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I have because accused me of cursing.

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That fucking sucks.

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I honestly kind of forgot that site even exists. You never even see Tony in the office anymore on I Love Mondays.

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I've not been banned before but I had a thread locked without being given a reason or any comment for asking where to start reading xmen

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Can't say I have

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You don't have to fucking worry about shit like that here.

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I've never posted anything on CV as I don't know if comic hero A could beat up comic hero B or not.

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Note to self: don't curse on CV. That sucks dude

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all the time. I get banned on comic vine to know I'm alive

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i got a warning for cursing. kinda lost interest in posting there after that.

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@jasonr86: How about if anime character A could beat up anime character B? Because in that case Pacman wins!

I don't think I'm doing this right....

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Man, what cunts!

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No, can't say I have posted on Comic Vine. Sorry, can't help.

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You can get banned on Comic Vine? Half the users are trolls there, so I wonder how exactly you managed to get banned. And, yes, it's even worse than here. Even worse than GameFAQs, even.

Also, recovering alcoholic SS5 Vegeta vs World War Hulk in a moody day, with no prep but the moral support of his closes friends, though Hawkeye actually hates his guts because he's jealous of his purple pants. Who wins? Superman.

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I've made 1 post on CV, and it was immediately locked. Evidently it's not okay to ask if Wolverine has adamantium teeth.

P.S.: It turns out that he doesn't.

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Rules are rules. Follow them or some fucking bad shit can happen.

For instance, make threads with no meaningful discussion value, and they'll get locked.