Have you ever seen a movie that bombed at the box office?

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Like say Lone Ranger, Jupiter Ascending, or John Carter

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#2 Posted by Mikemcn (8599 posts) -

I've seen movies that should have bombed.

Like the hate crime that was Transformers: Revenger of the Fallen

But it did the complete opposite... Oh well

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i saw john carter and it was pretty hilarious cause it was me, my brother and a buddy in that particular show.

i think i've seen many other movies that have bombed at the box office but i would have to check a list of bombs to be certain

edit: i found this list and the amount of movies in there i saw in theaters is longer than i expected but i'll leave it here so people can check https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_box_office_bombs

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#4 Posted by RedGloveSociety (28 posts) -

funny people

I I was really bad with my disposable income as a teen. That was the last time I wasted money going to the movies.

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#5 Posted by glots (4381 posts) -

One that comes to mind would be Wild Wild West. Got free tickets to that amazing masterpiece. I think there was a whole 10-15 people in the theatre, of which half consisted of some guys that were yelling and making fun of the movie for the whole duration of it. Appropiate, when I think about it now.

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#6 Posted by sammo21 (5975 posts) -

John Carter (good movie), Scott Pilgrim (good movie), Lone Ranger (needed 30-45 minutes shaved off and no Johnny Depp), Dredd (good movie), and a ton of others.

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#7 Posted by darkvare (1029 posts) -

oh yeah dredd bombed too that made me sad cause karl urban made a great dredd

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#8 Posted by ratamero (387 posts) -

I still stand by Ang Lee's Hulk.

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Speed Racer is a great movie! I've seen all those you cited and they're marginally more interesting than some big successful movies.

Oh well.

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#10 Posted by blueneurosis (296 posts) -

Like say Lone Ranger, Jupiter Ascending, or John Carter

Yes, yes, and yes (in IMAX, no less). I'm not sure why, other than something about them interested me despite the advertisements doing their best otherwise. I also like going to movies, period, so as long as a crime doesn't break out and the a/v are decent, I'm happy. Dredd, Speed Racer, and other real bangers sometimes just don't connect with audiences at the time, but at least they exist in accessible forms that let people discover the error of their ways.

Oh, I also have a MoviePass, so it really takes the sting out of seeing the occasional dud.

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Scott Pilgrim,which sucks, because I love that movie. It is probably the best video game movie not based on a video game.

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#12 Posted by cloudymusic (2134 posts) -

I saw Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within on release day.

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#13 Posted by hakunin (562 posts) -

I went to see Battlefield: Earth in theaters on the day it opened.

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They may not be box office bombs in the same proportions as say, John Carter, but I saw the latest two movies by Paul Thomas Anderson. I thought both The Master and Inherent Vice were all-around excellent movies, but apparently they didn't break-even.

Edit: Wait, John Carter actually broke-even and made more than $20m in profits.

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#15 Posted by DrVenkman90 (46 posts) -

I saw 16 of the ones in theaters from the Wikipedia list. I do review movies on the radio so that explains some but I totally remember seeing Pluto Nash in theaters and liking it as a kid. So there's that.

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#16 Posted by DocHaus (2771 posts) -

I saw the 47 Ronin with Keanu Reeves on it's opening weekend, and it was by no means the Worst Movie Ever (heck, there were parts I even liked about it), but the biggest-ever box office bust? Seriously?

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#17 Posted by pompouspizza (1563 posts) -

@redglovesociety: I actually really like funny people. It's the best movie Adam Sandler has made in years (I realise that's not saying much but still.)

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#18 Posted by gatehouse (933 posts) -

Having seen Scott Pilgrim twice in the cinemas, I think I count for about 5% of that's film's UK box office. Others I can remember seeing in the cinema that are considered proper flops fiscally are Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and Dredd. But guys, Dredd's pretty damn good. I've seen a few little indie films in the pictures that didn't make their budget back like Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World if that counts?

