot stronger if you build up from the original part of the series first. The early "creepy" humour mentioned above makes appearances through the entire run (at least originally; see below) and comes across as more whimsical and light-hearted when it's been there the whole time. Really, the only truly perverted character is Kame-sennin (Muten-Roshi), who with his faults has a rock-solid moral-centre (see: going to extreme lengths to literally beat any arrogance out of Son Goku and Kuririn before they get too strong; sacrificing himself to buy Tenshinhan time when Piccolo Daimo attacked).

Also, I don't want want to get into a "dubs versus subs" argument, but all I'll say is that I can't stand what they did to the show in its USA incarnation, especially Z (surprisingly, some of the other dubs, like the Spanish one, are pretty respectful to the source material). I literally can't watch it. I know people will definitely disagree with me here, but the cut-content, alteration of entire character personalities and motivations, replacement of Shinsuke Kikuchi's wonderful 70's-influenced orchestral/J-rock sound-track with generic rock/techno, etc. makes it feel like a completely different show. Also, I adore the Japanese cast, especially Son Goku (whose "childish" voice is a perfect reflection of his innocent personality), though Tenshinhan, Muten-Roshi, Kuririn, Vegeta, Frieza and Cell (Japanese M.Bison FTW!) have some stand-out moments too.

Your mileage may vary!

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Zenkai Power! Great song... Dragon Ball Z.

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Z. It was my first and it's what got me motivated to get fit.

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Dragonball is actually really funny sometimes and not just pure ridiculous power fantasy.

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Dragonball Z will be, always and forever, my favorite piece of fiction from anything ever. It was sad, it was funny, it was action packed and filled to the brim with characters that you can't help but love, or hate.
It made my childhood the best and I'm actually depressed how much life sucks now compared to then. I'd fucking wait up until midnight just to see another episode of Dragonball Z. It was my drug. I had all the toys, even some collectable cards. And don't even get me started on the games, ohhh how much I loved the games.
I loved everything from Dragonball to Dragonball Z. GT not so much because it wasn't canon. It was okay I guess, but filled with too much "EH WHY NOT THIS SOUNDS REASONABLE" even though it never was.
I would spend so much time watching, it was bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. It introduced me to some really good friends, even a best friend. It really was an experience and it made my childhood something I wish I could revisit, even to this day.
So much entertainment value. So much everything. It was awesome, and still is. Dragonball Z. Taste the rainbow.

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DBZ was THE anime I watched as kid. Ran home from school with my brother to make the show on time, YTV man. I saw a bunch of Dragon Ball on there as well. I've avoided GT because of the universal hate.

YTV never took me past the Cell Saga so a few years back I began collecting the orange uncut DVDs and really enjoyed seeing the series finish. I've been watching DBZ Kai and I love the pacing. It's much more modern and the new dialogue is tight with the manga (over 8000!), some new animation as well.

I'll give all the Dragon Ball episodes a watch sometime soon.