Has anyone been up during the night and someone tries to break in

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? Sorry, couldn't add the question mark. Anyways, not even 30 minutes ago I was playing F.E.A.R., yes, F.E.A.R. it was a bit intense 'cause I was playing somewhat tactically on hard with my 5.1 home theater system on. I hear a scream from my mom that's in the next room over, her bathroom to be more precise, and I was just thinking "OK, what was that for? A spider scare her?" Then she says "SOMEONE'S TRYING TO BREAK IN! CALL THE COPS!" And my alertness went way up, I jumped out of my chair, into the hall way, looked at my older brother as he was trying to dial the number, my mom runs to the home phone (which we never really use), and calls the cops. While she was doing that, the guy looking threw her window, runs really fast over to our front door and starts bashing on it, my mom starts screaming and almost hyper ventilating as she's on the phone. I was thinking as blood was rushing to my brain "WHY THE FUCK HAVEN'T THE POLICE GOTTEN HERE YET!?" And then we go into her room and sit for a little while, the police knocks on the back door of the house and all is over. They just got done looking around and all that. I'm still a bit jittery and I'm mad right now, but at the time, I can't believe I was scared, it was just so surprising since I never expected this to ever happen. Our neighborhood is a good place to live, and that stuff isn't known to happen around here. I know it isn't right of me to wish death upon someone else, but fuck, I hope whoever this guy gets killed. Anyways, sorry if this is jumbled, but I can't write right now. It really questions your safety when shit like this happens. If this fuck had a gun and did break in, I would have been done for as well as my mom and brother. I have another older brother, which is the twin of the one that's home, but he moved out during the summer, and my dad works night shift. Ughhh. Damn. Alright, I don't usually do personal stuff, but I had to vent a little. I'll come back in here and edit this if I feel like it later.

12:00 AM PST

Edit - So! Everyone went to bed except for me. I'm often up at night though, but for a while now I have been getting on a schedule. My adrenaline is still up though and I am quite tired. I'm sitting on the couch typing this up as there are multiple lights on that aren't usually on at this time. I just can't believe this would happen. In all of my 21 years of life this has never happened, and every other place I've lived have been far worse places to live. I've lived in three different places, this being four, in Western Washington. I think I'm most scared because I thought this would never happen, and that's the one thing I guess I'm ignorant on. Plus, my mom being scared like she was didn't help, it was like someone was going to die, and there was nothing we could do. I should have been stronger, and I'm trying to find an excuse as to why I wasn't. I think if this guy did come in the house and he had no weapons I could have taken him, but just the fact I don't know who he was or what he may or may not have had is a scary thought. I said before that I want this guy dead, and I shouldn't have. I'm always against that. If someone said "OK, so if Hitler was right in front of you, would you kill him?" and my answer is always no. No matter what, but I guess I don't really know what I want to do when my adrenaline is that high. It's extremely hard to stop worrying. I don't actively watch the news, but when I do and have heard about these stories, I never really cared, but once it happens, shit! It completely changes your view. Anyways, I'll probably be up all night unless I pass out. Hopefully this never happens to anyone else on here. It may not seem as bad when I'm explaining it, but if it ever did happen, you'd know. I don't really feel like editing this, so sorry if it's hard to read. I'm gonna lay down now. I just can't wait until it's day time. It feels exactly like when I was little and I'd hide my head under my blanket and hope I made it through the night to daylight when I can be with the awaken society and with the ones I love. I just keep taking deep breaths. Ughhh. Alright. Good night. I could keep going, but I won't. I KEEP HEARING SOUNDS!

2:13 AM PST

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hell naw son.

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no, but sounds scary, I hope everyone is alright, and maybe buy an assault rifle.

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That sounds insane. Why the fuck would a burglar try to break in knowing full well there are at least 3 of you in the house? Dude sounds like a fucking idiot.

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@MariachiMacabre said:

That sounds insane. Why the fuck would a burglar try to break in knowing full well there are at least 3 of you in the house? Dude sounds like a fucking idiot.

Or possibly a well-armed fucking idiot.

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@Hailinel said:

@MariachiMacabre said:

That sounds insane. Why the fuck would a burglar try to break in knowing full well there are at least 3 of you in the house? Dude sounds like a fucking idiot.

Or possibly a well-armed fucking idiot.

Maybe but still. 3 on 1 is steep odds. Maybe I'm only thinking this way because I live in ND where every house has like 3 guns. Hell, I have 3 shotguns and a deer rifle in my closet.

