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So, I've finally decided to try and organize my room. Things are beginning to get out of hand, with my collection of blu-rays, books, graphic novels, videogames, and collectible statues needing to have to be organized in a place I can find them easily, rather than looking under piles of stuff. I've got a book case where most of my games and movies are taking up space, and was thinking of just getting another bookcase. But, I'm starting to think a media cabinet might be what I need.

I don't know, I guess I'm just looking for some insight on what some of you duders have done or how you've all gone about of organizing your collection of stuff with bookcases or media storage cabinets?

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I guess it depends on what you're willing to spend, but I just use the $30-40 dollar shelves you can get at Wal-Mart or similar places. At some point I'd like to build my own and have them mounted on an entire wall, but for now the cheap particle board type shelves are serviceable.

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Ikea are preety good if you are on a budget.

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I use a t.v. stand, I can put systems and game's on it and play whatever system I want without digging it out and keep my shitty game's in a container in the closet. And it look's nice. I bought it at Goodwill for Twenty buck's.

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I can probably spend a little over $100. I have this tv stand, http://www.target.com/p/room-essentials-drawer-tv-stand-black/-/A-12185596#prodSlot=medium_2_40&term=tv+stand Which I'm pretty happy with. I've managed to house my old Xbox and PS2 in the drawers along with some old games and even my DJ Hero turntable all stashed in the two drawers. Though, it's probably not the best as an actual tv stand, but as something to house your systems, dvd players or cable boxes underneath a tv that's up on your wall.

I've thought about the shelves, but man....so many game and dvd/blu-ray cases. And I'm probably only going to continue getting more cases for the foreseeable future.

@kidavenger : that actually looks pretty good.

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I have one of these metal spinning DVD racks to hold my games, and totes (mine only holds one row instead of three as shown in the picture in the link) that slip under the bed to store dvds as I have a collection of 600+ movies.

How about trying to find a book case? Also, you can try to find a TV armoire at a thrift store or similar place and customize the armoire to make it become a multipurpose shelf. Some armoire's have doors, so that'll be a plus if you find one with doors to hide your games.