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Hey all

I just made my own custom pc and i got windows 8 64bit. I would have to say im really not liking it thus far. It runs pretty smooth on my pc but its pretty buggy. Every time i try to go on to the control centre for my amd drivers it goes to the log in screen. Flash videos also freeze up and can be jerky.

I also find the new UI to be really awful for a desktop. It just makes everything harder to find without the start button. Now i have to go to that pointless metro overlay to find stuff i don't have short cuts for.

are you guys going to upgrade or keep whatever you got?

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I'm in no rush to move on from 7.

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I got it cus it was like 15 bucks... its ok i guess, some things about it drive me crazy tho.

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I have it but not on my main PC. I have it install on one of the other ones that I ust for new stuff(like a new OS) 
It's alright but as @Funkydupe said, I'm in no rush to get Win8 installed of absolutely everything. 

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Nope, and I don't want to upgrade either. Windows 8 looks so unfamiliar and pretty bad to me.

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I used the consumer preview for quite a while and came to really enjoy it, but:

@Funkydupe said:

I'm in no rush to move on from 7.

this. It's a new OS and I think I will wait until the inevitable Service Pack 1.

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I'll upgrade to win9 whenever it comes out, win8 is the winME/vista obligatory edition Microsoft has to release before the actually better OS comes out like win7.

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Do people not just use the search to find programs? It takes like 2 seconds tops. Other than that it's exactly the same as Windows 7 but faster and has a better task manager.

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It is simple: A machine that is functional right now is worth more than one that might work after a major OS upgrade. Unless one is missing a piece of functionality offered in upgrading, performing any upgrade is one of the easiest things to do to break a system this side of hardware failure. It is one thing to buy a new machine and put Windows 8 on it but to do this upgrade on happily running Windows 7 machine just to do it makes no sense.

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I hated it in the preview, but I was able to upgrade for $15 so I couldn't resist upgrading Windows for pennies on what it usually goes for. So far it's fine. I had some trouble with Avast anti-virus BSOD'ing the system, but once I uninstalled it everything worked out. Oh and I had to take out my creative X-fi because there are incompatibilities with it and it was causing all kinds of problems. I've been able to take it all in stride because of being able to upgrade for only $15.

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@Jams said:

creative X-fi because there are incompatibilities with it and it was causing all kinds of problems.

That's Creative for you.

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I'm definitely going to stick with 7. It's not that I think 8 is bad, or anything - I just have no interest in using an OS that seems to focus a lot around the usability of a touch screen. I'm definitely not going to be investing in one of those anytime soon, so 7 shall do fine for the moment =)

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It isn't bad per se, but if I were you I would remain on 7 until 8 receives its first service pack. I had 8 on this desktop until one day the protocol for wireless connections stopped working. It was acknowledged as a windows 8 issue and didn't get fixed for several weeks (still isn't as far as I'm aware, I just reformatted instead) which was a huge problem for me since a lot of my classwork is online. The table-esque interface also take some getting used to. At least the task manager looked cool.

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I'm using it. I like it, but I don't think it's really necessary. I do find it very snappy though.

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Makes it much better (adds start menu, boots straight into desktop after logging in)

Edit: I have no actual problems with it overall, it runs fine, no crashes, search is better, task manager is better. Now that I never have to see the start screen (because of Classic Shell) I think it's a great OS again.

The start screen should only turn itself on when a touchscreen display is detected. It has no place with a keyboard and mouse, it's really bad. Booting to the desktop should be the default.

Also the start screen has its own separate control panel (in a way) which is really stupid, if you want to change any advanced options it just boots you into the desktop control panel. All of the start screen and desktop stuff feels incredibly disjointed from one another.

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I'll upgrade before the discount expires.

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There's a learning curve, but once you get used to the new start screen it actually makes a lot of things easier and I do like having one big home page like that, rather than having a growingly redundant desktop or a list of menus filled with shortcuts.

It's not much different, just more user friendly. It's probably worth upgrading for the speed increases while you can get it cheap.

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I've upgraded my laptop to Win8 it's been fine so far. I did have one problem though, the screen would go black but that's because my laptop has Intel HD graphics and an AMD card, I had to go in and disable the Intel card. After I did that it's been fine.

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I upgraded, and all is well. To be honest with you, it's not as big an update as I would have liked. It feels more like Windows 7 1/2. Of course, I don't know anything about technology, so something amazing could be going on under the hood, and I would be totally oblivious.

I hate looking at cartoon Seattle all the time though. I'll get around to fixing that.