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I was just robbed back in February. They did it during the day time though, so no one was home but my dog. My father came home to the door broke in and drew his firearm(he is a police officer) and they were already gone. Coming home to my backdoor bashed in and most of my belongings gone is a feeling of violation I will never forget. I am happy no one was hurt, but damn was it hard to sleep for awhile after that.

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I've caught someone stealing heating oil from me a few years ago. My room window overlooks the yard and it's open pretty much all the time. Heard something like a barrel clattering, thought maybe some shit was blowing around, looked out and saw a fucker standing with a jerry can and hose in the oil tank at the far end of the yard maybe 50ft away, ran downstairs in the dark and opened the back door to let my dogs out. 
Never seen anyone run faster than a Greyhound before lol.
Called the peelers afterwards, they did nothing, didn't even come out to get a description or fuck all
Wasn't as scary as your story but ont opic I spose

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Jesus... quite an ordeal.

I've gone through something similar, though it was during the afternoon when I was 14 hanging with my mates. My next door neighbour was drunk and thought it was 2 in the morning or something--also he was trying to kill me n co. rather than rob us. In any case, he tried to smash through my front door with a golf club. Called the police and all that, he got fined and offered to fix the door. Have to admit, I was fucking terrified sitting in the room next door as he was fixing it. Guy was pure scum even still, had a history with alcohol. I think I remember him spitting on my mum's car on the way past one day too. But such was the way in Seacombe... fucking shit hole. The kind of place where kids throw bricks through windows and shoot dogs with BB guns as a general past time. The entire estate, occupants included, should be bulldozed off the map.

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That's terrifying. And now I won't sleep tonight. So, thanks.

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This is why when I get my own place I intend on getting a pistol. That way if someone breaks in I will have something to defend myself with.

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To answer the question: no, but its fear thats kept me awake many nights during my childhood and still makes me scared thinking of it. I'm so sorry about what happened.

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Two weeks ago I had a drunk banging on my door at midnight. I called the police and went to the door armed with my Glock 22, which I kept concealed, and told him to leave. The Police showed up within five minutes. It was quite the adrenaline rush. I haven't been in a life threatening situation in a while.

You're probably going to feel 'different' for a while, it's shock and adrenaline. Remember to breathe. It's all over.

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Wow, that sounds horrible. Must've been jacked up or something if he was trying to get in when you guys were even aware of his presence.

Glad you and your familiy didn't get robbed or stabbed.

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@MariachiMacabre said:

@Hailinel said:

@MariachiMacabre said:

That sounds insane. Why the fuck would a burglar try to break in knowing full well there are at least 3 of you in the house? Dude sounds like a fucking idiot.

Or possibly a well-armed fucking idiot.

Maybe but still. 3 on 1 is steep odds. Maybe I'm only thinking this way because I live in ND where every house has like 3 guns. Hell, I have 3 shotguns and a deer rifle in my closet.

not if those three people are scared the diffrence between a heroe and a normal person is that the normal person is ****** their pants. while the hero is thinking oh hell no

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Years ago my cousin was at home on her own at about 8:00am. She heard someone swearing outside and eventually realized someone was breaking in so she pretended to be asleep. She actually heard them come into the room and see her, after that they grabbed a whole bunch of shit and left. Apparently they used the pillow cases to put the stuff the stole in which is pretty weird as well, they obviously weren't organized.

That was definitely a disturbing story, I was pretty young when it happened but I still remember being told about it, would have been scary.

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@fullmetal5550: Make sure you buy at least a .40 caliber, hallow point ammo, always have a bullet in the chamber, and make sure it can fire regardless if there is a magazine in it or not. Also, take self defense classes. There is nothing worse than being shot with your own weapon.

Why you shouldn't buy a 9mm or .22 for home defense? Because a .40 round will knock the attacker into a recumbent state even if it doesn't kill them. A 9mm won't.

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that sounds horrible to read. at least no one got hurt.

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Haven't had it happen but I always worry that since I don't leave work until 2am, one of these days I'm going to come home and find someone breaking into the house.

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Last year my mother suffered a mental breakdown in the middle of the night and kept slamming the patio door thinking someone was lurking outside, but that's about it. Scared the shit out of me, for sure, but I've never actually experienced a B&E.

