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@akyho: I guess SAL is the only way to go. From HLJ's description, the VF-31J seems to be fully transformable and has different color molds but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

On the news front, that Graze Ein (1/44) is on sale. For a 1/144 it's pretty big coming up a little shorter than a 1/100.

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Side note: Pic not mine.

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I finished this like 3 weeks ago but completely forgot to post the crappy phone pic of it, the Unicorn (Destroy Mode). I really liked this build and feels a lot sturdier than the Barbatos. My only complaints are some of the outer parts have a loose fit. I'll be coming back to this one eventually to at least do some panel lining.

Now I wait for my order of Guntank, Gundam The End, and FA Gundam from Thunderbolt to arrive. I also have the Psycho Zaku from Thunderbolt and Skell from XCX on order. This is a deep rabbit hole of a hobby and I've only been doing HG's. My first MG will probably be the EW Epyon.

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@instantryan: I have been saying for two years "I am still doing HG's, I might move onto MG and the Qubeley will probably be my first MG." I have only just made a HG qubeley and still not going for a MG yet ha!

@kill_la_kill:Huh well it would make more sense as Bandia is the main player in none paint none glue kits, and the description does say so, yet the little assembly guide which is what I was looking at says "Skill Level 3, Paint and glue required". Since a human had to put some work into the text field I am gonna go with that and so I think I am wrong on it needing glue and paint.

Here look to the bottom left in the assembly guide for an MG Gundam. has the icons crossed out.

Then again I am the dude that bought the Tallgeese 3 HG which is an old kit and totally does need a lick of paint (they tried to make the colours with some stickers yet even then its not much colour.) and HLJ has it as no need for paint or glue. Even the description tones down the need for paint.

Tell me this...does this need paint? Cos I think it does.

So I am all kinds of confused on this Macross Delta kit lols.

I have my eyes on the Ein Graze due to its size, I am in the middle of building my Mesalla which I think might be the same size in the end.

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threw this guy together yesterday. not completely panel lined or top coated yet, but it looks pretty good. I'm gonna do an SD nu-Gundam next and that one im gonna really take my time with. This was sort of just to get back in shape, so to speak. i haven't built for a few years.

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@dougcl:I realy should get an SD or two of some prime MS I love, also build strike gundam is the only Gundam Seed linked MS I like!

Tested's Norman Chan and friends are MAKING A PG ZETA FOR THE FIRST TIME! Norm and the dude that made the Zoidberg costume for tested recently built some MG kits but a PG is a diffrent beast and they quickly learn that from the start. Sadly Parts 2 onwards is premium videos on but still I might buy into it for this serise.

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@akyho: I just saw that today on my YouTube home page and freaked the fuck out. Especially considering I just returned from Japan with four kits, this was like a huge delight for me. Only watched the first fifteen minutes or so (Dark Souls 3 was calling to me) but I'll be sure to finish it.

I'm... I'm also considering buying in just to watch that series...

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Just finished RG Gundam Astary and it's glorious...

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So my question to the Gunpla masses is this: Do I get the Real Grade 'Wing Gundam Zero EW' 1/144 (2014) -OR- the Master Grade 'Wing Gundam Zero EW' 1/100 (2004)? MG is at least 10 years older & $10 more but RG is newer in mechanical design & sticks with only standard stickers. Anyone build one of either of these grades?

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@kill_la_kill: I built the MG version but that was a decade ago at least, so not a lot sticks out to me. I would say it depends on what you want out of it. The RG is probably a better kit at this point but the MG is a larger size and so would be more prominent.

Some can find RGs difficult to tackle since the build is quite similar to MG but at a smaller scale, so pieces and such can be very small. Considering you already built an RG, that's likely not an issue, so go with which one speaks to you more.

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I haven't touched base in a while, work got crazy and I retreated back too my happy place..... making more Gunpla and reading Comics! (btw, Private Eye is greeeat!!). Anyways, just the last four I've completed and a current WiP! Also thinking of making one to send to GBEast, my first KitBash, but not sure, last Beastcast I listened to they didn't seem to really want more stuff.


