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Wow i am blown out by number of screenshots you have and they are also quality ones too. Are guys who write game reviews also make screenshots or you get them elsewhere.

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You understand that anyone can upload images to this site, correct? If you see image galleries with a ton of images, that's your explanation.

If you're referring specifically just to the reviews - Steam, and more recently the PS4, make it pretty darn easy to capture screens as you play. If they aren't using promo screenshots straight from the publisher or developer, that's probably what they're using.

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I don't really understand what's going on?

Are you trying to be a jerk because they only have a couple screenshots per review?

Are you legitimately amazed that you can take a screenshot of a game in 2014?

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This being the user's only post, I kinda expected something like "you can take even better screenshotswith this amazing program" in the end, but since that's not the case, this is just...

@hunkulese said:
Are you legitimately amazed that you can take a screenshot of a game in 2014?

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Talking about jerks look who's actin like one. I just discovered this site and had no idea you can upload screen shots.

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Yeah, anyone can upload screenshots. You can also add them to the game's gallery, but they're usable in blogs and reviews even if you don't.

Some screenshots come from the publisher, while others are created by users while playing the game.

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If a polaroid camera was not available. What people would do is get a 35mm camera. Take a photo of the television. Then they take the roll to be developed at a Walgreen's photo lab. After the pictures are printed, they put into an envelope and mailed to Giant Bomb. Or Giant Bomb asks the screenshot fairy. Which ever comes first.

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@mxdark: I'm still confused. Did you just get the internet today?

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I think there was an old bombcast or hotspot episode where Jeff said he used to play games connected to capture equipment and put the mouse or something by his foot so whenever something happened he would stomp on it and take a screen shot. I think he said he did this early on in Game Spot's life.

Obviously not the case anymore.

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Everyone can upload screenshots, and I think some of them come from press kits.

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I'm just going to close this...the question has already been answered and now people are just repeating what others have already said, for some reason.