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I love this show. It's a Canadian spin-off of a British show, which I've sadly missed out on thus far (I'll have to rectify that eventually). It's about rips in time, and dinosaurs and the likes intruding in our world - and it's as much stupid fun as it sounds like! It being a Canadian production gives the whole thing the *stupid fun* edge, because Canadians are wittingly or unwittingly great at stupid entertainment. I think the show comes to the Sy-Fy Channel or something, so if you get a chance to watch it and enjoy great dumb shit, don't miss out!

Timetravel. Dinosaurs. Canadians. Need I say more?

Yep - it's that great!

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Strike Back. It's not bad by any means (in fact, it's probably one of my favorite shows in recent memory), but it's just really dumb in the best way possible. Literally every episode can be summed up by "two white dudes roll into this foreign country and shoot all these other not-white people because they need to find the guy who knows something about the guy who knows something about the guy who knows something about the guy who might have a nuclear weapon."

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That intro is bomb as fuck though!

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For a video game example: Bulletstorm

Game is retarded and awesome at the same time.

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Oh fuck yeah. Cinemax has the first episode on youtube for free. Now that's awesome! Will check it out for sure. Thanks for the plug. Inserted firmly in future entertainment slot.

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@Ravenlight said:

For a video game example: Bulletstorm

Game is retarded and awesome at the same time.

Perfect example!

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Jersey Shore, yeah, I said it.

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I like Doom 1 and 2, they're pretty stupid.

Also, the first Darksiders. Ah, don't look at me like that. That is a very silly story.

As far as movies or TV shows go, I... uh... can't really think of many. I've never been a huge fan of stupid entertainment - see: my dislike for Saints Row the Third. Demolition Man seems like a pretty good movie in a stupid way but I haven't seen the whole thing.

EDIT: Yep. Demolition Man.

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you can extrapolate a lot of stupid entertainment from skate 3, especially if you only play the hall of meat challenges and bail a lot. that game can be really goofy but at the same time really stylish, which is why I love it. doesn't quite capture the goofiness of older tony hawk games though because most of the challenges are to do with skateboarding

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Garry's Mod, although people with creative minds make amazing contraptions I spend most of my time blowing shit up

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NinjaAssassin. It's a dumb action movie, but it doesn't have any of the annoying bullshit most dumb action movies have, and the actual fight scenes are great in a 'what is even happening' kinda way.

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Drawn Together.   

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@Ravenlight: There wasn't much pleasure involved in playing Bulletstorm though.  
At least, I didn't think so.
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There's always those awful Charlie the Unicorn shorts on YouTube.

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Spartacus! Well, I'm actually not feeling all that guilty for loving it. Gore & Sex at epic levels. Can't wait for the new season.

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Anything with Xena the Warrior Princess putting out can't be all that stupid. In fact, that's in the dictionary under smart career move. Shame Andy Whitfield wasn't allowed to see it through. Cancer is such a bummer. I really enjoy the crass CGI slo-mo gore a lot. Sometimes it's almost unbelievable, what they pull off on a medium tier tv show budget. Spartacus' slo-mo gore is almost as good as similar scenes in Dredd 3D, where-in the graphic depiction of over-the-top brutality is a work of true resolve to the Dredd franchise's niche of unapologetic ultra violence.

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Stallone's Judge Dredd is one of my favorite stupid fun movies. It gets a lot of hate for being not-true-to-the-source-material, but damn was that thing fun. Rob Schneider for life?

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@BabyChooChoo: That intro is the greatest.

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@JacDG said:

Jersey Shore, yeah, I said it.


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It's sooooo cheesy, but I love it nonetheless!

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@JaredA: I literally only clicked on this thread to talk about Merlin. I didn't think anyone would understand, hell, I don't even really understand. I watched all that was on netflix in like 2 weeks. Actually, hearing Brad talk about how unrelentingly earnest Ni No Kuni is reminded me of this show.

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@Bishna: I know exactly how you feel, dude. I am now a happier person knowing there is someone else in this world who loves this show, but doesn't understand why.

I don't know any of the actors or if they are popular, but I feel like from season one to season five their acting improves drastically!

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I am a shameless fan of Psych and White Collar, particularly Psych. I've got a soft spot for most "private detective" TV in general (see also my unabashed love for stuff like Person of Interest and Monk), but there's something that particularly chimes with me in Psych, particularly two best friends goofing it up and playing detective. It's stupid, I know. But there you have it.

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The Jet Li movie High Risk (AKA Meltdown). It is the DEFINITION of stupid entertainment.

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(the English version is 100000 times better, purely for the dubbing)