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I haven't seen any of the movies on the Wikipedia list in theaters but I saw the 2003 Hulk movie.

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#20 Posted by FinalDasa (3231 posts) -

According to that list I saw The Great Raid and Dudley Do-Right in theaters. I've seen a lot off that list but mostly at home.

Also it's good to remember that movie studios sometimes fudge their numbers for tax purposes or royalty purposes. This means a movie could be a "bomb" and still make money. It's nefarious and legal and happens all too often.

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#21 Posted by DefaultProphet (840 posts) -

13th Warrior, John Carter, Stealth, Spirits Within, Evan Almighty, Jupiter Ascending, Windtalkers, The Wolfman, Chronicles of Riddick, K-19 The Widowmaker, and Conan the Barbarian from that list. But http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=warriorsofvirtue.htm is probably on there. That movie is such garbage.

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#22 Posted by KillNGer (63 posts) -

I saw Sin City 2, as I was a big fan of the original. The movie's performance did not surprise me.

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#23 Posted by Marcsman (3823 posts) -

I saw Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within on release day.

Same here. I also saw Terminator Genysis opening weekend.

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#24 Posted by Humanity (18938 posts) -

I used to work at a theater in college so yah, all the time.

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#25 Posted by BladedEdge (1320 posts) -

I saw Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within on release day.


I took a day off school to do it..

..with a friend..

..front row center..

..I had read the book that came out at the same time the night before..point by point recap of the plot.

...I regret every single statement there (except the with a friend/got a day off from school, that's always fun)

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#26 Posted by GERALTITUDE (5990 posts) -

I feel like most movies I see bomb.

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#27 Posted by Murgatroyd (58 posts) -

Pathfinder, went with a group of friends. The movie we wanted to see was at the wrong time/sold out, and we weren't leaving without seeing something. All we had to go on was an 8"x16" title card with the showtimes, looked like it had planets or something, figured it was a sci-fi. Surprise!

To be fair, we had a great time. That toboggan chase scene is something else.

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#28 Posted by hippie_genocide (2452 posts) -

I've seen The Spirits Within, The Wolfman, & Hugo. Only The Spirits Within was god awful. I'm unashamed to admit I really liked Hugo. The Wolfman wasn't so much bad as it was disappointing because you could see the promise but the movie never gets there. Kind of surprised Waterworld and Battlefield Earth aren't among the biggest movie flops of all time.

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#29 Posted by Topshelf211 (41 posts) -

The New World, was that crappy take on Pocahontas with Colin Ferrell. I have never seen so many people walk out of a movie.

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#30 Posted by TehFedro (492 posts) -

I saw R.I.P.D. I was originally going to go see Pacific Rim with friends but then I missed them. Instead, another friend saw me and he was done with whatever so we just saw that movie for some reason.

It was a terrible movie by pretty much all means. However, I enjoyed myself because it was SO stupid and filled with puns (I think, I don't remember much at this point) that I was laughing most of the time. If I will watch that movie ever again, I can't say but at least I had a good time with it.

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#31 Posted by Fallen189 (5453 posts) -

I saw Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within on release day.

Goodness me

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#32 Posted by deactivated-5ba16609964d9 (3361 posts) -

Scott Pilgrim bombed pretty gosh darn hard and I saw that day freakin' one.

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#33 Posted by Naoiko (1677 posts) -

Yeah. I don't even remember the name, but it was one of those early spoof movies. I remember leaving there thinking 'Worst movie ever. Fooled me once spoof movies, but you won't be fooling me twice.'

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#34 Posted by Rorie (5867 posts) -

Oh, yes.

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#35 Posted by DGBruin08 (171 posts) -

Max Payne

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#36 Posted by Humanity (18938 posts) -

My GM made me screen "Vampires Suck" one night because he really didn't want to watch it and I fell asleep halfway through because it was just that bad.

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#37 Posted by SARRISS (222 posts) -

I seem to exclusively go to marvel movies or horrible bombs.

