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Hey community, i need help on a decision. But before i make that decision, i'd like to know Exactly what i am getting my self into. Whats a good game development college? i don't care about being a game designer. i'd prefer to actually code and create video games and create character models. Yes you heard me, the hard stuff. But i think the tution colleges charge are outragous. I Mean come on, Fullsail.com Has a list of all of the things your going to learn. But most of that stuff can be learned at my Computer Screen! i just wanted a Degree of some sort. i'd like to have some college credentials to back me up. Thats the reason i ask. By the way, theres a community college not far from here and someone has more insight on this. Is computer science or Engineering Science considered anything even relevant to what i want to accomplish? 
Edit: I Wouldn't consider going to fullsail, it just had a decent idea i guess. Tution is far to expensive considering you don't even get to stay in a dorm room of some kind.
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If a college has national advertisements, it's not a good college. Start out at a community college and take all your standard classes along with your basic computer classes, it's cheaper that way. Then get into a good college for part-time (regardless of your major, just take all computer classes - be versatile - see a counselor) and try to find an internship at your nearest game developer.
Then just fucking COAST

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Well i did find a community college that has amazingly cheap tution. but what exactly is computer science or engineering science? before i make any moves. i mean Don't you half to know Java, C++, Maya 3D, All of it?
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First of all, you have to nail down what you want to do, programming or game design. The two are completely different. If you want to design, you will get software from the school like Maya, 3Ds Max, Photoshop, and more. Programming is the other software like you mentioned - Java, C++. But remember something, if you choose programming, you don't get to choose what you want to program, they tell you what to program, all the game art and design will be done already. The school is up to you, really, on what kind of software experience you want. In the end, it is all up on your experience and how well you use it. For design, you need an excellent portfolio or you will be overlooked. School is expensive no matter what career you want to do, and courses for game development is more because all of the software you will be acquiring. Oh, and computer science is writing code.
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Im doing Computer Games Development in Ireland its a 4 year honours degree in Computer Science..however the level we work at is completely different to programming students..much higher so you should find out what level you will be taught at

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I am going to UAT in January for a degree in computer science. It is VERY expensive. so do what I am doing and taking some general classes as community college. like eng101 and phy101.

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Thanks for the differences in game design and game development. like i stated in my above post, i think i would do game development. And i understand i would be told what to code. afterall, it wouldn't be my studio or company. School may be expensive, But its not like i'm going to be a doctor or something. 70,000 for tution at fullsail is Silly if you ask me. i don't think something that can be  learned from a set of books cost so much at a college  when the only equipment you would really require was a high powered rig. Unless you were given the chance to access dev kit's for Console gaming. i just think some colleges are milking people for money.
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You are absolutely right that colleges milk people for money, but if you want a degree, there's little you can do to get around it.

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Get a real degree dude, one you can actually use in the job market...the chances of becoming a well paid programmer are very slim.

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@deusdigit: That's because fullsail is a fucking ripoff. A flagship state school will cost you around 14000/year in tuition max. Room and board will cost more, of course. I agree that college is really damn expensive (my bank account can testify to that), but when harvard costs around 40-45k/year fullsail's 70k/year for an associate's degree is horrific. I'm not looking to get into the business myself, but if I were you I would try to find a decent school, preferably a decent university and not a community college (although community colleges are great if you're strapped for cash/working on gen eds). Work towards a degree that's applicable to the business. That said, make sure that you try other classes here and there and don't get locked down. You aren't sure you're going to like it even if you're positive that you are now. GET INVOLVED WITH A GAME CREATOR'S CLUB ON CAMPUS. Preferably one with the goal of making a project to be submitted to the IGF or something similar. If your college doesn't have one, great. Found one yourself and recruit from your classes. You can use this as a resume booster to get an internship at a game designer/publisher. From there, try and graduate with good grades and a strong recommendation from your internship. That's the best you can do.
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Pick the thing you like to do, say... programming, find a good school that has an excellent programming program. Sadly school is expensive no matter what really. But concentrate on finding that, a good school for whatever you want to do, then if it also happens to be one of those "game" schools, then investigate some more. 
I recommend you soak up as much information from these sites, they have valuable information regarding the whole getting in the industry mystery:

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Creating character models would fall under programming?  
I mean... creating AI for those character models would be but creating them would be programming?' 

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@SJSchmidt93: That's not how that works.
The modeler usually doesn't program the AI, because he's the modeler, not the programmer.
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@artofwar420: That's not what I said. 
I was just wondering if creating character models would be programming because it doesn't sound like it should be.
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@SJSchmidt93: It most definitely is not programing.
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There's more colleges today offering computer science degree's where you can focus in game development. Why would this be better then a straight game design degree? Well, if getting into the video game industry doesn't work you still have a solid degree to go into other fields.

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I think you're asking the wrong forum. GiantBomb is for people who play games; Go to somewhere that MAKES games, like TIGsource or something.
Also, decide what the hell you want to do within games, then take a course on THAT specifically. 
Also, if you want to work in games, start makin  em. Not in the future, like RIGHT NOW. Start making games. Today. Do that.
Oh and a very simple thing to point out: Who's gonna hire a DESIGNER with zero years work experience? Be an artist or coder or something.

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By the way, the forums can be used for a variety of topics to discuss. it just depends on which forum you use for the topic your going to post. And thank you for the encouragement, it really helps!
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@SJSchmidt93: That's modeling, the programmer does the AI.
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Weird, I'm going into the exact same thing.

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HI deusdigit,

It sounds like you want to either go into programming or character art. If you want a good art college try Gnomon School of Art in Los Angeles. It is a technical school so it is less expensive than a traditional college and you don't have to waste time taking core classes like math and writing.

If you want to be a programmer, any computer science degree will do, just try and work on game-related projects. You could also team up with people at game design schools on a mod project.

If you want to know more about colleges and the cheapest and best way to get prepared for a job in video game development, read this book (I learned a lot from it): http://www.amazon.com/How-Get-Job-Video-Games/dp/0985377801


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Computer Science classes up the A

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I wonder if the OP ever got anywhere with this...