fresh feet?

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After this weeks bombcast chat, couldn't help but want to share this after seeing an ad...

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Is this why Americans don't like to take their shoes off? Goddamnit man. Over 20 years I've lived in this country and I'm just finding out about this. Wash your damn feet ppl!!

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@liquiddragon: I publicly shame guests and strangers who come to my house and not take off their shoes. Whenever they sheepishly say they have stinky feet, I tell them "deal with it".

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That's expensive for a big ass scrub.

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Canadian here! I find the concept of keeping shoes on when going in a house weird. Shoes are outside things and I don't want to bring outside things onto my floor. Seems like floors/carpets would be dirtier.

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This is generally marketed towards the seniors demographic. Says right on the copy "without bending".

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I consider washing my feet to be part of my exercise routine, like yoga, gotta stay supple.

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@liquiddragon: Damn, dude. I mean, I know we have our differences in opinion on various things, but that was awfully aggressive; granted that I only use the phrase against former real life friends who screwed me over (well, at least one in particular who I'm still pretty angry towards), not random people on the internet.

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@facelessvixen: lol, I was trying to be funny. Sry about your real life friends...

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This thread makes me want to die.

On a related note, is “Buy One, Get One” a common marketing expression? I know what “Buy One, Get One Free” means.

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I just sit on the side of my tub with my feet in the tub. I use a pumice stone on my feet; which is really all I think is useful on that product.

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More so than washing your feet, how about you take a shower BEFORE going to bed. So you know, you aren't rubbing sweat and grime into your bedsheets and pillow every night and then sleeping in that filth.

But hey, wash your feet too.

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@htr10: Yes, in fact, it has now been shortened even more to BOGO usually. Marketing makes me want to bathe in acid.

As far as the shoe thing, I never understood even WANTING to have your shoes on inside, and then I moved to Korea, and now I couldn't imagine being in a situation where people are allowed to walk around with their shoes on. Your feet may stink, but your shoes are fucking disgusting, take them off.

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That seems like an expensive product that’ll get gross fast. I’ll stick to my apparently uncanny ability to reach down and wash my feet without duress, thanks!

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"Buy one, get one."

If I buy a hotdog, then receive said hotdog, I don't think food carts would advertise that as a special deal.

Now if this hotdog could be used as a foot brush, maybe I'd have cause to get excited.

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this probably feels amazing

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I don't want to have extra stuff taking up space in the shower, but this would probably feel great and do a better job than just rubbing soap on your feet.

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I mean you still have to bend over to scrub the top of your feet and your legs anyway, so what the fuck is the point really.

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