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@MariachiMacabre: No, I don't think he knew. It was in the back of our house and one of our lights that could have been on, wasn't. We turned it on. When my mom screamed, he must have thought she was the only one home and thought he could probably take her. Fuck no. I'll probably be up all night. I usually am. My mom ust went to bed but she's yelling out to me from her room talking me about it a bit still. It's just so surprising this happened 'cause the last place we lived at is supposed to be a worse area to live in but nothing like this happened, that most was someone breaking into a vehicle and that's it. My adrenaline is still a bit high, and a lot of sounds that I wouldn't usually care to hear I am noticing. It sucks. You always hear on the news (which I don't actively watch 'cause I'm not the type to worry about stuff), about people having stuff happen and talking about it, now I fully understand what they mean. It's freaky as hell.

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Yeah a few times when I lived in NY state. Grew up in a shitty area, fools would try and break in, nobody ever did though thanks to my dad. Wouldn't have found much even if they did break in.

On a personal note, I can understand you being scared out of your wits but personally I never wished death on any would-be intruder. Firstly because I wouldn't wish death on anyone, and secondly because you have to remember, 9 times out of 10, people who resort to breaking into houses are just literally desperate as fuck. You probably wouldn't even be able to imagine how despondent these people are, it's 'caught between a rock and a hard place' for them, and humanity is naturally inclined to do whatever it takes to survive at a point. It sure as hell isn't the right thing to do, it's stupid, dangerous, and incredibly damaging to others, but usually these people know that and are just so damn broken and low that they think they have no other option. Personally all I ever felt for those assholes was pity. Obviously if they have things other than burglary on their mind, it becomes a different story.

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@MariachiMacabre said:

@Hailinel said:

@MariachiMacabre said:

That sounds insane. Why the fuck would a burglar try to break in knowing full well there are at least 3 of you in the house? Dude sounds like a fucking idiot.

Or possibly a well-armed fucking idiot.

Maybe but still. 3 on 1 is steep odds. Maybe I'm only thinking this way because I live in ND where every house has like 3 guns. Hell, I have 3 shotguns and a deer rifle in my closet.

I'm not aware of the percentage of people in WA that have guns, but I know we don't. When the guy was banging on the door I was hurrying to find a metal bat or something.

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@spartanlolz92: I think the reason I was scared was because I was and still am very surprised something like his would happen.

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Wow man, that sounds awful. Haven't had that happen, but did once arrive home to the house having been burgled. Stuff thrown about everywhere, smashed glass. It was a horrible experience.

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I was once literally 50 ft away from my buddy's apartment, just out of view, while it was being broken into and burgled. I was waiting for them to get bak from class for about 20 minutes, and only found out what had happened when they got there and we went around to the door. It was pretty fucked up. They ended up stealing a PS3, two laptops and a 360, as well as a few games.

Kinda freaked me out, knowing that I had been in such proximity while that shit was going down.

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That's some scary shit man. Someone had broken into my home last year. The dude was tearing apart my Mom's room when I caught him. She has some french doors leading to the back yard, the guy bolted through them and went over the back wall. The officer that was taking a report found a baseball bat he left outside. I installed some motion lights and got some extra locks for doors and windows. I can relate to that feeling of always hearing noises, even now I still go check on any sounds I hear.

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Yeah, no matter how many times you go through it that still scares the shit out of you. Used to be way more of a problem when I lived in the city (never really was much for sleeping), but even out here in the suburbs I've had some interesting staring contests through my door and / or window.

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That sucks, man. The part where he tried to bash down the door is crazy. That's the behavior of someone looking to hurt you, not just steal your stuff. Thieves want to come in when you're gone or asleep. Violent assholes want you to be home and scared.

Anyway, I have two incidents that weren't nearly as bad. One was in a hotel room in Vegas. My wife and I were getting ready to go to a show one night when a guy tried to get into our room with his card. The then started banging on the door and yelling when it didn't work. Freaked my wife out, but I just cracked the door with the slide lock still on it and told him to get the fuck out of here. He was stumbling drunk, so I think he didn't know where he was.

Second story: the lady we bought our house from apparently used to drive a lot of guys wild. Shortly after we moved in, someone was pounding on our door at 2 or 3 a.m. and shouting for "Suzie" (the former owner. My wife wanted to call the cops, but I just opened the door and told the guy that she didn't live here any more. So he wasn't really trying to break in, but it got my adrenaline going just the same.

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Woke up very early on one morning to take a piss, as you do, and as I walked passed the top our staircase I saw the front door was just sitting wide open and suddenly realised I could hear ruffling noises.

I went from half-asleep to completely alert in a matter of seconds, I was terrified, but I also went into protect my shit mode and went back into my bed room to look for something that I could defend myself with, plus attack someone with if need be.