MG Zeta Plus

HG Hyakuren

HG Guncannon

NG 1/144 Chaos Gundam


HG RX-178 Mk-II

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Trying to save my money so i can pick up the MG Freedom 2.0 and the RG sinanju later this year.

still need to finish my RG 00 Raiser.

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@spitz1000: I'm pretty sure I just saw that on r/gunpla the other day... lol, I really like the Jesta. Want to get an MG one of these days...

Here is my finished HG from the WiP the other day. Had a few mistakes but over all great and fun build. Stole some stickers from my HG RX-77-2 and MG F-91 model kits for this guy.

HG RX-178 Mk-II (A.E.U.G.)

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@aviont: you are absolutely correct, I posted it on reddit as well lol

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Hey folks, just returned from Japan with this beautiful fella:

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It's been a while since I've done a Gundam model, I usually did a lot of the basic types so I thought this would be a fun challenge (I have infinite patience for this stuff). I was thinking of nabbing a tool kit while I was in Japan, kinda kicking myself in the ass for not getting it there but oh well! I was wondering if you folks might have some recommendations for a tool kit? I have no qualms ordering something off of amazon or popping to a local hobby-store to grab what I need. I've looked at a couple of sites but I thought I'd ask my fellow duders their opinion.

Edit: A few more searches lead me to this tool kit. Would you folks recommend it? Looks like it covers everything.

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@kawiji Haven't used the tamiya set, I heard they are great to start off with. When I started I just picked up the "Metal Earth" set from my local Hobbytown for $15(+tax) and some sandpaper (600 & 1000 grit) from the hardware store.

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Just started building gunpla for the first time two weeks ago, inspired by the mailbag where Austin and Vinny both got one in the mail. Had no idea there was an official GB build club! I just finished an RG X-178 Gundam MK-II (A.E.U.G.) and an MG GAT-X102 Duel Gundam Assault Shoud and I'm now waiting for a Zaku II Shin Matsunaga Custom Ver 2.0 to come in the mail.

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@kawiji: The Tamiya set is what I bought and it's served me well so far. It's a nice cheap starter set.

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@kawiji: The Tamiya set is a pretty good starter set, you really can't go wrong with it. Here's a list of the basic tools (most) every builder will use.

Side Cutters: When you are starting out, any will be fine really. On the high end, people love the godhands, but they are really expensive ($70+). If you are looking for a high end pair of side cutters, I really recommend the Gundam Planet nippers.

Hobby Knife: Again, really anyone works here, I use an exacto knife, some people like the specialized hobby knives from Japan.

Tweezers: These are for placing decals, and are a must have especially if you are building an RG. Lots of tiny stickers there. I think angled tip ones are the easiest to use. I use these.

Gundam Markers: For panel lining! A really easy technique to make your kits have a bit more depth. You want the fine tip ones. This pack will give you all the basic colors you want. Most people agree that gray panel lines look best on white pieces, black panel lines look best on dark colors (the dark red of that Z'Gok for example), and brown panel lines look best on lighter colors, like yellow.

Cotton Swabs: For cleaning up those panel lines. I find the best technique for panel lining is to fill the recess pretty full with the ink to let it fill the gap, and then clean off the excess with a cotton swab.

That's the basic regimen I use when doing basic builds. It should serve you well. Have fun!

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@zerov8: If I may, I want to add a few things to this.

If you get side cutters, make sure they cut flat, otherwise you'll stress the plastic. Godhands are great, but these Tamiya cutters are pretty good too, and much less expensive.

Pick up some 91% isopropyl alcohol. You can rub panel lining ink off easily with just a q-tip in most cases, but if you really messed up, or let the ink dry, some of this stuff will clear it right up.

A cheap hobby mat. Assuming you don't want to gunk and cut up your table. You can build on the manual too, if you really want, but a hobby mat provides a nice flat surface that you can mess up with impunity.

Lastly, toothpicks. If you want to get your panel lining very fine without doing a wash, you'll need some of these. Let the ink dry, then lightly scrape away the excess.

edit: It also doesn't hurt to have a DS stylus around for putting on decals. They're great for smoothing out standard stickers, and I cannot imagine going back to anything else for dry transfers.

