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Hello all, Jeff here. I'm still pretty blown away by the response to the third Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run last month. We raised thousands of dollars, made the front page of Reddit, hosted a grip of awesome interviews, and even pulled off some sick Skylanders Mad Libs! If that's not a success story, I don't know what is.

I left the Fundly page open for several weeks after the event in the off chance that we'd raise a little more money, and we wound up having a couple donations trickle in well after we went off the air in an official capacity. In the end, we raised $2,672. For those of you keeping score, that's $829 more than we raised in two different events last year. And that was with a week's notice!

(for serious we'll announce the next one a little more in advance)

The only real downside to using Fundly is there are a few fees they take out of money raised. First, for a group our size (i.e. not an actual corporation or registered nonprofit) there is a 4.9% service fee. On top of that, there is an additional 3% fee to service donations made with cards. The good news is, seeing as we managed to get a bit over our original goal, we managed to have $2,544.02 to donate to the American Sleep Apnea Association. That is a fantastic number, still above our original goal, and the Executive Director of the ASAA is thrilled to know that the funds were raised to support the CPAP Assistance Program.

Here's me moving more money than has been in my checking account in years!
Here's me moving more money than has been in my checking account in years!

The funds were moved from WePay into my own checking account. I then had a temporary transaction limit increase set (turns out I'm only authorized to move $2500/day without notifying my credit union), and submitted the money just before 1200 PST today. At this point MasterCard and the ASAA's payment system will do their handshake and your money will have gone precisely where you intended it to go. I was hesitant to act as the Treasurer of whatever the hell this little project has become, but working this way through Fundly allows us to be much more flexible about what charitable organizations and nonprofits we work with when the #EnduranceRunGoesForth.

(I know, brilliant, right?)

As for those of you who won copies of games from me, yes I am an asshole and haven't shipped a damn thing yet. I have stuff in my bag right now; had I not left it at home, I'd be mailing things off today. As it is, tomorrow I'll hopefully get everybody squared away.

Thank you all once again for hanging out, dealing with my wrestling references, and helping us provide breathing equipment to those in need.

And thanks again Ryan.

EDIT: In response

Jeff, I see the donation came through on GiveDirect. It’s very much appreciated.

The donation letter and receipt will come to you, at the address you listed. If it need go elsewhere, just let me know.

Please let the participants know that this donation will be used to assist patients in great need of CPAP equipment who otherwise would not be able to afford due to lack of insurance or employment. The donation will save lives.

Warm Regards,

Tracy Nasca

Executive Director

American Sleep Apnea Association

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Thanks again everyone who tuned in and donated, you guys are great <3

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Sicknasty, thanks everyone who donated.

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holla holla get dolla

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Community Wins. Flawless Victory.

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#TeamPrime will win the day next time! Just you wait!!

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Cool people did these things.

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Butts Also-Butts. Can't wait for the next one!

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Awesome, had alot of fun checking in on the streams and while I couldn't give much I felt good. Just goes to show, the internet isn't completely fucked.

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Goddamn awesome, man! Ryan would be proud!

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Glad to hear it. I hope the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run will have helped more people endure through the challenges they face.