Once I had that I just shouted at the top of my voice, in as confident and authorative voice as I could muster, that I knew he was in my house and had already called the police, I also made sure he knew that if he didn't drop everything he had and left the premises immediately I would cave his skull in with a very heavy blunt object and hurt myself so it looked like self defense.

He still ran off with a small amount of mostly worthless crap but he got the message when I ran after him for a little bit and let him go.

He hasn't been back though and this's why I always keep my spare barbell bar under my bed, great reach and very dangerous when being swung or jabbed at you, weighs about 16kg's by itself, sp pretty hard too.

Can't express how scared I was though. All I'll say is that fight or flight is a split second decision when adrenaline kicks in, once you've unconciously made up your mind only if you've been cornered will you defend yourself in flight and fight pretty much dulls normal thinking operations, you kind of go all feral dog primal. Either way is scary.

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@fullmetal5550: Make sure you buy at least a .40 caliber, hallow point ammo, always have a bullet in the chamber, and make sure it can fire regardless if there is a magazine in it or not. Also, take self defense classes. There is nothing worse than being shot with your own weapon.

Why you shouldn't buy a 9mm or .22 for home defense? Because a .40 round will knock the attacker into a recumbent state even if it doesn't kill them. A 9mm won't.

I'm a .40 fan as well, have a Glock 23 and Glock 27, but everything I've read about hydrostatic shock effects across calibers says the differences are negligible. 9mm is a perfectly effective caliber for personal defense.
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Damn, my condolences man. Glad everything turned out alright in the end. I've never had my house broken into, but if it happened and I was being threatened with physical violence and had no way to disarm or incapacitate the burglar without putting myself at risk I would tell them to just take what they want and then leave. It's not worth risking your life for the sake of physical possessions. A TV can be replaced, your existence cannot.

For the record.. I love in England. I do not own a gun and have no intention of ever owning or using one. And besides, over here if you shoot a burglar in self-defence it's more likely that you'll be the one that gets prosecuted and not them. While I am a pacifist, even I can see that this is totally ass backwards...

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#34 Posted by 49th (3922 posts) -

I haven't ever been burgled myself thankfully, but I have family living in South Africa who have been broken into multiple times.

My grandparents have been robbed twice already, both times when everyone was out of the house - all of their old jewellery and photos and TV and stuff like that were completely taken.

Another time my aunt was looking after some guys house and woke up in the middle of the night because the wind kept blowing the door or something. They all have like bars and security systems to prevent people breaking in, but somehow they managed to get through this tiny window and taken everything once again. It's scary because those guys won't hesitate to just murder you if they see you, it's unlikely they will be caught and they don't give a shit. Luckily they didn't find the gun cabinet which had lots of hunting rifles.

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#35 Posted by Franstone (1534 posts) -

No, but when I was about 12 years old I got dropped off at home from a school dance one night by a friends parent to what I thought was my empty home...

Burgler was upstairs and I was downstairs alone.

I heard someone upstairs and figured it was my sister until I went into the family room to play either Genesis or SNES and saw a person jump off our roof from the single story section through the window.

Scared the ever-living shit out of me, grabbed whatever I could find as a weapon, called the parent that just dropped me off who lives about 3 houses away.

Had no idea if I should be inside or out so since I didn't know if anyone else was still in the house, so I stood right outside the door ready to swing my trusty weapon.

Couldn't walk around a corner in my house without peering around it first for months, hahah.

Oh yea, no games that night, Super NES and Genesis was GONE, as were all my games.


: (

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#36 Posted by Mikemcn (8603 posts) -

@BestUsernameEver said:

no, but sounds scary, I hope everyone is alright, and maybe buy an assault rifle.

Regardless of the threat, you should buy an assault rifle, those things are fun.

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That really sucks dude sorry for the distress you have been put through, and to you few in here scoffing at having a gun whatever if someone breaks into my house I will be sitting on the other side of the door with a shotgun and a Fucking Sword ready to lay someone down, you break into my house and expect me to give a shit about your life? Whatever your fucking dead.

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#38 Posted by cyraxible (716 posts) -

Western Washington hmm? what city did this happen in? if you don't mind me asking

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#39 Posted by Winternet (8448 posts) -

Where is the follow-up story?

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#40 Posted by ninjakiller (3427 posts) -

This is why you have guns. Open the front door and shoot a shotgun in the air, I guarantee he won't be back.

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I feel the adrenaline pain, man. The one time someone tried to break into my house, I did the stupidest thing I could probably do, grabbed a knife and opened the door shouting. Even though I'm well versed in martial arts, I realized it probably would have been safer to stay inside. I think my tenacity scared him off, though, most burglers don't expect a violent reaction.