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@atomicoldman: Yes! A DS stylus is a must for dry transfers. The mat also slipped my mind since I found this desk in a garage and don't care if it gets messed up, but that's also a must if you don't want to screw your surface up.

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I bought RG MS-06F Zaku II from since I live in The Netherlands but didn't get a tracking code nor do they respond to my support ticket to sent me one. I hope everything went right.

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I built a thing while watching E3 stuff.

MG RX-78-02 Origin ver.
MG RX-78-02 Origin ver.
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Not technically gunpla, but I did find a copy of volume 1 of the new Origin manga series at work :D

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So I know this thread has gone nearly 19 days without a new post and sometimes that is frowned upon.

Anyway I just bought my first Gunpla yesterday and I got to say these things are fun as hell to build. I was looking into starting a hobby since I've never really had any outside of video games and playing the occasional pick-up game of soccer. So I remembered Austin built one on his Game of the Year segment and it looked like fun.

I have to say doing research into Gunpla and it seems pretty intimidating for someone completely new. I decided screw it and just went to my local hobby shop and picked up a model that I thought looked cool. Worst comes to worst and I am completely lost or I hate it than I am only out $15. It also helped the same kind of cutters these models use are the same ones my girlfriend has for jewelry making. Also her nail files are perfect for smoothing out the occasional rough cut.

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Here's the model I decided on which is obviously not my picture. I just started watching and enjoying Iron Blooded Orphans and I like the red color so I decided on ol' Grimgerde. He hasn't popped up in the episodes I've watched yet but I liked the design plus it was on sale.

The best advice I can give anyone else curious Gunpla is just buy one of the cheap sets and just jump right in. The worst that happens is you're out less than the price of a night out.

Edit - Still dead :( Anyway I found the High Grade a bit too easy and tried a Real Grade, the MSM-07 Z'Gok. I found it to be the right level of difficulty with more level of detail and articulation. The RGs are really impressive considering they cost only 5 to 10 dollars more than the HG models. So I have a question that probably won't ever be answered but I trust the Giant Bomb community over other forums so I'll try anyway. Do you guys had any advice on paneling and detailing models for beginners? I've heard conflicting stuff on what to use for paneling and detailing so I'd like to know what works for you guys.

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@bartok: Should try the 1/100 scale Barbatos. I bought it last night as my first model and its an awesome build!

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@bartok:Oh what? This thread had a good puff of live the last three months, I have been busy with a few hundred things so missed out on this activity till just now lols

Yeah your on the mark with your advice about kits, I just jumped into two HG Build Fighter kits as my first and yeeeaaah after two years they are a bit of a mess same with the four more after, I plan to rebuy them and remake them better, however like you say its cheap to do on the HG and RG end.

The most common simple way to detail is gundam marker and cotton swabs. I have not done it I just straight build so I aint an expert. However the guy in this video is.... listen to him....just do not get blinded by his shininess the panel lining is 5 mins in odds.

Loading Video...

I have only built one kit in the last three months and thats is the Gadessa from Gundam 00 which is an uncommon kit to get even with the current reprint of 00 kits....wiiiiiiiich......I am now the owner of not only the Gadessa which is built the rest are unbuilt.

I bought two 0 Gundams (miss ordered an extra one and not the ADC roll out version) these were hard to get untill the reprint in March area.

GN Archer, Susanowo. Cherudim Gundam GNHW/R . Arios Gundam GNHW/R , Gundam Throne Drei , Gundam Throne Zwei and Arche Gundam

Sooooo that 8 unbuilt kits and 1 built kit and 1 half built kit (Cherudim) I bought 10 kits all together, previously I owned 10, I now own 26....I have Gunpla for months!

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I thought about this thread in light of Austin moving on recently and thought It would be nice to post my current collection. I actually have quite a lot more models but they're not displayed right now. Just wanted to say thanks to Austin for basically getting me into this hobby.

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Just built my first 2 models. I used to build car models and this is much better. I built Gundam Barbatos and Mcgillis Schwalbe Graze, both form Iron Blooded Orphans (Thanks Austin)

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So... I just bought my favorite mobile suit of all time, the MS-18e Kämpfer:

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And it was all thanks to @austin_walker and everyone in this thread. Thank you all for helping me ressurect a hobby that I wanted to be part of since I was child but had since forgotten about it.