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I havent tried Windows 8 but I know a bit about it. Microsoft has a habit of releasing a bad OS every other release. (such as XP to Vista)

I honestly think they're just trying too hard and need an excuse to release another OS for more money. They've alienated a lot of office and corporate users with removing the start menu and forcing people to use the metro overlay. I may not upgrade to Windows 8 at all because it doesnt serve any of the purposes I need it for. Plus they're puting ads on applications in metro, no thanks. I'll stick with Windows 7 and avoid whatever new DRM, Advertisements, Tracking, etc. they try to shove in a new version.

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@WinterSnowblind said:

There's a learning curve, but once you get used to the new start screen it actually makes a lot of things easier and I do like having one big home page like that, rather than having a growingly redundant desktop or a list of menus filled with shortcuts.

It's not much different, just more user friendly. It's probably worth upgrading for the speed increases while you can get it cheap.

I dunno how the start screen makes anything easier, I tried some of the built-in apps and like the start screen itself they waste a lot of space on the screen and some make you use horizontal mouse scrolling which sucks. Multitasking also feels weird because you can't see what's open like you can with the desktops taskbar, I tried to give it an honest shot but it's just a waste of time. I never use the desktop or start menu (well, only start menu search) for launching apps, I pin my most used ones to the taskbar and think that's plenty fine, doesn't feel outdated to me. The taskbar is just the OS X dock of Windows.

I'm on a 1920x1080 monitor and I can't even fill my start screen up, there's just so much empty space which in theory could be filled once the app store grows but then why the hell would I use the blown up touch friendly apps as opposed the proper Windows versions? I wouldn't on a desktop machine.

There's such a bad disconnect between desktop and touch. The start screen and new 'modern' apps really don't work well with a keyboard and mouse. Traditional desktop app icons also look fugly when pinned to the start screen.

Why they didn't make it so that you get an option during the installation to boot into the desktop or start screen is beyond me, either that or they should have made it so that the start screen is only default for computers with touchscreens connected.

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Windows 8 feels like it takes two steps forwards then immediately takes two steps backwards.

The additions to the desktop (ribbons in explorer, new taskmanager etc) are all great. The tiny performance boost most people are reporting after upgrading is also a good thing.

I find the new start screen to be tolerable though it does feel a bit disjointed from everything else and has a few rough edges. The apps and games built into it are horrible without a touchscreen. You also shouldn't be forced to boot into it. At the end of the day though the start screen does work/ serve it's purpose and things don't take any more clicks to get too. Also, if you have a tv as your monitor the start screen is great (even the booting into part).

Being able to sync your windows login account online between pcs could potentially pay off in a big way (see chrome) but they don't do nearly enough with it yet and it seems like a dirty way to force you to buy into the microsoft store/ ecosystem.

If price is a concern get it while it's cheap. Otherwise if you don't mind a minor learning curve (things haven't changed THAT much) and new os toothing till service patch 1 I would still recommend getting it.

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Nothing wrong with W8, but I'll wait for a service pack release before jumping to a new OS.

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It seems like the purpose of Windows 8 is to make the pc more "fun" to use for the casual user. As someone who wants to get stuff done I like a nice simple straightforward interface. What I really need is a computer that can read my mind. I have nothing against things stylistically looking better, but my needs are pretty specific and there's just too many programs that I have on my computer that work exactly the way I want them to to risk a upgrade.

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I tried the Consumer Preview a little.

I'll be upgrading my laptop to W8 after next Friday (I have a very important presentation that day and I don't want to bother with a new OS until it's over with).

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I really like it. It's not perfect, but you have to commend them for trying something new. And I'm honestly not sure where all the hate about using it with a mouse and keyboard comes from. I haven't had any trouble using Windows 8 with a mouse and keyboard. I also spend most of my time in desktop mode, but I admit I actually like the Metro interface. Some things are still a little clunky, like trying to organize the Metro apps in any meaningful way. But that's what service packs are for.

Honestly, this is pretty much Windows with a Metro interface for a Start menu. It's not the horror people are claiming it is. My computer boots up faster than ever now, and all of my games still work fine (admittedly after being forced to install Games for Windows Live Marketplace, fuck Microsoft for creating that monstrosity in the first place). A couple of them I've tried actually run better than on Windows 7. So that's a good enough reason for me to upgrade for 40 bucks.

