Headphones with a microphone

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Prompt good headphones from the middle segment 4k-6k. We need exactly headphones with a microphone. I found these as an option:

Logitech G430

HyperX Cloud Core

SteelSeries Siberia 200

Most inclined to buy a Logitech G430, but maybe you will advise something?

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They are expensive but I have had a pair of Astro A50 Wireless Headphones and they have been great.

The battery life could be better but they are surround sound which is great and the voice and audio quality are great as well

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Personally I always end up breaking the microphone on my headset so I ended up investing in a Blue Snowball stand alone mic.

But people really seem to like the HyperX Cloud Alpha's.

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Cooler Master MH751

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I use the Logitech G230, it's old but you can still get it, mine's 5 years going strong.

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@hmoney001: Have coolermaster turned around as a company? They are right there with Razer in my head as "Wow these are really good... for about 2 months until they break."

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I'm using Hyper X Cloud Revolver S and it seems pretty good so far.

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Most high-grade gaming headphones come with a mic. Me (like others here) really prefer HyperX models both for quality and price/value. This list has some great models and budget options


Also, featuring Stinger, my current headset which I would recommend to literally everyone. I use it both for gaming and gym

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@dizzyhippos: This headset is based on a Takstar Pro 82 headset with Cooler Master stickers on it.