Now that I've finished pouring my heart out let's get to the rest of the post.

It will problably take a month for it to arrive here in Brasil where I live. I'll more than likely post the results of the build here. I'm already eyeballing my next kit, I'm pretty sure it's going to be the Exia for the simple fact that it looks very cool. I've also decided that since it's going to be like two months between each purchase (my country has pretty high import tax, so I have to space them out), I'm only gonna build MGs because they give a little more bang for the buck and will last me a little longer, specially since i'm going to paint them and everything.

This thread managed to convert another person. Gunpla is the best.

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Just finished my first HG model, the Origin MS-06S ZAKU II! Been afraid to bite the bullet on buying a kit, I'm generally terrible at anything like this, however, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out:

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Imgur Gallery for more images =D

I made a ton of mistakes and lopped off some more plastic than I should have on certain parts, but it's a learning experience and I'm proud of what I'd built!

Waiting on some Gundam Markers to arrive before detailing the lines, gonna detail the lines before applying any decals too... just in case I accidentally mark one... Very nervous about placing the decals and doing the line work =S

Before I built this I built two "No Grade" kits, an old Deathscythe and an old Heavy Arms, it wasnt until I was halfway through until I realised I had built the Heavy Arms before about 15 years ago!

No Caption Provided

Have a HG Masurao on standby for my next build, I also have a RG 00 Raiser for when I feel "ready" and then I have a HG Wing, Wing Zero, Exia and AGE-1 Normal one their way! I may have caught the bug =S

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@finstern: That tiny Heavy Arms was one of the originals I had waaaay back. It's pretty beat up now though.

Recently put together the MG Char Z'Gok. Really fun model with the extending tube limbs, it's also pretty large compared to other MGs. Saw the 1/100 Gusion/Rebake and was tempted, but didn't bite. Still need to get a MG Zaku.

...There's also a part of me that just wants to go off the deep end and build the MG Perfect Zeong...

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I built my Metal Gear Sahelanthropus plamo yesterday. Took some goddamn long time, and I couldn't perfect it as I didn't have any glue at home (some parts are so fragile that they need to be glued so). As always, Kotobukiya kits are filled with detail, but so goddamn fiddly.

It looks hella good at least. Need to get some shots of it in Rex Mode later on.

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@hampe: Looks really good! I put one of these together not too long ago, but unfortunately it's in a very static standing pose because that's the best I can get out of it. Fragile is an understatement, if I so much as move one limb, tons of parts just come crumbling off. I actually wanted to take a picture of it, but I'm afraid of moving it.

The REX kit is much more stable, but also a lot more finicky than what you'd find out of a Bandai kit.

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I started doing this earlier this year and built 4 gunpla in a short span of time and then just fell off of it. I just got the the RX-78 Revive though, and it turned out pretty good! I wasn't building kits before this year, but there's something really neat to me about the concept of reviving old janky kits with better toy technology. I also didn't realize while I was building it, but the RX-78 isn't pure white! Compared to the Barbatos it looks kinda minty green, which I wasn't expecting

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I built a few of these over the summer! They were pretty fun to do, but I also maybe had no idea what I was doing at all whatsoever? :/ The Barbatos in the middle I bought a Kamiya tool set for and put a lot more attention into cutting the pieces cleanly.

I'd like to buy the HG Gusion to get into the spirit for IBO season 2, and I want to try painting and panel lining, but I wouldn't know where to start. Can anyone recommend a good set of gundam markers/paint, and a good beginner tutorial on painting? Thanks!

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Had a Turn A that I hadn't built from last year. Finally put it together.

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Has anyone tried those Dragon Ball kits? They look similar to Gunpla but you're building a Goku instead.

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Built two more of those Bandai Star Wars model kits. This time, Kylo Ren and a Death Trooper.

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Kylo was a really quick build (maybe took 30 minutes or so) and only had one sticker/decal. It was a nice warm up build, I'd say, and the figure you get out of it is quite nice.