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I installed windows 8 on my primary PC, and so far like it. The way information is presented on the start page is clean and works well, and I think pull to edge menus work really well (although I can see where they are a bit touch driven). Updates to the mail and calendar tools in particular bring them way up in functionality compared to using separate mail apps now.

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No. It looks like some kind of forbidden lovechild between an Apple OS and the LIVE interface. I got fucked by Microsoft once before (Vista), and I don't really feel like giving them another several hundred dollars that I'll inevitably regret spending.

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Oh shit, Windows 8 is that cheap?

Now I have to think it over, lol. So cheap I feel like MS is tricking me, those bastards. Probably has a lot to do with the new store.

Edit: Fuck it, I'm taking the plunge, I'll let all the business oriented types know how it went.

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Installed Windows 8 and I love it. It does take alittle getting used to, but man is it speedy. My computer boots in under 30 seconds for dead cold without an SSD

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I have Win8 and it's not that bad, once you get used to it. The live tiles are good for a quick glance at my E-Mail and stuff but the apps don't work too well on a mouse.

The only downside would be game incompatibility. If I start finding broken games under Win8, I'm switching back.

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If I don't need it, I won't get it. 7 is stable for me, all my games run on it perfectly well. And it's not like Windows 8 will get any more expensive - the price can only go in one direction from now - and that's down. So I'm in no rush at all. Oh of course, one day I'll upgrade - that's a given. They'll stop supporting Windows 7 at some stage, or maybe newer games will run better on Windows 8, but until then, no dice.

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To do so would violate my standing rule since Windows 98SE of only upgrading every second Windows release, excepting Windows 2000 which was technically an NT release.

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I'm fine with 7 for now. Despite some definitely welcome changes, it just doesn't seem necessary whatsoever. And the whole Start Screen thing seems shoehorned in and weirdly disruptive to the Windows legacy.

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I was fine with 7 but couldn't resist upgrading for 15. So far i enjoy the subtle tweaks to the desktop and im surprised that i actually like the start screen and metro apps; the only thing that i dislike is the charms screen and the app switcher, they are clearly designed for the tablet and are really clunky with the mouse but are alright with the keyboard shortcuts. Also it took longer than it should updating my driver to get the Minecraft/Open GL error resolved....other than that its been smooth sailing and i dont regret switching for 15

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I tried it for a week or so after getting it for $15 but am now back on 7 and will be staying on it for the foreseeable future. 8 doesn't support FXAA/SMAA injectors and screen capture software (FRAPS, Bandicam, etc.) at the same time, so if you want to use one you have to disable the other, which sucks. Also, D3DOverrider seems to be totally broken in 8 as well, and I use that in almost every single game I play.

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Well I've been messing around with Windows 8, installed it without incident but couldn't really form an actual opinion of it without diddling around in it for awhile. It very much enhances Windows, and in a lot of ways after using the Metro interface for awhile I almost wish there wasn't this big separation between your desktop and metro, something I didn't think I'd say. I use a 60 inch tv as my main monitor and the metro apps look quite nice. That isn't to say that any of them are things I can use for work. Maybe there are Metro apps where you can get actual work done on, but so far it seems more geared to keeping you occupied with news and entertainment. There's no software I use that can be replaced by a metro app. Oddly even IE isn't a metro app. I ended up deciding to use a second monitor for the first time so that I could still use metro apps when in the desktop because I do find myself missing being in the metro environment while in the desktop now.

Overall I enjoy using my computer much more, but there is a lot of finicking I've been doing and continue to do to try to get things setup in a way that feels the most comfortable. Microsoft definitely at times wants you to use your computer a certain way now, and while it can be jarring often times I find that it is in fact a better way to do things in the end, though there's still stuff I'm not ready to accept. Like the separation between the metro apps and the desktop apps in the left side list of open programs seems ridiculous.

One big error that's been driving me up the wall is the scroll wheel on my mouse suddenly stops working on the main metro screen. It works in all the apps but outside of it it only seems to work for a brief time when I start up my computer then it just stops. If someone knows how to fix this problem I'd love to hear it.

Another issue that I'm fairly sure there won't be a solution till MS updates Win 8 is you can't change the installation folder of apps.

Again I enjoy Windows 8 quite a bit, yes there are some bugs, but not ones that take away from all the pluses. I really hope in the future though that the apps get much better and that the meatier programs aren't always outside of Metro in the clunky desktop. I could probably go on forever about what I'd LIKE to see added in the future, but what there is now is completely worth the purchase.

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I'm warming up to the Metro interface, otherwise it's just Windows 7, and that's great.