Happy 11th Birthday to Giant Bomb!

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Even numbers usually get more attention, but a birthday is always a celebratory moment, especially when it comes to websites! So, here's to another anniversary marking Giant Bomb's founding! Here's to another hopefully successful year, and feel free to share your memories regarding the site's launch so many years ago. If you are a late-comer to the site, you are equally appreciated, and feel free to talk about what directed you to the site or your first impressions of the staff or community.

Last year Giant Bomb celebrated its tenth anniversary, and as such, it published several touching pieces of reflective works. Below you can find some of these features in case you missed them the first time around.

  1. 10 Years of Giant Bomb Page - A retrospective of the best and most memorable moments featuring the Giant Bomb staff and community.
  2. Giant Bombcast We're Sorry: Ten Years of The Giant Bombcast - Podcast retrospective on the site's development through the years.
  3. Giant Bomb Still Changing Video Games Media 10 Years Later- An article from Variety interviewing former and current Giant Bomb staff members.
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That ten year anniversary content was something special. Hard to believe that another year has already passed.

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Hey, cool. Happy birthday, GB!

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Congratulations on eleven years.

Of course, in another couple of years, GB will be a sullen teenager that stays in its room and says no one understands it. Another few years after that and we'll be telling it to move out and get a job.

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I think I've finally come to grips with Giant Bomb not being a "new" game site anymore.

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Dang! It's already been another year?

Anyway, congrats Bomb Crew!

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Now I feel old.

I remember those days. The forums were basically the Wild West. Some people will never know about the characters that were on these forums. Hell, I can't even remember most of them.

And then I look at the sidebar...and I see all the top posters on the forums, and so many of them are gone. It's crazy how much things change.

I'm still shocked that @sweep hasn't banned my ass. LOL