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#42 Posted by Jeldh (521 posts) -

Why the hell would anyone try to break into a house when people are still home, even try to bash on the door while already being discovered? I mean if he just walked down a couple of blocks he would probably find an empty house. Why take the chance?

I know its not helping but the odds that this guy is mentaly unstable or high on drugs is pretty likely.

Maybe you should alert the neighbors or something? If he got half a brain left he will never return but he seems like a real dumb fuck so maybe he will break into another house nearby.

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#43 Posted by Dagbiker (7057 posts) -

@NTM: Dont beat your self up about how you reacted, your Flight or Fight response is, for the most part, something that you cant help.

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#44 Posted by Justin258 (15693 posts) -

You probably should have grabbed a knife from the kitchen if you could have gotten to it.

Also, it might be a good idea to invest in a gun. If you're so adamant against guns that you won't even use them for defense, then get a maglite. Shine it in their eyes, then bash them one good time with it.

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#45 Posted by Catarrhal (877 posts) -

@believer258 said:

…get a maglite. Shine it in their eyes, then bash them one good time with it.

Yeah. Unfortunately, a Maglite is a cheap piece of trash. Many Surefire flashlights, on the other hand, are indeed capable of causing a momentary blindness, and some models even have "strike bezels" for bashing people with.

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#46 Posted by AngelN7 (3001 posts) -

Yeah that's tough there was one time when I heard footsteps in the roof so I went outside to check but nothing , a few days latter I heard about a house burglar who was caught near where I live (luckily the neighbors arround here have a system where if someone is trying to break in people will immediately use a whistle that should be in a quick access spot to alert the other houses that will reply in the same way to notify the block that something is going on) , but I kept hearing footsteps and other little things though listening to some music in my headphones was enough to keep me distracted for a while that dosn't happen anymore recently but still that an awful feeling.

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#47 Posted by DeF (5441 posts) -

No burglar but I still had something terribly weird happen a few years ago.

It was a summer night and everyone was asleep. Suddenly my Mom wakes me, tells me there is a man lying on the couch in our living room (it's just her and me since my Dad died when I was younger). If someone tells you something like this right after waking you up, your brain is very unlikely to process this information. So I get up, put on some clothes and we go into the living room where there really is a middle-aged man lying, sound asleep on our couch (not sure if our front door was open or closed at that point). I'm still in WTF-mode and can't really bring myself to say something to wake him. Eventually, my Mom wakes him up and he seems to be pretty confused and doesn't know where he is. She asks him to leave which he does without saying anything (I think he managed to mumble an apology).

After he left and we both somewhat got over the absurdity of what had just happened we started to piece together how the fuck that man (a complete stranger, obviously) got into our house and ended up asleep on the couch. On of our neighbors must've had a late night barbecue/party and the man was probably walking home because he was drunk. In his state, he ended up at our door and must've tried to open it in some kind of trance and since he obviously had no key, he must've either pushed really hard or thrown his full weight into the door so it opened up after which he went straight ahead and ended up on the couch (which literally is 5 meters away from the front door if you go straight ahead).

So how did he get the door open? Turns out our door sometimes doesn't seem to close properly (might be related to the temperatures outside because it's a wooden door). The door is big and heavy so that's the only possible way. When I was little, I managed to kick it open with my knee out of anger once when I came home from school, had no key and nobody was home. So it probably didn't "click" in properly which is how he managed to get in.

Nothing earth shattering or potentially dangerous but still something that sticks with you and scares you quite a bit since, after all, someone violently entered your house without your knowledge. Out here in boring-ass Germany where even burglaries seem like fairy tales that only seem to happen in big cities, you never ever expect something like this.

@ OP: I'm glad you seem to have managed to scare him off and I hope he doesn't come back ...

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#48 Posted by ABritishNerd (331 posts) -

This is exactly the kind of scenario I'm terrified of. Glad you and your family came out of it fine.

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#49 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5098 posts) -

Nothing like this has ever happened to me. That's a weird story because usually burglars don't try and break into houses when the people are home.

Where are you in Washington?

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Nothing that scary. One night like at 2am at a friends house we were sitting their playing xbox. When all of a sudden is front door opened. It had a cain lock but we forgot to look the actual lock. We see a hand going up to try and on hook the chain and we both yell out better get the fuck out as my friends goes to rush for the door. The guy took off before my friend got to his feet. The only reason we were so brave was a one hand sticking through the door crack didn't seem to bad.