No Caption Provided

The Death Trooper took a fair bit longer. Lots of armor pieces and accessories to put together for it (the gun, for example, was 7 separate pieces).The glossy back finish on a lot of the pieces also made it harder for me to see what I was doing, so a well lit environment would probably help when building. Most of the decals/stickers it came with are for really small details, like a few red lines on the weapons, so not really worth using.

I've got a K-2SO kit waiting in the wings to be built, but two in one day was enough for me.

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It is only 1 inch in length, and printed at 'low' scale of 0.3 mm per layer
It is only 1 inch in length, and printed at 'low' scale of 0.3 mm per layer

I was playing around with a CAD/CAM of a Gundam model to 3D print it. It was huge, complex 3D model that was never meant for printing, but I just wanted a 6 inch tall model. As with some 3D prints it failed, but I was able to salvage a foot.

*****UPDATED***** 1/18/2017

No Caption Provided

After playing around a bit more I found a model with less wings and guns jutting out. As with many 3D models for they are really not meant for printing as much as manipulation in 3D CAD. You can see at the left that the model has these impossible precise articulations. ( But, I clipped through the foot to show it is just surface plains which means very little is printable let along functionally printable.) The bigger issue is that some parts, about 20% had some volume so it was tricky give volume to that which has no volume while not giving what did too much. (Or, it is for a beginner like me! I'm sure a year of CAD/CAM courses would make me slap my forehead with solutions I just don't know as a newbie.)

Anyway, I took the model into Meshmixer to adjust the offset distance between planes, the minimum wall thickness, and a few other parameters for a few days. The model was composed of a lot of elements so it too even my computer to chew through.

No Caption Provided

The result was what I named FatGundam. Fatty has less detail, but is substantive in 3d space, not plains but filled volumes. This version has volume, but at the expenses of freeing all articulated joints in place.

The next step was to passing the file through my slicer and choosing a print orientation. I choose to just print it on its back - the lazy way. This was simple but would mean suffering through removing the supports on the back side. The print was going to take 5 hours, so I didn't want to have its mess because a supports with it standing up was funky. No matter what supports had to be somewhere, so scraping them off the back seemed best since it was a tangle of vents, rocket nozzles, and flaps.

The model is 10.5 cm or about 4 inches tall
The model is 10.5 cm or about 4 inches tall

The result at the left is nice enough, even if i do say so myself. Not as nice as the model you folks make from those nice kits, but I certainly learned a lot about Meshmixer tools.

I think my next task is to break apart the original model to separate off the shoulders, arms and calves and feet to make those articulated. Some tiny bit of articulation would be fun on a bigger model.

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Anyone have advice about what a good 'hobbyist' airbrush would be? I mean a kit to buy and what sort of airbrush tips I shoudl be most wanting for small models? I see many airbrush kits for sale, but I imagine I only need the tools for small items (under 1 ft).

I live in an area where it very windy, so it hard to paint outside too. So I was thinking fo buying a tabletop airbrush Spray Booth too. Has anyone used one and how much vapor does it remove?

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Recently built two kits that I enjoyed building a looooot! I'm just going to need to get some decal work and panel lining on the ZZ Ver.Ka. but man does it already look stunning. As for the RG Sinanju, it's a bit tricky at times, but this version that I bought at a Gundam Base store in Seoul sure looks great with it's Metallic Gloss injection.

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Man this thread used to be so active. Oh well, here's a picture of where a significant amount of my collection lives. Quite a bit of it has to stay packed away since I moved to a smaller bedroom. I rearranged it so I might be able to squeeze in a few more models including an unbuilt Shin Matsunaga MS-06R-1A Zaku II Custom at 1/100 scale. I posted my original full collection on like, page 1 of the thread so know that there are far more models that are not able to be displayed.

edit: For anyone who wants to know I have somewhere in the realm of like 45 kits.

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My latest build - an MG Char's Zaku II 2.0.

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Has anyone here built any of those One Piece ship model kits? They look cool and I love One Piece but I don't see many pics of completed kits or anyone talking much about them.

Anyway I just got a Star Wars Bandai model kit of General Grievous that was marked down at a Barnes & Noble attached to a dying mall. The prequels might have sucked but I always dug the design of Grievous especially in those Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars animated shorts.