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So I hope this topic isn't just counted as spam, but I was watching the Giantbomb PAX Panel videos and they had the last question about what they want to see in writers for e-sports, and they brought up the personal drama and the "behind the scenes" stuff more than the game itself. This reminded me of a book I bought called Game Boys by Micheal Kane. It was mentioned by Shane Elliot of CGW/GFW fame a long time ago on their podcast and it is a really interesting look into, what was then called professional gaming (e-sports wasn't really a name yet).

But yeah, this is a fantastic book that goes deep into the Counter Strike scene at the time, talks about teams, management, shady ass people that run the tournaments at the time and if you're interested at all in this kind of material, I recommend you give it a read.

Also if anyone else on the site had read this book I'd love to chat about it, there were a lot of interesting situations like when teams were debating if taking ADD dugs was counted as performance enhancing.