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Has anyone bought this item in the store? Looking to spend my $15 credit. I want either the "GiantBomb" t-shirt or hoodie, but I don't want to hoodie to be thin and poor quality, though I doubt that's the case.

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I have two giant bomb hoodies. They're great quality and rather heavy as well.

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I bought one as I don't have many hoodies. It's comparable in thickness to a professional team hoodie you can buy. I'd suggest considering buying it one size larger than what you normally get. I did and it fits fine. I wish they still had the zip up one, but its fine.

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Yeah, the hoodies are some of the best (non-zip) hoodies I have. Really thick, really soft, really comfortable. And Ryan all but guarantees they'll get you laid.

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The hoodie is amazing! Thick and warm :) my boyfriend bought it and i ended up wearing it more then he did. Its so nice

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They're great. If you like American Apparel quality, then you'll be happy. However, they have a lot of lint inside. After 8-10 washes, I still get black lint on my clothes underneath.

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I wear it all the time, it's fucking great.

And I never wore hoodies before.