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Hey everyone,

So I realised that there must be others on this site who play videos and love to ride their motorcycles.

Proud owner of a Triumph Bonneville t100 modded to cafe ( clip ons only).

Anyone else ride? If so, what do you ride and where?

Speed safely!

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2015 Honda CBR 250.. gotta start somewhere right?

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84 Honda Nighthawk 450. Grumpy as hell but won't break down.

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Motorcycle mechanic/shop owner. I've got a few. '71 Vespa GTR, '78 Vespa P125, '84 Honda XL350R, '89 Yamaha FZR400, '02 Honda Shadow. Based out of Toronto.

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2014 Hayabusa - I am sad that it's winter up in Canada and I can't go for a ride till May.

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Fellow Triumph owner here, Black and gold Thruxton. Also an 80 something Kawasaki kz 400 project in parts all over my garage.

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Cool to see some Triumph duders. I hope to own a nice Street Triple one day. Currently I'm plenty content with my '02 Honda 919:

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I'm in the pacific northwest. I ride through the Winter. Yes, I'm crazy.

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Rode a ‘13 GSXR 600 up until it was stolen a month ago. Don’t know what I plan on replacing it with, but I know I want something different that a sport bike.

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I guess I'll have to be the one owner who represents a Kawasaki, albeit just an '05 EX 250. Need to get it running again.

@monetarydread: That thing is a beast. Got on one once and the torque almost flipped me right over.

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@bedouin: Yeah, that's why I got it for so little money ($3000 canadian even though it only had 2000 km). The previous owner was scared of the thing and didn't ride it.

The bike isn't too scary when you get a hold of it, it is a surprisingly smooth ride. Frankly, my biggest fear on it is accidentally going way too fast. There have been more than a few times I have been going at a comfortable speed and was surprised to see that I was going 80km over the speed limit.

I am thinking of getting a Harley sometime in the future because this bike is great for short rides, but it's not as comfortable when going long distances.

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Hey gang.

2016 Harley Dyna. DC area, I ride some in the winter. If it is below 35 degrees at 530 am then I take the bus, I have my limits.

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Running a 2017 Yamaha SCR950 here in the Phoenix area.

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2015 Triumph Tiger 800 here in western Pennsylvania.

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Moto Guzzi V7

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Moto Guzzi Stelvio.

As you can see I like Moto Guzzi's lol.

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You guys are lucky. I always had dirt bikes when I was a kid, then I got really tall and sized out of fun to drive things like motorcycles and sports cars. Pickup trucks are big and comfy, but pretty boring on a twisty road.

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@oldenglishc: how tall? You ever look into adventure bikes? Nice and tall. You can put more foam in the seat and you can lower the pegs and get some space going.

Me I have a 2014 Triumph T100 in Black. It’s pretty cool. Just put some British Customs Sleepers on it and now it sounds like a real bike.

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I also have a BMW G650gs and I love it. I take it on long trips and out into the dirt. I put a skid plate on it, crash bars, hand guards, more foam in the seat, low boy adventure pegs, Leo Vince exhaus and handlebar risers.

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@vindo: 6'7". I've taken a buddy of mines Honda XR650 for a couple of drives around the back roads, but even with the pegs all the way down, I was still banging my knees off the brake levers on a pretty regular basis. It's not the most uncomfortable thing in the world, but it's enough to stop me from going out and spending big dollars on a new bike.

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Lotta Triumph owners here! I picked this 2014 Street Triple R up last month, it had barely been broken in. I've put about 1300 miles on it so far.

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And I still have my first bike, an SV650S. I've been debating on whether to sell it, or turn it into a track bike. I don't really *need* it now that I've got the STriple, but it's hard to let go.

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Harley Lowrider. Born and raised in Wisconsin so not really any other option.