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League of Legends occasionally causes a blue screen with the error DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL which thankfully seems to only occur with that game. Every game I've tried (including LoL) will crash(?) my laptop when I alt+tab back into a game after alt+tabbing out. I say 'crash(?)' because the screen will go black but the specific cursor for each game will be there and movable and sound from other applications will keep going until I force my laptop off. It seems random when this will happen; it could be after 1 alt+tab or after 40.

I updated my AMD driver to 13.9 which didn't help, then to 13.11 beta which still hasn't done anything. I tried troubleshooting in the compatibility settings of Sins of a Solar Empire letting it choose what it thought would be best but now I'm getting a graphical glitch where the game's cursor turns into a white box. No matter how many times I reinstall Sins the issue is still there. I've tried restoring my computer to previous points to see if that might help but I get an error that says my C: drive is possibly corrupt.

Does anyone have anything else I could try?

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If you take a photo of the blue screen that might help. Or write down more inform especially the ones in red squares like this:

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