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Hey I was wondering what is a good game app to pick up on the market?
right now I have ninjump, anrgy birds and abduction!
I have thinking about picking up Game Dev Story. Worth it? Anything else good? free or paid?

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#2 Posted by Barrock (3938 posts) -

I just got my first Android and picked up the paid version of Game Dev Story. I absolutely love it. It's incredibly addicting and is great for playing in small chunks. 

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Yeah, I have spent hours on Game Dev Story, the damn game is addicting. Definitely worth it 

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#4 Posted by ssj4raditz (1156 posts) -

Robot Unicorn Attack!

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#5 Posted by XanderCrews (117 posts) -

Game Dev Story for sure. Be warned though it is highly addictive. Also, Alchemy is pretty decent too. You start with four basic elements, then combine them to make over 300 other elements.

If you install the Amazon app store, you can get chuzzle from PopCap games for free today. And Plants vs Zombies will be free on there soon.
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#6 Posted by Accolade (544 posts) -

Monsters Ate My Condo is entertaining. I spent hours on Dungeon Village too.

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#7 Posted by Chaser324 (8126 posts) -

Canabalt is still my go to game to kill a couple of minutes, and the Android port actually has a pretty cool looking 3D mode that I don't think is in any other version.

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I mainly use emulators. I have purchased a few games on Google Play for my S III. I have Machinarium, Sword & Sworcery, Plants Vs Zombies, and the expensive Final Fantasy III.

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#9 Posted by Ben_H (3957 posts) -

Everything by Kairosoft, the makers of Game Dev Story. I'm quite partial to the racing team management game and the sushi restaurant game myself.