I was one of 4 at the first night of street fighter: the legend of chun li. I knew that would suck.

Dragonball evolution had more ppl.

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#38 Posted by Saladbone (93 posts) -

I saw The Sorcerer's Apprentice featuring one Nicholas Cage in the theater. No regrets.

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#39 Posted by Jthom252 (113 posts) -

I remember going to see the Doom movie and being one of maybe about 3 people in that theater, using it as an excuse to skip a class I hated.

It wasn't worth it.

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#40 Posted by studioerebus (72 posts) -

I saw Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever in the theater, it's still one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

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#41 Edited by CornBREDX (7371 posts) -

Yes, hundreds. I like bad movies (Note, though, not all box office bombs are bad movies).


Scott Pilgrim,which sucks, because I love that movie. It is probably the best video game movie not based on a video game.

That's a great movie, however the best video game film not based on a video game is Cloak and Dagger.

Scott Pilgrim is a movie based on a comic book inspired by video games.

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#42 Edited by Tom_omb (1073 posts) -

Grindhouse made less then half of its $53 million budget, maybe not a huge bomb due to its low budget, but it was a theatre going experience I was lucky to have had in its complete form. A handful of people left after the first film not realizing it was a double feature.

From the Wikipedia list of top bombs I saw 8 or so in theatres, including 47 Ronin. I really enjoyed John Carter and Hugo and still wouldn't mind seeing The Wolfman and The Lone Ranger.

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#43 Edited by Evilsbane (5618 posts) -

@redglovesociety said:

funny people

I I was really bad with my disposable income as a teen. That was the last time I wasted money going to the movies.

Funny people Sucked Shit, I couldn't believe the one person in my group trying to defend it, HOW do you make a movie called FUNNY PEOPLE and start it with "YOU HAVE CANCER" and then proceed to not be funny at all...ever.

I also saw John Carter which I thought was pretty good, nothing mindblowing but a good movie nonetheless the concept is really awesome.

@darkvare said:

oh yeah dredd bombed too that made me sad cause karl urban made a great dredd

It really makes me sad that it bombed, I thought that movie was Really fantastic it deserves to get another.

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#44 Posted by dudeglove (13778 posts) -

I can't remember if it was Lightning Jack or Kangaroo Jack. Both were terrible

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#45 Posted by personandstuff (651 posts) -

That's an odd question. I think most people have.

I saw Fantastic Four. That was a bad movie. I also saw Drag Me To Hell six times in theaters. And that movie was fucking great.

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#46 Posted by DukesT3 (2106 posts) -

I think I saw Max Payne in theaters? But for sure the FF film, Speed Racer and that's all I got off the top of my head.

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#47 Posted by BisonHero (11603 posts) -

I saw Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within probably the weekend it came out. My friend at the time was way deep into Final Fantasy. That movie isn't that bad, when you accept that its writing is a mess because it is sci-fi anime. I can see why it completely bombed, in that there is no reason that movie ever should have been released outside of Japan. As much as it has the broad themes of Final Fantasy in it, in terms of...Gaia and all that business, it was always going to get a lot of flack from fans who just wanted the fan service that is Advent Children. No broad appeal because anime as fuck, no fan appeal because not FF7, how did that movie happen.

I also saw Tomorrowland randomly over the summer. That movie is totally fine. I think the release timing must've just been bad for it, and maybe people aren't ready for family movie George Clooney.

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#48 Posted by Fredchuckdave (10824 posts) -

You're not really mentioning any legit bombs (each movie made more than their budget worldwide) but of course, there's plenty of movies worth seeing that no one actually sees.

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#49 Posted by Random45 (1807 posts) -

The only movie I've seen that has been banned was Scott Pilgrim, and like others have said, it's a bummer that it was. It's a really fun movie.

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#50 Posted by deactivated-57d3a53d23027 (1460 posts) -

Many of the independent movies I like make a loss (I think). I am super grateful to all the self-sacrificial studios out there for bringing quality films to the world.